Online Accessory Retailer Sued by San Francisco. Help Support Him.

NOTE: This post is discussing a legal case, it is not political. 

The City of San Francisco has sued three online firearm accessory retailers including Dylan Saunders who runs 7.62 Precision. Why you ask? For having California magazine repair kits listed on their website (illegal in SF and soon to be banned the rest of California) and having a shipping option for San Francisco in the checkout.

Dylan has worked in gun industry for a long time and been a good friend to Phil, myself and TFB.  We were incredibly saddened to hear about this lawsuit.

Dylan said …

We were selling California magazine repair kits when it was legal. After they changed the law we stopped. We set the item to out of stock, not available for backorder, and set it to be an item unavailable for purchase. We set the page and category to not display on the website. The item page could not be navigated to on our website and the category did not exist. As far as we knew, the page could no longer be seen by anyone.

Apparently, because the item was linked to a manufacturer that was still active on the website, the defunct page could be viewed through a web search. It was non-functional, and no orders could be made, but I am being sued because they were able to find the page.

I can hire a law firm that was successful in defending several companies in a previous lawsuit by the same people for the same reason, but I have no money right now. My business was temporarily shut down because of other reasons and we have not been taking orders for quite some time.

We were not selling these items, but the city of San Francisco does not care, it is an abuse of the court system to persecute firearms companies. If I am unable to come up with a retainer in a few days to hire this law firm, there will be a default judgment against me for anything the city of SF asks for, and they are asking for unspecified damages and judgements, as well as what they have specified.

The case files can be accessed here (Enter the case number CGC17557010).

Dylan has set up a GoFundMe to accept donations to help him retain a law firm.

He will give product from his inventory to anyone who donates more than $25. He wrote …

The sales on the website have been shut down for quite some time but I have a large inventory of holsters and magazines, as well as some accessories. I will be giving items from my inventory of equivalent value to anyone who donates $25 or more. In other words, if someone donates $50, I want to send that person a $50 holster or some magazines, etc. I will send a product or combination of products worth up to 115% of the value of any donation, by request of the donor.

We wish Dylan the best of luck.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • pun&gun

    Why is it even legal for a government to sue a private citizen?

    • Calavera

      Because too many ambulance chasers occupy seats in govt. They create legislation that benefits their law firms, and provides full employment for their breatheren.

      • Cory C

        It’s unlikely that a private firm will pursue this case. It’ll most likely be pursued by the city’s solicitor general (or equivalent position).

        • Calavera

          True. And a private firm will be employed to defend. They go from private firms to public office, and back again. Some go on to lifetime judgeships, and legislate from the bench.

          • American Kazak

            Legislating from the bench is illegal and it is also the duty of the Sheriffs to remove said activist judge from the bench, cuff the judge and criminally charge the judge. Amazing that there are so many little things that exist in the US Constitution ?

          • The Brigadier

            Good luck with that. Trump just got temporarily defeated by two judges in CA and Hawaii who did just that. Perhaps when the Convention of States meets this year or next, we can add an amendment to the Constitution that will allow us to fire judges that have a certain number of cases overturned for basing their decisions on political grounds and not on the law. Our courts are out of of control on legislating from the bench.

    • QuadGMoto

      It’s a non-criminal form of law enforcement. For many types of laws, it makes not sense to put the transgressor into jail or prison, even though compliance is desired.

      Traffic tickets are a good example. They are a type of “lawsuit” against a private citizen. If you pay the fine you have pled guilty, paid the penalty, and all is settled. If you fight the ticket, you have the same basic case structure as larger, more complicated lawsuits, including a hearing. If you win, the ticket is null and void. If you lose, you still have to pay the fine. Only if you blow off multiple tickets does arrest and jail become an enforcement option.

      Unfortunately, lawsuits have frequently become a useful form of attacking someone for any reason. Merely defending against a lawsuit can be financially ruinous, so those with deep pockets can use lawsuits (frivolous or not) to destroy their “enemy.” That includes governments, as in this case. This is known as “lawfare.”

      • The Brigadier

        About twenty years ago there was a paralegal in Washington state working for a law firm and he personally sued dozens of people who usually settled to make the case go away. He won anywhere from $80,000 to over a million bucks per case. He was making more than most of the lawyers in his office. Finally he was found shot to death presumably by one of six people he had filed cases against at the time of his death. Lawsuits are also a way for people to become very rich.

