Friday Field Strip: Kel Tec SUB2000 Gen. 2

In this episode of TFBTV, we field strip the KelTec SUB2000 in 9mm, Glock magazine version. The KelTec is surprisingly simple in its internals, even though it more or less requires tools to field strip.

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  • Drew Riebe

    Nice video.These are good guns when they can be found at or around MSRP. The $500 a lot of people have had to pay for them is too much, in my opinion. I highly recommend installing the MCARBO trigger and trigger springs, they make this a much nicer gun to shoot.

  • Ed

    Terrible video. You DO NOT need a punch or a hammer to disassemble the Sub2k. Even the manual (that was obviously ignored) says a little forward pressure on the buffer will allow the pin to almost fall out. A little bit more research before making an instructional video would be smart next time. For a second I thought I was at TTAG website. TFB, we expect more from you.

    • Tom

      I wonder where the Stock Pin plunger and spring went.
      You Do Not remove the Stock pin as described, it has a spring/Plunger same as a AR take down pin

      • Ed

        Yeah, this is the absolute worst instructional video I’ve seen in a while. Disassembly with a claw hammer….lol…

  • ozzallos .

    Surprisingly simple? Surprising to who? It’s a pipe and a spring.

  • noob

    I wonder what this weapon would have done in ww2 if it and 22TCM9R were plentiful.

  • Juggernaut

    waiting for the keymod version to come out


    I have a theory with y gun collection which many will believe is stupid, narrow minded, or just dumb, but it fits my philosophy in life, so I’m trying to stick with it.

    I want to keep as few calibers as possible in deep stockpile.

    .22LR – 9mm – 20ga – .223/5.56
    I also have a thousand or so rounds of .380 for CCW pistols, 500 rounds of 12ga, and one can of Mosin chow.

    This limits my selection of firearms, but they’re so broad already that my Autist OCD style of purchasing things of my interest really does help.

    I have several 9mm Pistols and a carbine, but I want the Sub-2000 soooooooooooo bad, but even when I have the play money, I never end up buying it.

    Hell, i bought a 5″ 9mm 6-shot revolver before even thinking about this thing. I’ll probably buy a scorpion EVO carbine before the Sub-2000.

    I don’t know why, but even though it is high on my want list, the priority I put on it is supremely low.

    • Evan Ferguson

      Probably because Keltec is all a bunch of crap plastic screws and glue put together on a mild steel barrel. These are commercialized zip guns. Secretly, you know it is true also.

      • Ed

        Yoy really are ignorant. Not a plastic screw on any of my Kel-Tec “zip guns”. Didn’t see any glue either. Run along and go play with your Taurus.

        • Evan Ferguson

          Ha, I’d rather play with a pos taurus than a steam pile of a keltec. The only manufacturer that’s successfully marketed a projectile based hand amputation device as a “shotgun.”

          • Ed

            Funny, I’ve got one of those ” hand amputation devices ” and still have both of mine. At least there are no Hillary holes on Kel-Tecs. I think you’re just on the crap on Kel-Tec bandwagon because that’s what the cool kids are doing. If it was any other than that you would have most likely started off with a personal experience instead of a few false comments. You are fake news sir!

      • LGonDISQUS

        I like my p380.

        My pf9 developed unstoppable rust and has been in a bag full of oil, ready to trade in to KT factory for a Nickel slide since…. 2015 or so. I’ve been too lazy to do it.

        So I can se what you’re saying, but their quality has significantly improved in the past two years, from what people are reporting. ISO 9000 and all.

      • VF 1777

        lol, lighten up bro. it’s a pistol caliber carbine, not a damn battle rifle. They’re supposed to be fun! not serving on the front lines in the ‘Stan. sheesh.

    • clampdown

      I want to get that same kind of 4 caliber collection going, but since I’ve already got an SKS, I’ll sub 7.62×39 for 5.56. As of now, I’ve only got my SKS and 10/22. Next priority is a 9mm handgun, then a 20ga or 9mm carbine (something my wife can handle), then the other. After that, CZ 527 in 7.62×39 and a nice .22LR bolt gun.

