Primary Machine Launches New Glock Stealth Comp

    Primary Machine has dropped some new Glock compensators that look eerily like the KKM Two Port compensator (I currently have one in for evaluation, review coming soon). This isn’t the first Glock comp to be launched that is reminiscent of the proven KKM style, Texas Black Rifle Company was the first offshoot with the Micro Comp. Scoff at the addition of an external compensator if you like, but there are benefits like keeping the lens of a flashlight clean or reducing recoil. I know for a fact that a good comp can tame a 9mm to where it feels like you are shooting a .22 making follow up shots lightning fast.

    Now if shooters are looking for something that doesn’t have the setscrews on the side of the comp, the new Stealth Comp hides those on the underside of the compensator to keep a clean look. They seem to offer the Stealth Comp in just about every color known to man but the base finish is a hard coat anodizing that comes as standard. The other colors are Cerakote and offered for an additional charge of $15.

    The lightweight 7075 aluminum construction likely add near no weight to the end of your 9mm 1/2×28 threaded barrel and only adds enough length to turn a Glock 19 into roughly the same length as a Glock 34.

    Check out Primary Machine‘s website for more information, the pre-order is open now with an MSRP starting at $80.