  • Voice from East

    Ok, this is a complete manifest of mindblowing idiocity.

  • This slamming door sounds a lot like an opening window for getting the Second Amendment Foundation and/or the NRA on board for a hugely publicized countersuit that could set a legal precedent for squashing this sort of rank BS moving forward, what with SanFran’s suit being laughably unsound and all.

    • Tom

      Until people are able to not just defend their own cases but counter sue for large damages governments will continue to use the legal system as a blunt instrument against the little guy. Fingers crossed he gets a judge that understands abuse of process.

    • Dylan said the NRA turned the case down:-(

      • Edeco

        Not surprised. Hopefully a more sincere, energetic, focused org will take the call*.

        *yep, wham, should have baby-powdered my pimp-hand before typing that backhanded remark.

        • QuadGMoto

          Don’t worry. The NRA stands behind us. Waaaay behind us.

          • Dan

            Would you say they “lead from the rear”?

          • skidmark


          • Autistic Cracker

            You guys are being too hard on the NRA. They’re not an omnipotent force; they can only stretch so far. They’re challenging the trainwreck that is 4th Circuit ruling in Maryland and the “copycat” assault weapon lawsuit in Massachusetts. If Gorsuch is confirmed in time, either of these cases could be the salvo for striking down assault weapon and magazine bans across the nation. I would much prefer they focus on that than this.

          • Bill

            All of this is true; however, I still remember what happened with the Brady Bill, where the NRA began following the model of the rights insurance industry, i.e. if we win, we need more of your money to continue the fight and if we lose we need more of your money to continue the fight. I know that this is how things work in the Beltway, but it still always sounded more to me like gambling than lobbying. I also knew more than a few shooters who began to question where their dues were going.

          • Wow!

            To be honest though, back then a great deal of gun owners were pro restrictions since most of us were naive to how far it was going to go. And really, that kind of weakness still exists today, just look at all the hand wringing from sig brace shouldering rather than just ignoring something that isn’t even federal law.

          • Bill

            Actually, I don’t remember a single gun owner-and I knew a LOT of them-who said anything like what you recall. Many of them remembered GCA ’68 and the last time they’d been bent over, and they were furious that the so-called Crime Bill got to the planning stages, never mind that it actually was passed into law. Quite a few also remembered what Reagan did to full auto ownership and wondered aloud what the NRA was doing with all the money they were collecting. As a dues paying annual member who was continually inundated with pleas for another $5/10/20 I know I sure was.

          • Len Jones

            I agree Its like the ACLU taking BS cases they know they can win. If anybody deserved to be counter sued its San Fran with all the mexicans and freaks and gays WTF.

          • Wow!

            Few organizations do as much as the NRA, especially on a nationwide and not just a state wide scale. If you are not an NRA or other lobby member, the question you have to ask is how much have YOU done over the NRA to stop gun control?

      • Dylan

        To be fair, the NRA has to choose their battles. These means that they have to view some cases as having little value for the overall strategy. As a maneuver warfare guy, I can appreciate that you fight where you can win the most strategic victories and avoid a fight where it has little value toward the overall goals.

        • American Kazak

          Sun Tzu is an excellent read if the book can be found.

          • Gunsmith

            I have and yes it is a great read!

  • winterhorse

    “Hang all the lawyers, do it now”

    • RSG

      And those that would defend this man? Lawyers here aren’t the problem. It’s the political ideology/party of those that would bring and support such anti-freedom, pro fascist lawsuits and legislation.

  • BattleshipGrey

    No shortage of weasels in this world.

  • RSG

    Just because your mission statement says TFB is non political, and you insist the events covered herein are not political, doesn’t make it so. No matter how much you try to obfuscate the facts, this is entirely a politically driven lawsuit.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      As long as they are only covering gun related issues they will have to have some politics. If you take the statement literally there wouldn’t be much content. You could argue whether something is political all day long. If a writer on this site says the mossberg shock wave is a cool gun and they are glad it came to market that could be construed as political. As long as they don’t start covering religion and healthcare I don’t see what the issue is.

