Online Accessory Retailer Sued by San Francisco. Help Support Him.

    NOTE: This post is discussing a legal case, it is not political. 

    The City of San Francisco has sued three online firearm accessory retailers including Dylan Saunders who runs 7.62 Precision. Why you ask? For having California magazine repair kits listed on their website (illegal in SF and soon to be banned the rest of California) and having a shipping option for San Francisco in the checkout.

    Dylan has worked in gun industry for a long time and been a good friend to Phil, myself and TFB.  We were incredibly saddened to hear about this lawsuit.

    Dylan said …

    We were selling California magazine repair kits when it was legal. After they changed the law we stopped. We set the item to out of stock, not available for backorder, and set it to be an item unavailable for purchase. We set the page and category to not display on the website. The item page could not be navigated to on our website and the category did not exist. As far as we knew, the page could no longer be seen by anyone.

    Apparently, because the item was linked to a manufacturer that was still active on the website, the defunct page could be viewed through a web search. It was non-functional, and no orders could be made, but I am being sued because they were able to find the page.

    I can hire a law firm that was successful in defending several companies in a previous lawsuit by the same people for the same reason, but I have no money right now. My business was temporarily shut down because of other reasons and we have not been taking orders for quite some time.

    We were not selling these items, but the city of San Francisco does not care, it is an abuse of the court system to persecute firearms companies. If I am unable to come up with a retainer in a few days to hire this law firm, there will be a default judgment against me for anything the city of SF asks for, and they are asking for unspecified damages and judgements, as well as what they have specified.

    The case files can be accessed here (Enter the case number CGC17557010).

    Dylan has set up a GoFundMe to accept donations to help him retain a law firm.

    He will give product from his inventory to anyone who donates more than $25. He wrote …

    The sales on the website have been shut down for quite some time but I have a large inventory of holsters and magazines, as well as some accessories. I will be giving items from my inventory of equivalent value to anyone who donates $25 or more. In other words, if someone donates $50, I want to send that person a $50 holster or some magazines, etc. I will send a product or combination of products worth up to 115% of the value of any donation, by request of the donor.

    We wish Dylan the best of luck.

    Steve Johnson

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