    • Paul White

      I used to try that….not so much now though :/ But I definitely stock some calibers more deeply than others. Lots of 556, 22lr, 357 mag, 9mm and a fair bit of 20 gauge. Only a few hundered 45 and 380 and 6.5…

      • LGonDISQUS

        Really want a .357 revilver. Something stupid list a ?seven? shot

  • Ed

    Just wondering if I’m the only one who noticed that the self proclaimed “gun nerd” failed to disassemble this firearm correctly? NO tools required….read the manual before you post an instructional video. This really pisses me off. A senior writer posted this nonsense. This is like someone beating the takedown pins out on their AR with a hammer. Idiot.

  • PersonCommenting

    I had an original Sub2k and had to sell it because the front sight was worthless. If I ever see a new one I may try and get it as they look like they have fixed that. Also didnt like the seems in the grip. They didnt feel that durable. Not that I would ever break it but it if someone were using it for serious stuff it looked like it could be an issue.

  • Tom

    You Do Not remove the Stock pin as described, it has a spring/Plunger same as a AR take down pin

    I wonder where the Stock Pin plunger and spring went.

  • mazkact

    I wonder if Iksnilol is ok . James………………..Field strip……………………nothing yet 🙂

  • Don Ward

    Since it’s KelTec, shouldn’t the headline read “Breaking”?

    • Ed

      It should be the way this idiot is taking it apart. You do not need a damn hammer.

  • VF 1777

    Little overkill with the punch and hammer there, James haha (but sheesh on the meanie remarks below eh? lol… I guess it IS the internet yay) – Anyway, I just push in the back to relieve the tension, then push the pin in as much as I can with my finger, then use a pen or whatever to push it through the rest of the way… but whatever.

    You said “KelTec”, so guessing you were expecting people to freak lol. Kinda like “1911” or “Taurus” or .”40 SW” – just the mere mention of such things stokes anger and rage! hahaha

    Dude, I’ve had 4 of these Sub2k’s so far (still own 3 of them). I’m as big of a high-end, must-be-reliable, “mil-spec”-luvin gun snob as I know – and I still enjoy the hell out these things. At some point I realized, not every gun has to be a battle-hardened, ready-to-deploy-to-Afghanistan, hammer-forged, kalash/glock-reliability-sportin machin — because I aint no damn Operator! and never hope to be one either. I just love the hell out of my guns though, and I’m guessing some of these same died-in-the-wool keltec haters are some of the same dudes that are wide-eyed and wanting to shoot one of my tricked out Sub2k’s when their in the lane next to me haha.(i must disclose though that I’m not a big fan of their handguns though, and they do have some ‘QC anomalies’ from time to time of course. I’m certainly not sporting any of their pistols in my CCW collection, and my ‘go-to rifles’ sure as hell aint made by keltec, but to each his own)

    I’m surprised you haven’t put a red dot on that puppy yet, man. The sights slay me. I have a PA AD MDS on ADM QD lower 1/3 mount on mine and it’s sweet. Quick, light, can QD it on and off to fold up, and gets my head up a little off the tube. I also use an AFG1, then used a Mako BSR-1 to ‘run’ a TLR-4 in line. It’s a pretty sweet little set up. OH – and I got my MCarbo springs and trigger in now as well! The thing is pretty rocking. Definitely draws eyeballs at the range. I have tons of rounds through my Gen2’s now and not one hiccup yet out of either of them. They made the ejection port larger on the Gen2 for a reason!

    Anyway, I could write a book on these damn things by now (and looks like I just did with this comment too sorry). If you like tinkering around, these are fun little project guns. I’ve sure had a blast with mine. The haters can hate, I’ll be blastin away with a big old smile 🙂 Peace

  • Cal.Bar

    People actually disassemble those things to CLEAN? I assumed that they simply threw them away when they got dirty. (yes, teasing about Kel Tec quality)