      • RSG

        If you fail to identify, for instance, that almost all terrorism these days is being perpetrated by “radical Islamist terrorists”, it becomes infinitely more difficult to destroy them. Same thing with gun control. This lawsuit is brought/funded/enabled by one specific group and their political party. Failure to identify them, by name, every single time, does a disservice to us specifically, and the second amendment in general. It’s their blog and their rules. So I honor it. But let’s be clear….firearm ownership, and the freedoms, laws and regulations surrounding those issues, is entirely, 100% political.

    • The POST is not political. Obviously the motivations behind the lawsuit are.

    • Maybe in the eyes of the SF people it’s politics as usual but to us it’s an abuse of a small business man and his family by using a law that shouldn’t exist anyway.
      We want to see Dylan win this lawsuit and then countersue and get his business back on it’s feet and his family put back together again.

      • Dylan

        And in addition, the laws they are basing the suit on are actually a stretch, as they are dealing with business practices, not actually the laws prohibiting standard capacity magazines, and might not really even be applicable.

  • thedonn007

    Bully tactics by San Francisco.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Why is this lawsuit territory?

    If he broke the law then he should be tried. If not then leave him the hell alone.

    • Drew Coleman

      Because he didn’t break the law, or if he did, there was no intent. This is a political attack.

      • Suppressed

        But Phil says this isn’t politics, so it can’t be a political act.

  • QuadGMoto

    NOTE: This post is discussing a legal case, it is not political.

    Technically, it’s obviously a politically motivated legal case.

    I also wish Dylan success against the tyrants. Since GoFundMe has been known to shut down pro-gun/conservative campaigns, I wish him success with them, as well.

    • Dylan

      GoFundMe worked with me to word the campaign in a way that met their requirements and were actually quite helpful. If they are based in CA, they may be restricted by CA law in what they can allow.

    • skidmark

      As a Californian I appreciate articles related to our increasingly restricted gun laws. Picked up my Bersa as a result of one of these posts in fact.

      Carry on.

  • Jay

    Waiting patiently for that big earthquake, that’s going to sink Kalifornistan in the ocean.


    • skidmark

      You’d be surprised how many gun owners there are out here. I live in Oakland, seems every time I go out for a beer I hear the word “dross” or “FFL.” Then the conversation starts. When you hit the rural areas the attitude is nothing like SF or LA.

      • baserock love

        Seriously. I grew up in the SF bay area, only left it for texas a year ago. There are ranges and gun stores all over the bay area and you show up at he wrong time you’re going to have to wait in line for an open shooting bay.

        • skidmark

          No kidding. My biggest complaint isn’t gun restrictions, it’s over-development. Have to go further to shoot all the time. Getting real tired of indoor ranges.

          • baserock love

            Yup, i remember when i was SO excited to get to shoot on open land for the first time. it was a 4 hour drive to BLM land, that is the nearest piece of land to the sf bay area that’s not in the middle of the sprawl to the point you can legally shoot a gun on it.

            Now that i’ve been in texas for a year with my own private range i take for granted how much less fun ranges are. Hell even the local range i usually go to when our land is waterlogged lets me do holster work, choose my own fireing line, rapid fire etc. Before i moved out here i had zero rapid fire skills.

            The bay area has it’s benefits though, everything is a mixed bag. If my mentally ill father fell ill, despite being poor as hell, the state had a mechanism to make sure he doesn’t ya know, die and can get treatment. If he was in texas he’d be SOL. There’s always a trade off.

            I will say after this round of pants on head stupid gun restrictions, i’m never going back to california to live. I”m a texan now. If we get national reciprocity for conceal carry, i will be more eager to visit.

          • skidmark

            Also, lots of really good food here.

          • baserock love

            Oh god, the awesome beer joints and the amazing availability of great ethnic food are what i miss most about the bay area.

            I would KILL for some decent Ethiopian, Mediterranean or Indian food.

      • Jay

        It’s not only the guns. The amount of bs laws and regulatios, the rest of the continent has to put up with, because of the BS coming out of California, is insane.

        • skidmark

          California can’t dictate laws to other states. You are fake news.

          • darkdrifter

            You mean other than suing a guy located in Alaska?

          • Len Jones

            Its not that but other states see what they are getting away with then they try it. All this crap needs to go to a conservative supreme court and put the screws on all the regulations.

