Vapen Solutions QVR Weapon Storage And Security

    I have been eyeing a long-gun secure storage solution for a while now and have yet to find anything that meets my needs. I have a safe, but I’d like something in a small form factor that is hardened to a degree, locks, but is quick to open.  Have any ideas? Vapen Solutions has released the QVR – the security of a safe with the size and compact shape of a half-size locker.

    The QVR relies upon a rotating access system to protect it’s contents, allowing it to be placed in tight corners without the worry of a door swing. Inside a detachable mounting system allows the long gun, pistol and other gear to be transported as one unit. An optional transport case will accept the mounting system for transport. The locking mechanism seems easy to use and near effortless to open.

    So, what’s the catch? Prices start at over $3K and go up from there. Definitely out of my budget. But there is definitely a market out there for the QVR. It appears to be well designed, built and functional allowing for quick access to a rifle in an emergency. Like when you are on your yacht or spending the weekend in your second ski cabin.

    Details below.



    Vapen Systems QVR Specifications

    • Fast Access
      Fast access to your weapons in an emergency where the QVR is installed in a location of the home or office. Access your weapon within seconds.
    • Convenience
      Place your QVR where a weapon might actually be needed such as a closet, bedroom or home office. Rotating Door Design allows for rapid access to its contents even in cluttered closets.
    • Secure Storage
      Secure storage for weapons, ammunition, and accessories protects against burglars and keeps your weapons out-of-reach of small children. Now you can have peace of mind with our high tech security features.
    • Transport
      Easily to transport the entire contents of the QVR in one motion with the removable gun rack and Transfer Case. (Optional)


    Vapen Systems Inc. was founded out of both passion and frustration. The passion for precision, high quality design, and the frustration of not finding the same in todays’ mass produced products. We made a commitment to forge our own path and offer our clients products that are both designed extremely well and of the highest caliber.
    Unlike traditional box-type gun safes, which are always out of reach when located in a basement or garage, the QVR is always accessible. The QVR (or “Quiver”) is an industry first. Designed for installation in readily accessible locations such as a closet, home office, or bedroom. With a door that opens 180 degrees (patent pending) and no external door swing, it provides excellent security and rapid access to its contents.

    Securing up to two long guns (rifles and shotguns), multiple hand guns, and accessories, it provides the ultimate in lightning fast, high security access.

    A removable and transportable weapons pack (patent pending), biometric keypad, and an electronic locking system buried deep in its base (pat pend) are just a few of its innovative features.

    At Vapen Systems, we love to focus on the details. We only build what we would be proud to own. We know you will enjoy our products as much as we do!

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