Tracking Point M400XHDR In .300BLK

High tech shooting company Tracking Point has recently announced an addition to their lineup. The M400XHDJ is chambered in 300BLK and comes complete with the signature tracking/targeting system as well as second generation night vision.

Pushing $7K, the barrier to entry for this hardware is steep. And, not being a long range shooter or ever having pulled a trigger on a Tracking Point equipped firearm, I may be way out of line when I say I am still slightly skeptical of a system designed to adapt to a variety of variables. Maybe someone with some firsthand experience can chime in down below.

Still, the sci-fi geek, techie and shooter in me wants companies like Tracking Point to succeed.

The Cool Kid Caliber is Back

Back by popular demand, the .300 BlackOut returns in our latest design yet- the M400XHDR. Packing the serious knockdown power of the .30 caliber round, the Gen-2 Night Vision-enabled M400, ensures precision shots on predators and hogs alike – day or night. The M400’s precision guided system features a 400-yard lock range and is engineered for compatibility with (3) different ammunition profiles, all on a customized lightweight AR platform. Dropped, submerged and subjected to Mothers Nature’s worst, the M400 elevates your shooting skills no matter where you choose to go. And at $6,995, the full scope of TrackingPoint’s precision guided firearm system provides features and benefits the competition just can’t match.






Pflugerville, TX (February 14, 2017) The exceptionally popular .300 Blackout returns to TrackingPoint’s stable of Precision-Guided Firearmsä in the form of its latest design – the M400XHDR. Built on TrackingPoint’s own lightweight AR platform, the Gen-2 night vision-enabled M400XHDR features an extended 400-yard lock range and the stopping power of a .30 caliber, making it ideal for home defense, predator and varmint control. The simplicity and the familiarity of the AR-15 platform coupled with TrackingPoint’s patented lock-and-load precision guiding technology makes the M400XHDR the most innovative .300 BLK on the market today.

The M400XHDR shares many of the same standard technological advances present across the TrackingPoint lineup of Precision-Guided Firearms. Elements such as the RapidLokä Trigger System that ensures pinpoint accuracy by acquiring, tracking and locking on ranged targets and TrackingPoint’s video/audio capture capability that allows shooters/hunters the ability to record each memorable PGFä experience. Broadcast capability, via the onboard WiFi, allows friends and family to live each event as if they were right alongside you.

The same five (5) extensively tested and proven optical modes found on every TrackingPoint PGF power the M400 system. Precision Target and Precision Mover calculate the ballistic and firing solutions for the shooter, delivering exceptional accuracy on both stationary and moving targets alike. Auto-Acquire mode snaps the reticle to the pre-determined center of mass of a tagged target, while the Suppressive Fire mode calculates and holds real time ballistic solutions coupled with a live trigger to quickly engage multiple targets. But the final mode, Night Mode, is where the M400XHDR truly shines. Utilizing CMOS sensor technology to deliver Gen-2 night vision performance, when used with the rail-mounted IR illuminator that comes standard with every M400XHDR, the M400 system acquires and tracks targets after dark as easily as it does in the daylight, ensuring precision shots on predators and hogs alike – day or night.

Precision shots require precision ammunition, and the new M400XHDR features engineered compatibility for not one, not two, but three ammunition profiles. The custom loaded TP 300 AAC Blackout 120gr OTM for the target shooters, TP 300 AAC Blackout 120gr Tac-TX for the hunters, or a similar high quality 300 AAC Blackout 110gr should a shooter/hunter find themselves out of the 120 gr loads. And at $6,995, TrackingPoint’s Precision-Guided Firearm system delivers features and benefits the competition just can’t match, making the M400XHDR the perfect choice for precision-minded shooters everywhere.

Order your new M400XHDR directly from TrackingPoint by calling (512) 354-2114 or by visiting the M400 product page. Shipments of the new rifle begin late February and financing is available for qualified buyers, with payments as low as $177/month for up to 48 months.

TrackingPoint, based in Austin, Texas, created the first Precision-Guided Firearm, a revolutionary shooting system that puts fighter jet lock-and-launch technology into small arms, enabling shooters to make shots previously considered beyond human ability. To learn more, visit


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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Oil prices are inching up so they may well sell quite a few of these around Austin.

    Personally Id rather spend a lot less and take some long range shooting classes from a professional and actually learn something.

    • Rick O’Shay

      You can find used TP rifles at the Cabelas gun library in Buda for a significant markdown. The fact that they’re there indicates to me that people buy them, aren’t convinced they’re worth it, and offload them for something else.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        They may be significantly less soon if they are going out of business.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I thought they went belly up. Good on them for rebounding if they did, they make a cool product.

  • Steve Zahn

    If it was gen3 or thermal, I would honestly consider it. I mean, I spent almost 4K for the gen 3nv and over 7 for thermal.

    • Steve Zahn

      That is at that price.

    • valorius

      So, you’re rich…. 🙂


    I reaaaaly would like to try one of these. WAY too expensive to own without a purposeful neeed though.

  • Bradley

    Why would you pay several thousand dollars for a long range, precision solution for a cartridge designed for close to just barely medium ranges?

    • Devil_Doc


    • valorius

      To be tactical man. C’mon….

    • Truly makes no sense

    • Quasimofo

      My thoughts exactly.

      If you a think you need a Tracking Point for your 300BLK rifle AND you’ll pay a few thousand for it, allow me to introduce you to my line of premium tennis helmets.

    • MeaCulpa

      I have a spoiler on my lawnmower so why not?

  • GetBackToReality

    .300blackout tracking point -aka- a bad joke

    • BattleshipGrey

      I’m waiting for the .22lr version.

  • valorius

    When these sorts of gadgets are $1k i’ll buy one.

  • Bob

    Total BS!

  • FactChecker90803

    I’d you can’t hit anything with Open Sights, a Red Dot Sight or a 1-4X scope you for no business using a Long Rifle.

    • iksnilol


  • Uniform223

    Not all of us can drive Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces, McLarens, Saleen S7 twin turbos, and other really high end exclusive luxury or sport cars to the range and keep all of our tacticool kit in the trunk or passenger seat. But if you have 7 grand to blow on this precision snake oil… have it.

  • Bigg Bunyon

    But does it come in “flesh” color?

  • All the Raindrops

    6.5c or 300wm or 50bmg etc would have been a more interesting addition to the lineup.

  • Uniform223

    Tracking Point…
    For those who can’t hit the broad side of a Iowa class Battleship but have more than 7000 dollars to spend on a 300 blackout rifle.

  • Jerry Mckenzie

    Yeah yeah yeah after have one on order ( for over a year) and then using my money all that time, I decided this was a pyramid scheme. At 9 months I finally got a delivery date and the day before the sales manager called and said it would be delayed another 6 to 8 weeks. 12 weeks after that I cancelled my order.

    In contacting them 2 years later, they still don’t have any rifles for sale. You order what you want, they then order the parts for assembly and you have to wait.

    This is not a company to do business with.

    J mckenzie