          • VeteranGunsmith at large

            Hence the prevailing situations in Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey, and others that often restrict possession of things like magazines, pistol grips, forward vertical grips, barrel shrouds and bayonet lugs. They can’t outright get away with saying entire classes of firearms are prohibited, but the features they think make them sinister seem to be under attack all the time in these liberal run states.
            The Democrat party is the single biggest threat to the rights of gun owners and the businesses that supply items that these owners want to equip their weapon of choice with. This is the flawed thinking behind all the gun bans to begin with – assuming their opinion trumps others rights to pursue lawful activities in the manner which they choose.

        • baserock love

          Lol, weird how the moment i crossed the border into arizona i no longer had to put up with those laws and regulations i lived under.

      • Dylan

        I have found that gun owners in California tend to be very knowledgeable about CA (and federal) laws, very conscientious about following the laws, and very active in supporting and promoting Second Amendment rights (as well as First Amendment, etc.) We have always felt that it was important to support these gun owners who are living behind the lines in CA in any legal way we could. Unfortunately, CA governments have made it very clear over the years that they will do all they can to make it difficult or impossible for outside companies to support CA gun owners, whether it is dealers, manufactures, etc. Years ago we decided that we would go through the extra effort to support CA gun owners are refuse to let the additional hassle prevent us from doing so ,as that would be a win for the anti-gun governments in CA.

        • skidmark

          True. Just completed my first AR build and I spent more time figuring possible violations than putting it together.

          • Wow!

            Gun ownership and restriction is not a states right issue. It is a Constitutional issue. “shall not be infringed” are the key words that make all restrictions illegal. The problem is that many people are using “states rights” as a means to violate federal or constitutional law (like marijuana) or to enact tyranny.

        • baserock love

          I carried illegally the last year i lived in ca. it wasn’t till i became hyper aware of whether i was or wasn’t printing and what to look for that i noticed a LOT of people in ca carry illegally. I probably spotted more people carrying a pistol in ca than i do here in texas.

          I know there’s a pretty big contingent of people in ca who carry as a nonviolent act of civil disobedience. It saved my life one night too.

          • Wow!

            A great deal of CA is black market. You can find anything from silencers to full autos there, even DDs (visit an outdoor range in CA and dig in the berm, you are likely going to find some 40mm projectiles). Some crude, some sophisticated.

      • Len Jones

        Yea I watched that on TV the gangs of Oakland sounds like a nice place to drop a f’n bomb on and get rid of the jigs and mexicans.

    • Steve Kosovich

      I have a better idea,we organize several thousand people with shovels and dig a line on the eastern border of California and watch it fall into the ocean ?

      • American Kazak

        All can start with by not visiting or buying Kalifornia. There are a lot of good people. They just get overshadowed by those liberals that have all bought faulty automobiles with defective ignition switches. They sit their butts in the car and as soon as they turn the ignition they have brain farts. Just don’t give the State or Hollywood your dollars. Their are plenty of parts of the States that will appreciate your patronage

        • Wow!

          And how has that worked? Gun owners not making a stand in places like CA, NY or NJ is what made those places the way it is. You should be supporting gun owners who are behind the iron curtains, not abandoning them. Companies who sell to “restricted states” always gets my patronage over those who are “free state only”.

          And CA has many means of getting money through feds, charities, research scams, and politics. One way or another, your tax dollars are going to CA wither we like it or not. Although Trump may have a hand in changing this.

      • Bill

        I’m in!

    • Wow!

      CA is only the way it is because gun owners were cowards and left rather than staying and fighting liberals. People forget that CA was almost a carbon copy of Texas in terms of industry and patriotism. Just goes to show that we do have to fight. Running away doesn’t solve anything.

      • Bill

        Uh, no. They weren’t cowards, they were and are vastly outnumbered and without a voice and each day that disparity grows as the Flower Children who overran my once-beautiful home state in the sixties welcome grand-and great-grandchildren into the cult of Liberalism. What do you suggest law abiding gun owners do-get themselves arrested to prove their righteousness? I can’t imagine anything more stacked against Joe Gunner than the California “legal” system, and if you did somehow manage to beat even the smallest charge you would be ruined. Remember, this is the state that keeps reelecting people like Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. What chance does a thinking person have against stupidity so massive and profound?

        Also, CA was nothing like Texas, ever. Brush up on your history.

        • Wow!

