Primary Machine Launches New Glock Stealth Comp

Primary Machine has dropped some new Glock compensators that look eerily like the KKM Two Port compensator (I currently have one in for evaluation, review coming soon). This isn’t the first Glock comp to be launched that is reminiscent of the proven KKM style, Texas Black Rifle Company was the first offshoot with the Micro Comp. Scoff at the addition of an external compensator if you like, but there are benefits like keeping the lens of a flashlight clean or reducing recoil. I know for a fact that a good comp can tame a 9mm to where it feels like you are shooting a .22 making follow up shots lightning fast.

Now if shooters are looking for something that doesn’t have the setscrews on the side of the comp, the new Stealth Comp hides those on the underside of the compensator to keep a clean look. They seem to offer the Stealth Comp in just about every color known to man but the base finish is a hard coat anodizing that comes as standard. The other colors are Cerakote and offered for an additional charge of $15.

The lightweight 7075 aluminum construction likely add near no weight to the end of your 9mm 1/2×28 threaded barrel and only adds enough length to turn a Glock 19 into roughly the same length as a Glock 34.

Check out Primary Machine‘s website for more information, the pre-order is open now with an MSRP starting at $80.


  • mrpotatocat

    I would at least make the external dimensions match the dimensions of the Glock. Or maybe is does and my eyes are playing tricks on me.

    • Bruce Gagneaux

      It’s 100% exact to 9mm/40/357 Sig Glock slide dimensions. 🙂

  • xebat

    It is now official. The Glock is the AR-15 of the handgun world.

    • People have been making competition accessories for the Glock for well over a quarter century.

    • Edeco

      Yep, so ubiquitous one can almost (maybe completely, haven’t checked) make one entirely from non-OEM parts.

      • roguetechie

        You can… With ease, at least here in the US.

        It would cost you FAR MORE than just buying a stock block.

        People do it though pretty often.

    • Jared Vynn

      Hopefully the sight p320 will claim that role, having the serialized part be a trigger assembly/chassis is more convenient for diversity.

      • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

        I can see that happening. After the M17 announcement I haven’t been able to locate many in the stores at all.

  • The expansion chambers are too small. It will be a bear to clean once it fouls.

    Aluminum is not a great choice for compensator bodies either. Even steel compensators are not immune to erosion of the baffles.

    • Will

      I wouldn’t worry, its not for shooting.

      • Bruce Gagneaux

        Tell that to the prototype comp that has over 3k rounds on at this point. 🙂

    • Bruce Gagneaux

      They’re not too small. Bigger and the comp won’t work as well with what little gas 9mm puts out. Actual research went into these. We didn’t just start milling holes in aluminum. 😉
      – Bruce
      Primary Machine Manager

    • IME erosion isn’t the issue with anodized aluminum comps, having to baby it while you are cleaning it is the issue.

      With steel and titanium comps, I can put on my respirator, grab my dremel, and go to town removing the lead and carbon. Any accidental contact will not damage the comp much. I can’t do that with aluminum comps.

      • Bruce Gagneaux

        We have just over 3K rounds on the original prototype. With only 4 or 5 cleanings during that round count, it’s doing perfectly fine as far as fouling goes. Clean your guns more often! 😉 lol

        • I can shoot 5k in a week. And my average week sees 500-600 rounds shot, I clean the comp once a month. Even then you should only expect the comp, barrel, and slide to last two years.

          But what do we know you have 3,000 rounds through your comp. It isn’t like there are people that have been shooting comped pistols for years, putting tens of thousands of rounds each year.

          • Bruce Gagneaux

            This comp is also not designed for use as a competition comp, bud. It’s intended for EDC. 95%+ of people aren’t shooting a fraction of that volume thru their EDC guns…
            Carry on. Shoot straight, 😀

  • Wang Chung Tonight

    You know it would make a fantastic article and video, if TFB would do a recoil and muzzle rise comparison with all of the comps on the market (as many as you can get from the manufacturers for free). You know high speed vid with 9mm , +p, +p+ ammo. And a recoil comparison Yea that would be neat. overlay.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Working on it. I think that a comparison of carry style comps would be awesome.

      • I’d really like to see this, especially with using full power +p and +p+ defensive ammo, where recoil is more of an issue.

        I’ve watched a few comp test vids, and their testing them “before and after” with blazer 115gr, where there really wasn’t much recoil to compensate with before.

  • roguetechie

    Did anyone else start humming “everything is awesome” from the Lego movie whilst viewing these pictures?

    Bonus points if it somehow transitioned to a nasal rendition of the transformers robots in disguise techno sounding thing at the end!

  • Swarf

    Is that one of those Battle Scuffed finishes, or whatever?

    So you’re the one…

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Not my gun. The photos are Primary Machine’s.

  • Seth Hill

    LOL!!!! They call it a Stealth Comp because it hides the set screws underneath, yet there is nothing stealthy about a compensator.

    • Bruce Gagneaux

      We called it the Stealth Comp because it sounded cool. Nothing more, nothing less. No reason to think so far into it, lol
      Primary Machine Manager

      • ozzallos .

        Refreshingly honest.

  • Justin

    I’ve got to ask what did they do to that slide to scuff it up like that, drag it behind a truck?

    My main concern with an comp for a pistol is the muzzle flash if shooting in low light. I know that the there is a lot of flash with some ammo but actively directing it into the shooters line of sight has never seemed like a good idea to me. Maybe for competitions but I’d be really hesitant to try it on a carry weapon where I may need to make low light shots and then possibly engage other targets when my vision is likely key in identifying targets and non-targets

    • Swarf

      The finish is on purpose. Just like acid washed jeans were.

      • Justin

        so is it called tactical abused or distressed operator maybe gravel washed 🙂

        • Swarf

          Yah. New from Glock; the Inattentive Corporal finish. $150 extra.

        • Swarf

          Oh, but for real, I believe it is called “battle worn” which is no more or less dumb than anything you or I have said.

        • FOC Ewe

          Dude, Distressed Operator and Gravel Washed are comedic Gold. God Bless You!

    • FOC Ewe

      My inline 2 port 460 Rowland isn’t as obnoxious as my G23C

    • Bruce Gagneaux

      Comp or no comp – muzzle flash happens in low lighting regardless.

  • iksnilol

    I’ve always wanted a Beretta 92 with a compensator (and internal threads for suppressor)… but other than that, no real attraction.

    • Iggy


      • iksnilol