.40 Cal LEGO Heads Shot Out Of A Glock

With the discovery that LEGO minifig heads fit rather well in .40 S&W brass, as well as 10mm brass, the next logical step is to test if LEGO heads can be used as an actual projectile. If you missed it, here is the post about LEGO minifig heads fitting in .40 cal brass.

I went to my friend Brian’s house and his neighbor Denny brought over his bullet separator. We pulled the bullets out of several cartridges and hand loaded the LEGO heads.  To our surprise, the LEGO bullets shot out of my Glock 35. The primer had enough pressure to push the LEGO head out of the 5.31 inch barrel.


Next we tested how powerful the LEGO bullets are on a hammock hanging from the deck ceiling.


Obviously the velocity is very low and the LEGO bullet has little to no energy at distance. Bryan wanted to test accuracy so he took three rounds and shot them at a cardboard box. He was aiming for the piece of blue tape.


The first shot was actually a squib and the LEGO head got stuck right at the end of the muzzle. It took quite a bit of pounding to get the plastic projectile to dislodge from the barrel. The next two shots are what you see above. Below is the video of the LEGO squib.


I did manage to recover two of the LEGO projectiles and you can see the heads did engage the rifling.

Close up of the recovered #40calLEGObullets #Legobullets

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Next I plan on actually reloading some .40S&W with LEGO heads as bullets and see if I can get a load that will cycle the Glock as well as test how the LEGO heads hold up to increased pressures.

Nicholas C

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  • ArkhamInmate

    That last pic looks like a “scary” bearded person, and how drastic the difference is between the original and the end result is even that much funnier.

    • Nicholas C

      The last video shows a China head. They are not pleasant looking. One reason why I didn’t mind sacrificing them over the traditional classic smiley yellow Lego head.

      • SP mclaughlin

        There are probably a trillion classic Lego smileys though.

      • glenn cheney

        My first real firearm was Mattel’ s sixshooter back in the 50’s.
        The bullets had a better b.c. spring loaded than Lego.
        It’s a wonder we have eyesight.
        It was our intro to “never point a” and the meaning of downrange.
        Very pleased to see we finally made it from pot metal to real brass.

  • Lowe0

    Plastic gun, plastic ammo. Sounds about right.

    • Joshua Baerbock

      Except the barrel and many parts aren’t plastic 😀

      • StopScratchingYourRationale

        Shh, people who can’t think rationally must find ways to rationalize their myopic opinions. Oversimplification is an easy choice. Don’t bother trying to mention to them that Glocks in fact have a steel barrel which locks into a steel slide and cams into a steel locking block held in place by two steel pins (1 for 42/43). Or that the steel slide rides on four steel rails integral into the Glock frame. Or that the whole steel slide assembly is retained on the frame by a steel locking plate.

        I stopped trying to help people see the forest through the trees. I just means more Glocks for rational folk like you.

        • JoelM

          Will all that steel effect how fresh the gun keeps my left over mashed potatoes?

        • Charles Valenzuela

          I wouldn’t have a Glock as a gift. Cheap junk. Very reliable junk. But junk just the same.

          • Surly Old Dude

            The chances of anyone giving you anything besides a kicking are pretty slim.

  • Keiichi


  • valorius

    On a semi related note, the new batman lego movie is hilarious. Two thumbs up.

    • Nicholas C

      Yeah it is great.

  • Anonymoose

    Gotta work up some powder charges for these.

    • Wang Chung Tonight

      5gr of Titegroup with gas check of some sort would be interesting.

    • Blake

      If one were really gonna mess with this I’d guess that the Trail Boss “reduced recoil” load formulas would be a good place to start.

      (I hereby disclaim all responsibility for anybody being nuts enough to try this)

  • Edeco

    How about putting one of those cones on top, like the grey one the head is on in the last vid. Be like a BTHP, squeeze a little more trajectory out.

    • BattleshipGrey

      The possibilities are endless.

  • Cal S.

    It had to be done. For science.

    • BattleshipGrey

      Once the sizing was discovered, yes it had to be done. Can’t just drop the bomb that Lego heads fit in a case and walk away :).

      • lucusloc

        Not true, I dropped the info that 7.62x54r fits perfectly into a .45 barrel years ago. I still have yet to see anyone test it. . .

  • CS


    • GaryOlson

      First, head load — not hand load.

  • Are you trying to make ammo more expensive? Lego’s aren’t cheap!

    • Nicholas C

      Actually they can be if you know how to get them legally.

      • iksnilol

        No, per kg lego is slightly cheaper than fishscale cocaine.

        Trust me, I was in that bidness (the lego bidness, not cocaine).

        • Nicholas C

          Selling and buying Lego is not the same as the programs Lego has for AFOL LUGs (Lego User Groups). LUG Bulk is such a program where they allow Lego builders to buy bulk amounts of Lego elements needed for a project,

          My club just put in an order, I’m getting pieces to build a Death Star hanger for my late UCS Millennium Falcon.

          The heads on the list of parts available to buy are really cheap.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, but I am not that high in the lego fan hierarchy. I just use bricklink and whatnot.