          Who says they were outnumbered? Well they certainly were when people started running away, and even if they were outnumbered, isn’t that all the more reason to stay and fight? You bring up the flower children which is a good example. They were quite a minority in the early sixties but rapidly grew. Why? They were assertive, they spoke their mind and they didn’t let anyone talk them down. In a sense, they were fearless. We are not. They had more drive for their cause, we had less. They won, we failed. That kind of determination was gone from the conservatives (why we became known as a “silent” majority) until Trump.

          What is the purpose of the 2A? To fight against tyranny. If you have to give up your freedom to get the “security” of the 2A, you lost both. Fear of being jailed should not stop you from fighting for your rights. The founding fathers took a greater risk of execution and they still did it. The key is to be smart about it, not dumb. I would wager that the majority of gun owners violate at least one or more federal gun laws either deliberately or accidentally. Yet, every few gun owners are actually jailed and convicted. Drug users are often caught because they do a lot of other crimes on the side which increase their detection. Gun owners are generally law abiding and hence if you don’t do anything illegal aside from defending your rights, you are unlikely to be stopped.

          CA was very much like Texas, industrially and culturally. You should read up on your history, specifically the industrial development during and post WWII.

          • Bill

            You are aptly named, sir. Your grasp of reality, politics and history is unique, to say the least. I for one lived in both places, had to take history in both places, and am old enough to remember when things went south. I get the impression that you believe gun owners could have just risen up and changed everything by sheer force of will. Wow. Just wow.

          • Wow!

            I guess just don’t give up when someone tells me I’m beat. That is how you win in life, not by shuffling your feet and saying “okay”. Losers accept what they are given, winners turn what they got into what they want.

            If you doubt this, how did the Connecticut gun registration of 2014 fail?

          • Bill

            Wow. Just wow. Your versions of reality, politics and history are much more interesting than the ones the rest of us know about. How are those working out for you?

  • Fred X. Derf

    I thank the Baby Jesus I got left CA for the free state of TX. Although I don’t usually care what that #$%$& state does anymore I made my first ever GFM donation to 762 Precision. It’s bad enough that the CA legislature pushes around their citizens but baseless lawsuits like this must be fought. I hope other TFB readers can help out too and give a collective big middle finger to SF.

  • jaekelopterus

    Not only is this political, but you’ve taken a pretty clear side here. I hope this isn’t going to become a habit. This is the only gun blog I still visit but if it becomes another NRA slacktavist site, I’m outie.

    • Nope this is strictly about a government entity abusing the law to hurt honest citizens like Dylan.
      By the way the NRA turned down representation for Dylan.

      Yes I personally have taken a side and that is SF is wrong in using the law to try and destroy a good citizen. This is about a law and it’s misuse.

  • Vincent

    Continuing to hate this state (or at least Sacramento, SF or the bay area) more and more as time goes on.

    • American Kazak

      I’m in Los Angeles and we now have an AWOL Chief of Police when it comes to fighting crime. Of course, he did publicly state that he would protect his illegals from the Feds.
      It is no better down here. I some areas crime is up 30% or more. Our socialist mayor is now hiding the rise in crime from the public and I guess you can say that he is cooking the books on the crime states knowing said stats go the FBI.
      In this day and age, politics and anything judicial are married to each other.

  • He very much cares and wants to save his business and support his family.

  • 22winmag

    What do you call 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?

    • KestrelBike

      A good start?

  • USMC03Vet

    I’d love to see the damages claimed from a web page. San Fran is completely out of control. They’ll openly advocate for real criminals to muck up the city which routinely results in the harm to Americans and then abuse our civil laws to do this type of stuff. Maybe we should be sending the marines there instead of Syria.

  • Ghost930

    Folks, Hate to say it, but if you like firearms, are in the firearms business, or just believe the Constitution of the United States is correct, and the founding document to our country, then you should not live in, or do business in or with the state of California. The best protest is to LEAVE, take your business somewhere else, go live somewhere else, and hope the Calexit plan goes through, and these idiots are allowed to leave the United States to form their own country. No loss (take Washington state and Oregon with you and Calirado when you go). Again, hate to say it, but we are quickly becoming divided into a ideology segmented country. If you believe in the Constitution, and it’s freedoms, you are going to have to live in certain states. If you want to be controlled by a Liberal leaning, basically fascist government of group think politicians and elitist, then there are several states now that you can reside in in ignorant big government lemming like bliss. Like the Indiana Jones movie says, “Choose wisely”.

