10mm Fans REJOICE!!!… Springfield Armory Announces an XD(M) & 1911 TRP

Springfield Armory 10mm

For anybody that is a fan of the 10mm, Springfield Armory is responding to a lot of unanswered prayers. In an open “Q&A” video on Springfield Armory’s YouTube channel, a Facebook user basically asked if they would be making a 10mm any time soon. This was their response:

Justin Larsen (Facebook User): ‘When are we going to see some 10mm goodness come to the Springfield lineup?’

Dennis Reese (CEO of Springfield Armory): ‘We’re already working on an XD(M) 10mm. It’s only a matter of how long it will be before we will have something. So I know we have been working on this for awhile, but I do believe that we are near the end on it. It’s just probably a 2017 product. So we’ll keep you informed on that. As far as the 1911 is concerned, we are talking about that. Seeing if we can come up with some kind of a TRP-style version of a 10mm. I think a lot of the folks out in the Northwest, from my understanding, they get all excited about 10mm. So I hope finally we’re going to have something for you customers that are really into that caliber.’

Rob Leatham (Team Springfield): ‘It has a strong following… the 10mm, a little bit smaller bullet than the .45 ACP, a lot more velocity. It has a lot more energy so for people who are looking for a little more punch it’s a great package, and that 1911 and XD(M) fall into being perfect platforms for that.’

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  • mrpotatocat

    Huh. XDM in 10mm. Could be cool.

  • Ratcraft

    I have wanted an XDm in 10 for a long time. Bought the 9 1st time I held one and the 45 as soon as it came out. I’ll buy this too. But, you must at least match Glock with 15 rounds. It’s my nightstand gun, hard to beat a 10 with 15 rounds. I don’t give a rip about a new 1911. About as exciting as a new Volkswagen Beetle.

    • scaatylobo

      REALLY ?, a real bug would be too cool as I miss the few I had.
      The new crap is NOT a bug,and I would really consider buying a bug if they remade or imported them.
      As for the XD in 10mm, yes.

      • Ratcraft

        I can agree with that. It will never happen though. We can’t have cars that are not plastic computer controlled electrical nightmares anymore.

  • Bigbigpoopi

    Do any of the HS2000s have happy sticks?

    • Reef Blastbody

      If not, I expect they will very soon after the 10MM drops.

      • PK

        Which would also be so very nice for anyone who likes building their own guns. It’s a major pain to find extended capacity 10mm magazines currently.

        • Hellbilly

          The best I’ve been able to do is put +2 extensions on the 15-rounders for my Glock model 40 MOS. 17 rounds of full-power 10mm in my hand is a good feeling.

          • friendo

            there are +6 basepads out there for the Glock 20 mags

          • Travis Ratcliff

            I think the 10mm and the 45 acp use the same mags, for glock anyway.

  • Hanover Fist

    Hmmm…XD(M) in 10mm? That might be worth looking into.

  • bjeremy

    Best news I’ve heard from Springfield in quite awhile.

  • 22winmag

    Get ready for some mild sticker shock, and then test it head to head with the $430 Witness 10mm.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Never really liked the XD’s, but a TRP Operator in 10mm? Now I’m interested….

  • USMC03Vet

    Where the XDs mod 2? Come on, Springfield!

  • Gregory

    Someone needs to chamber a pistol in the 9 X 25 mm round and also make ammo for it. It would put the .357 to shame.

    • Ryfyle

      How ’bout putting 9mm Dillon on a Gas operated MAC 10?

  • Keiichi


    Always happy to hear about new 10mm support.

  • JoelC

    Sounds like more interesting news than all “The Saint” hype.

    I’m not a fan of XDs, but if they can build one that takes full power 10mm and holds up better than the poly Witness 10mm I am interested.

    • Chris

      There is a realy nice conversion to .460 Rowland in the XD ! If it’s able take that much power , then 10mm would be easy !

  • nate

    please put 10MM zone on the barrel of your XD so we know where to put the 10mm bullet, like the good instructions you put on your grip

  • De Facto

    I wonder if it’ll safely fire .40 S&W too.

    • Chris

      Yes , my .460 Rowland likes .45 acp as well as the longer .460 brass ! Although they say it heads spaces on the case mouth , it really doesn’t. .. the case has a maximum chamber length… as long as you don’t exeed the chamber length ,you’re good … if a case really did headspace on the mouth , then you would notice preened case mouths and failing to chamber after every re loading …most extractors are strong enough to hold firm enough for firing pin to smack primer once cartridge is chambered…..some glocks “40 bulge ” ( from unsopported chamber/barrels )
      might (?) become a problem ,due to higher chamber pressure of 10mm over .40S&W …(?) A fully supported barrel /chamber , no problem!

  • Mark Horning

    Plenty of better built 10mm options in 1911 than the Springfield TRP. But hey, marketing, they manage to sell plenty of TRPs, they will sell plenty of the 10mm version.

    The XD(M) on the other hand, could be interesting.

  • noob

    neat! I wonder if Thureon Defense will make carbines in 10mm auto for XD mags?

    • Chris

      Mech-Tech definitely makes carbine uppers in 9mm , .40S&W , 10 mm , .45acp , and .460 Rowland .. for 1911 , Glocks , and I believe XD lowers … check out Web site ! Very accurate carbines (10 shot groups in 1 inch hole at 25 yds ) !

  • TreeHugR

    Been waiting for an M&P in 10 for years. I just bought a Glock 20 during CTD’s $100 off promotion this past weekend. $100 off made me ignore the goofy grip angle and ginormous, blocky body. Then this announcement three days later…

    • Mazryonh

      How about getting something like the Mechtech CCU for your Glock 20? That means you can use the Glock 20 as the base for a 16-inch PCC while you wait for the announced Springfield models in that caliber to be released.

  • Nightand Fog

    A TRP in 10mm? Oh my. I’ve died and gone to heaven. Now if HK would just make a USP in 10mm….

  • Colonel K

    Better late than never. I wonder how it will compare in price and performance to the Glock 20 and 40.

  • Antoua B

    Never entertained an idea of owning XDM until I read this article, 10mm is my all time favorite caliber and now I have to start saving some cash for this pistol.

  • Rooster

    An XD in 10mm? I will be the first in line to buy it!!