10mm Fans REJOICE!!!… Springfield Armory Announces an XD(M) & 1911 TRP

    Springfield Armory 10mm

    For anybody that is a fan of the 10mm, Springfield Armory is responding to a lot of unanswered prayers. In an open “Q&A” video on Springfield Armory’s YouTube channel, a Facebook user basically asked if they would be making a 10mm any time soon. This was their response:

    Justin Larsen (Facebook User): ‘When are we going to see some 10mm goodness come to the Springfield lineup?’

    Dennis Reese (CEO of Springfield Armory): ‘We’re already working on an XD(M) 10mm. It’s only a matter of how long it will be before we will have something. So I know we have been working on this for awhile, but I do believe that we are near the end on it. It’s just probably a 2017 product. So we’ll keep you informed on that. As far as the 1911 is concerned, we are talking about that. Seeing if we can come up with some kind of a TRP-style version of a 10mm. I think a lot of the folks out in the Northwest, from my understanding, they get all excited about 10mm. So I hope finally we’re going to have something for you customers that are really into that caliber.’

    Rob Leatham (Team Springfield): ‘It has a strong following… the 10mm, a little bit smaller bullet than the .45 ACP, a lot more velocity. It has a lot more energy so for people who are looking for a little more punch it’s a great package, and that 1911 and XD(M) fall into being perfect platforms for that.’

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