    • int19h

      Did you miss the part where they’re NOT located in California?

      • Cymond

        I missed the part where Ghost said they were.

        • Dylans place is in Alaska—–

        • int19h

          “Then you should not live in, or do business in or with the state of California.”

          They are not located in CA. They are not doing business in or with CA – that is in fact the most damning part of this whole thing, that the company went to great lengths to actually sever that association. The only thing that connects them to CA is the fact that someone in CA can view a page on their website. If that is a connection, then so is your comment, since it’s viewable from CA also.

          • Ghost930

            Again. as I wrote above, you folks need to work on your reading comprehension skills. I did not mention the company in my comment. It was a comment regarding California in general. Most people understood that. Engage some gray matter, before using your digits.

          • Norm Glitz

            We really need your attitude.

      • Ghost930

        Did you miss the part where it was a comment in general on California, and not specific to these companies? Read with some understanding of what’s being written, and engage your brain before actually opening your pie hole.

    • skidmark

      Last time I checked, California was the 7th largest economy in the world.

      Instead of getting all conspiracy minded, hoping for a second civil war (because the first one was such a success), maybe think about opening up the market through thoughtful legal response and making a literal ton of cash through firearms sales when the laws are proved unconstitutional.

      That’s what a capitalist would do.

      • Ghost930

        What conspiracy? California IS actually defying the Constitution of the United States, and penalizing it’s citizens. That’s a fact. If you actually think you will get the 9th Circuit Court to change any laws regarding firearms in California, well I’m not going to be impolite about it, but you need to do some studying up. Number two, sometimes when you have a cancer, there is one cure, cut it out. Number three, and a question I ask all the time, if California is the 7th largest economy (they say 6th officially), then why is a third of their states budget comprised of Federal funding? Look it up if you doubt. California state senators have stated this fact on the house floor, because they are worried that Trump is going to pull it. So, if they are the 6th or 7th largest economy, WHY is my tax money having to support them, when I and other tax payers in this country don’t live there? One of the reasons, and feel free to look it up, Los Angeles Co. paid out over 123,000,000 dollars last year in health care to illegal immigrants, and yet they lead the nation in homeless people who are American citizens, and veterans. So, if Californians, and there is a rather lengthy petition already circulating, want to be their own country, have at it. No particular loss to the nation. There is a list of other places and people who would like to be the 50th state waiting in the wings. Wouldn’t even have to change the flag. Bottom line, if you don’t want to follow the club rules, you shouldn’t be in the club. That simple.

    • baserock love

      Meanwhile in reality, both sides are constantly assaulting our rights.

      One side is out of hand with the gun restrictions assaulting the 2nd amendment, the other one is out of hand with far more restrictions assauling the first amendment constantly and basically wants us all to be beholden to a sort of christian sharia, and elected guy who literally says he wants to clamp down on freedom of the press says we’re going to have to “censor the internet” and called for a whole littany of laws to descriminate on the basis of religion.

      It’s ironic you call the left fascist when you probably voted for the most authoritarian candidate of my lifetime.

      The one thing both sides can agree on is that we have too many rights and freedoms, they just can’t agree which freedoms we need to lose.

      • Ghost930

        Apparently you have had a very short lifetime sport. Plus your understanding of the English language seems limited. Quote one time that Donald Trump has said he doesn’t want the first amendment rights for Americans (honestly). You can’t because he hasn’t. What he is against, as we all should be, is the Press thinking that they actually are the fourth estate. They aren’t, that’s some BS they made up. When the Press repeatedly publishes lies and propaganda on a daily basis, and hands it off to the public as “fact”, we all should object. When the press releases and prints classified documents (which is a federal felony), that is not “freedom of the press” it’s a crime to which they should be accountable (people die because of it). When the press attacks a twelve year old child because of who his father is, they should be held accountable, the same for his wife. As far as censoring the internet, our social conscience has failed to keep up with our technology. I don’t consider protecting citizens, especially children from cyber bullying, predation by pedophiles, or the amount of scams and misinformation, cyber terrorism, fraud, etc., etc. that are perpetrated on the internet to be censorship. And when you actually listen to Trump (instead of the party line) THAT is what he is calling for. All of which has nothing to do with firearms, which is what this Blog is about. Stick to the subject.

        • baserock love

          You seem to have some laughably poor reading comprehension. THere are many things in the first amendment, freedom of religion, freedom of speech freedom of the press.

