Vapen Solutions QVR Weapon Storage And Security

I have been eyeing a long-gun secure storage solution for a while now and have yet to find anything that meets my needs. I have a safe, but I’d like something in a small form factor that is hardened to a degree, locks, but is quick to open.  Have any ideas? Vapen Solutions has released the QVR – the security of a safe with the size and compact shape of a half-size locker.

The QVR relies upon a rotating access system to protect it’s contents, allowing it to be placed in tight corners without the worry of a door swing. Inside a detachable mounting system allows the long gun, pistol and other gear to be transported as one unit. An optional transport case will accept the mounting system for transport. The locking mechanism seems easy to use and near effortless to open.

So, what’s the catch? Prices start at over $3K and go up from there. Definitely out of my budget. But there is definitely a market out there for the QVR. It appears to be well designed, built and functional allowing for quick access to a rifle in an emergency. Like when you are on your yacht or spending the weekend in your second ski cabin.

Details below.



Vapen Systems QVR Specifications

  • Fast Access
    Fast access to your weapons in an emergency where the QVR is installed in a location of the home or office. Access your weapon within seconds.
  • Convenience
    Place your QVR where a weapon might actually be needed such as a closet, bedroom or home office. Rotating Door Design allows for rapid access to its contents even in cluttered closets.
  • Secure Storage
    Secure storage for weapons, ammunition, and accessories protects against burglars and keeps your weapons out-of-reach of small children. Now you can have peace of mind with our high tech security features.
  • Transport
    Easily to transport the entire contents of the QVR in one motion with the removable gun rack and Transfer Case. (Optional)


Vapen Systems Inc. was founded out of both passion and frustration. The passion for precision, high quality design, and the frustration of not finding the same in todays’ mass produced products. We made a commitment to forge our own path and offer our clients products that are both designed extremely well and of the highest caliber.
Unlike traditional box-type gun safes, which are always out of reach when located in a basement or garage, the QVR is always accessible. The QVR (or “Quiver”) is an industry first. Designed for installation in readily accessible locations such as a closet, home office, or bedroom. With a door that opens 180 degrees (patent pending) and no external door swing, it provides excellent security and rapid access to its contents.

Securing up to two long guns (rifles and shotguns), multiple hand guns, and accessories, it provides the ultimate in lightning fast, high security access.

A removable and transportable weapons pack (patent pending), biometric keypad, and an electronic locking system buried deep in its base (pat pend) are just a few of its innovative features.

At Vapen Systems, we love to focus on the details. We only build what we would be proud to own. We know you will enjoy our products as much as we do!

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  • D

    $3000 start? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • D

      Any won’t hold a 30-round mag? LOLOLOLOLOL

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I can see this being useful in a place with limited space. A boat is a good example I guess but I know boat people and I dont remember them expressing much of a desire to take their AR’s out cruising. And if you did then you’d probably be using it for whatever reason unless you feel you need it for protection in which case you should go boating somewhere else.
    Or maybe a cabin but same thing applies. You dont lock up your guns after a day of hunting typically and only an idiot would leave guns (locked up or not) in a cabin during the off season.

    And it doesnt hold much and is expensive.

    Verdict: PASS

    • codfilet

      most people that take their AR15s out on a boat have an “unfortunate boating accident”……..

    • PersonCommenting

      I could see in remote places. My parents keep a shotgun chained to a wall hidden behind a shelf. Once they get into the cabin they put it on a rack.

  • Tiru Maru

    At Vapen Systems, we love to focus on the details. We only build what we would be proud to own. We know you will enjoy our products as much as we do!

    Most likely so, if we could afford the damn things…

  • Rick O’Shay

    At least it’s not designed to look like it’s part of an expensive home theater system. The price is steep, but judging from the looks and purpose, they have a very specific clientele in mind.

  • A.WChuck

    I like what I see, but it’s what you don’t see in a “secure storage solution” that counts. I suspect that the steel is too thin as with most “safes” on the market today. Three thousand dollars for such a small storage container, it had better not be defeated by a pawn shop sawzall and a $10 blade. Until I know more, it’s a pass from me.

    • GaryOlson

      Well, with 20 seconds of looking, one can find the exact specifications:
      Weight: 200 Lbs.
      Size: 50″ (H) x 15″ (W) x 15″ D
      Body construction: double walled (2x) 12 Gage steel
      Door construction: double walled (2x) 12 Gage steel Cold Rolled

      Is that sawzall resistant?

      • Joshua

        depending on what’s between the sheets, I could get into that with a set of tin snips.
        usually it’s a sheet of drywall between them, if that is the case then it can be defeated with an ice pic and a pair of tin sips

      • AWChuck

        As Joshua said, it is easily defeated. Too bad, it actually looks good and seems useful for fairly rapid access.

  • kzrkp

    thumbnail looked like a urinal

  • 22winmag

    The time to start burying your guns is the time to start digging them up.

    Any questions?

    • iksnilol

      You’re silly, and your argument holds no water.

  • B-Sabre

    I don’t see the need for the “transport” system at all. Sure it’s faster than pulling the guns out and putting them into your carry bag, but that’s what….a few seconds at most?
    That’s probably about $1000 of the cost right off the top.

  • JRo

    Sentry’s Home Defense Center is in the same category, but much cheaper (when you can find them).

    • some other joe

      And discontinued except for nightstand drawer sized pistol safe.

  • Kimjungill

    Spell check got ya on part of this article and refers to it as the QVC…

    QVC implies low quality, high price item hocked on TV by annoying, fake people

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Ha. Thanks!

  • pablo4twenty

    My SR9C is in my bed and my mossberg against the wall. If I lived in a modern house on a ranch this would be cool but still expensive.


    Genleman, I present to you the Lazy Susan of Death!

  • depends on the price

  • Blake

    Uhm, you can get a lockable Pelican flight case for a digit (& a half) less than this thing:
    chain- or cable-lock it to something solid & problem solved…

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I have lots of pelican cases. Like I could build a fort out of pelican cases. But they aren’t exactly quick to open.

  • LazyReader
  • Wow!

    When it comes to safes, it has to be concealed (all locks are easily bypassed by a half educated and determined criminal) and concealment has to be custom made. Cookie cutter solutions are prone to be compromised when they are prevalent. Get a welder, an angle grinder, and a drill and get creative. It should be unique to match your location, not an out of place container just set there.

  • Colonel K

    Rule number 1: never pay more for the storage container than the item you are storing is worth. How many of you own a firearm worth over $3K? Same here 🙁

  • Brent Kauser

    What, no photos of it actually in use?
    It looks kinda clunky and industrial.

  • Frank J

    I work as an IT in a cargo shipping line company. I do saw the this weapon storage security could be a good place in the Bridge/helms area. At the moment, they do have a big ass annoying safe storing the weapons for the security escorts (meant for high risk area).