          Since you’re so grossly uninformed ,here’s the quotes. This was in response to a new york times piece where they merely interviewed a woman who claimed she was sexually harassed by donald trump.

          ” I’m going to open up our libel laws so when they write purposely
          negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots
          of money. We’re going to open up those libel laws. So when The New York
          Times writes a hit piece which is a total disgrace or when The
          Washington Post, which is there for other reasons, writes a hit piece,
          we can sue them and win money instead of having no chance of winning
          because they’re totally protected”

          He literally wants to be able to sue journalists for writing stories he doesn’t like. Again, all that NYT story was was the accounts from a woman he allegedly sexually harassed.

          Keep in mind if that story was false that WOULD BE libel. He said he was going to sue the NYT….then decided not to hahaha. GEE I WONDER WHY? We already have libel laws.

          “We have to talk to them about, maybe in certain areas, closing that
          internet up in some ways. Somebody will say, ‘Oh freedom of speech,
          freedom of speech.’ These are foolish people.”

          Yes, freedom of speech is foolish, people who don’t want the government to dictate what speech people are allowed to use are “foolish people”.

          “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there
          must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”

          He wants to JAIL people for protesting or using free speech in a provacative way to make a statement in a manner he personally doesn’t like. Keep in mind flag burning is protected speech currently

          Donald trump also sued The Onion and Bill Maher for telling jokes about him he didn’t like.

          I just wish you weren’t too dense to appreciate the irony of calling
          the opponents fascist of a guy who is openly advocating for the right
          to dictate what journalism and what speech is allowed. Regulation of
          speech and journalism are THE HALLMARKS of every burgeoning fascistic government in history.

          You’re clapping and cheering your way to a police state and too dense to even realize it.

          • Len Jones

            There is no press anymore they just write opinions their liberal opinions. When they wrote about watergate they needed 2 people to back up the story it wasn’t published until they did they just wrote the facts verified by 2 people not their friggin liberal opinions.

    • American Kazak

      My wife and I have already put the move in motion.
      More should head your advice. Only illegals and other criminals are allowed to have firearms without question. Hell, LA and Kalifornia shipped their murderous MS 13 all over the States.

    • Wow!

      You leave a state, you give it up to the liberals without a fight. You cannot run away and ignore your problems like a refugee, you have to stand and fight. Vote, talk to people, build connections, and do not comply with illegal laws.

  • screw leftist mayor ed lee. terrible!

  • Mystick

    The government should not be permitted sue people for a civil matter… the only punitive interaction they should have with anyone is through criminal charges – period. What exists now is strong-arm extortion under the color of law.

  • Ratcraft

    These stories make me want to punch faces.

  • Blake

    Depending on the jurisdiction, hopefully the judge will throw it out as a frivolous lawsuit.

    IANAL, but it seems to me that it would be *very* hard for the plaintiff to prove damages, intent, or really even prove that the defendant broke the law at all…

    Sounds to me like the SF DA’s office has too much time on their hands, too much money, or a BS agenda… (maybe all 3)

    • skidmark

      SF govment is swimming in money. Buhleave me.

  • rbdthnfngfnh

    Can the commies be countersued?

  • pablo4twenty


  • Drew Coleman

    Because courts are not stupid, and would see that transfer as hiding assets. They’d still seize them. But if they are suing the business and he has it set up properly, only the business assets could be seized, not his personal assets.

    • Lee M Attinger

      Ok. What if he changed his name and grew a mustache? I’m not very good a lawyering

  • Michael_Walters

    Donating and sharing. Thanks for your service Dylan from a fellow vet (and thanks to Steve for bringing this to our attention).

  • kschmadeka

    He can file a response and motion to dismiss himself acting pro-se. Just copy the format of the court papers received, write the content of the response explaining why the suit is frivolous and without merit, and get it submitted to the court and served on the city attorney by a professional process server before the deadline. Getting a response in before the deadline is the priority so a default judgment doesn’t happen. He can also file for an extension to get more time for all this. If the court doesn’t dismiss after getting the response and motion, there is still time to get a lawyer and prepare the case. With this much potential for a counter-suit he should also look for a lawyer who will take it on contingency. BTW I’m not a lawyer but I’ve got a lot of practice at this.

  • uisconfruzed

    Stupid libtards

  • Jones2112

    Seems to me that IF they want to sue they should sue the search engines instead…

    • Alex Yamach

      Well, it’s difficult to clean up all of those nonfunctional links, 404, “item not found”, but there are IT businesses that can do the deed for a price.

      Here’s the crux of the deal:

      If the business is no longer selling the item, it is no longer listed on the website, and the transaction cannot be executed, technically, this is a “non sequitur”.

      But… we are talking about The People’s Republic of California, and the City of San Fransicko. The People’s Republic of Maryland runs a distant second.

      I hop that this fellow can at least challenge this nonsense in court, because the basis of this case could be used by the progressives in oh so many other areas if they are successful.

  • Endlesspath

    Seriously the best long term solution to this is to get out of California and take your business to another state where the constitution is appreciated and valued. Californication has dropped off the cliff to socialism/alt left fanaticism and well on the path to financial ruin. Cut your losses and get out while you can.

  • Core

    It’s time to release the hounds. The 9th Circuit Court is currently violating hundreds of thousands of US citizen’s Second Amendment Rights. We need to disbar these unconstitutional judges and remove these unconstitutional officials who are all in violation of their sworn oaths. Call your senators, and demand that the Supreme Court take immediate action to dismantle and rebuild this tyrannical and systemic pseudo branch of the judicial system!

  • krinkov545

    Frisco. Is that where “WONDERFUL” political hacks like gavin newsome and fineswine came out of?

    • BigR

      “Ain’t” “Pelosi Galore” from SF? I’m just asking!!!!!!!

  • supergun

    If the Federal Law can make us buy insurance,,,,surely the Federal Law can protect our 2nd Amendment Right. Shame on those politicians who have passed illegal gun laws, and shame on the judges who go along with it.

  • skidmark

    Here’s Arkansas for contrast. As high as $1.51 in funds for every dollar sent sent to the Fed. You might want to rethink your position on California leaving the Union.

  • Wolf Angel

    First, not orderable, so no possible damage. Second, well not needed. They can’t prove they were damaged. Errors on websites happen all the time. Suing in this case would be like sue ing for errors on the city hosted webpages having an error. No matter how small. So much for freedoms. We definitely need tort reform.

    • BraveNewWhirled

      Attorneys are the only profession we wouldn’t need, if there weren’t any.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Tried 20 times to gain access to SFX Court website. What a joke. ‘Enter the code in the image’. Well, I did…twenty some different times. No joy. SFX sucks as a city and although I was there once, I will NEVER return unless its to liberate the few sane ones still living there.

  • Bill

    Welcome to the Peoples’ Republic of California-the first state to convert its citizens to subjects without public approval. My sympathies to the gunnies behind the wall.

    • BraveNewWhirled

      Seems like the citizens wanted it. Not that I’m glad it happened.

  • VeteranGunsmith at large

    California is the home of the pump action AR. An astounding leap backward in firearms engineering. The liberal lunatics and fear mongers have turned California and to some extent New York and other liberal dominated fiefdoms into socialist nanny state enclaves and they are looking continuously to force their idiocy on the rest of the country. There is a reason why most of the big anti-gun organizations are headquartered where they are.
    I maintain that any state that sanctions denying the people their God given rights and those enumerated under The Constitution are in violation of the principles of the founding fathers and should be restrained from placing restrictions upon the people because of political pressure and influence from those who wish to oppress others by creating a situation whereby the desires and opinions of a few outweigh those of the majority across the country.
    If you don’t want to own a firearm then by all means don’t, but that does not give anyone the right to force the issue whether via the courts or legislatively precluding the second amendment right of every law abiding citizen to keep and bear arms. That is what “shall not infringe” means, and no amount of word salad should be able to overrule that. Doing so gives more weight to the anti gun factions rights than those of others and that is simply unconstitutional. Perhaps a new Supreme Court will finally get this concept clear and unquestionably correct with no room for dissent.

  • The Brigadier

    Contact the NRA and see if they can help. SF is an insane city in an insane state. The NRA might be help to bring back some much needed sanity and get you off the hook. If they can’t help, they might have some pro bono attorneys willing to help you for free. A third option is to contact the White House and see if Donald Trump can provide you some help. He has said the attacks against gun manufacturers are a violation of our Constitution and are illegal. This does appear to be a malicious prosecution.