            Besides, LUG Bulk is a reeeally high tech program. I mean, NDAs and whatnot? So I kinda feel safer with Colombian fishscale.

          • Nicholas C

            lol. Lug Bulk isnt that bad. Yeah there are NDAs but that is with regards to the price we pay per element. Typically Lego sets are worth $0.10 per part. Sometimes that gets screwed up by licensing so some of the licensed sets cost more. Like the giant Helicarrier should have been a $300 set, it was $350. However when you look at the Lego Modular building sets you are getting a much better price per part ratio, those sets are under valued and you get more parts for the price.

            Just like any hobby, there are ways to get stuff cheap and most importantly legally.

          • iksnilol

            Can’t get my beloved fishscale legally. That’s kinda a hobby.

            But yeah, always a cheap way. And LEGO is a pretty good company in regards to communication with customers.

  • TheNotoriousIUD
    • Bucho4Prez

      I better not be the only one to have that print on their wall.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Probably not.

    • DIR911911 .

      had to open it full size , at first I thought they were giving little alien fingers but it looks more like a probe

      • Jeff NME

        I think that’s a rifle barrel, the stock can be seen poking out between the little dude’s left elbow and left foot.

  • Pedenzo

    Uhm…..cycle the action with an 8.33g boolit?

    Maybe if you remove the recoil spring…..nah….that wouldn’t even do it….

    Oh, you were kidding? Ok, my bad….

    One thing you can try is opening up the flash hole and using magnum primers, that will give you a little bit more oomph….

    • disqus_PDmXLtTxJj

      I can see him accidentally misplace if one of those magnum primed rounds putting in a regular powder loss with an actual bullet then having a VERY bad day.

      • Pedenzo

        Yep…if you are not careful, “accidents” happen….that is why I mark any cases that have been monkeyed with….bright orange paint should alert you to the fact that is not a regular case…..

  • Devil_Doc

    “Bullet separator hammer..”? For real?

    • Dougscamo

      Better than saying “bullet thingy” I guess….

      • DIR911911 .

        separator thingamagiggy

  • I used to buy parafin blocks at the grocery store and just press the case mouth into the parafinand fire with a primer only. Good practice.

    • Dougscamo

      Yep…been hit with many of them….pretty good “ouch” factor….

    • Devil_Doc

      This hurts, bad. .45 colt really sucks. 5.56 feels like God popped you with a wet towel, and will blow through 2 layers of denim, boxers, and will scar you for life. Ask me how I know.

      • iksnilol

        How… how do you know?

        • Devil_Doc

          Malt liquor and a friend with a screwed up sense of humor.

          • iksnilol

            That’s… That’s been slightly disappointing.

    • iksnilol

      I also saw .22 LR ammo reloaded like that (matchheads and match strips were used for primer, wax/parafin for projectiles).

    • Tom Currie

      When Nate was surprised that the primer had enough power to fire the lego head through the barrel, I was immediately thinking of the many articles about primer fired parafin bullets in the gun press a whole lotta years ago. I doubt that the lego heads are all that very different in size or weight.

  • Swarf

    Making simunitions more family friendly.

  • Gary Kirk

    And how long before Lego heads are resized/reshaped? And pre 2017 Lego heads are banned in California?

    • Lockmazter

      Funny, how you think you’re making a joke, but it would not surprise me if they did! Especially in those .40 caliber round high capacity ghost clip mags!

  • PeterK

    That is so funny to me for some reason. Nice work.

  • Ranger Rick

    Everyone needs a hobby…


    Your kids are likely wondering what happened to all of their lego men heads….

    • Nicholas C

      Well since my only child is nearing 9 months, no. I’m an AFOL (Adult a Fan Of Lego) I’m in a club that is sponsored by Lego.

      • glenn cheney

        If ATF ever found out how much lego ammo my grandkids have stashed they’d be out investigating.

  • Nicholas C

    Very cool. If you look at the dates of the IG videos, I did this last week. This article didn’t go live until today due to auto scheduling.

    • RandallOfLegend

      I should have said “I also did this test”. As something this fun is more of an Internet collaboration than a race. I look forward to reading your powder tests. If you are going to try a chrono, make a bunch of samples. I had a tough time getting them to register.

      • Nicholas C

        It is a lot of fun. I couldn’t stop giggling as the heads shot out of my Glock.

  • Nicholas C

    This weekend my other friend is helping me load them with powder to see if we can develop a load that will cycle.

    • Bradley

      You don’t really expect it to cycle without modifying the gun, do you? I think with the weight the heads would have to make about a billion fps to produce energy close to a normal bullet.

      • Nicholas C

        People seem hung up on weight. The lego head/barrel fit is extremely tight. As shown above in the squib. I think due to this issue, enough back pressure can be created to possibly cycle the gun. We shall see. That is why we test it. For science!!

        • Toxie

          Well Nick, both reloading experience and science (newtons laws yo!) tells me that the really light projectile isn’t going to cycle the gun.
          Not to say that it won’t fire the head at decent velocity, but getting it to cycle the gun, no.

          I’m not sure that you understand how the action of a Glock works – on JMB tilting breech firearms (like a glock, or 1911): Since there is a minimum momentum required to operate a recoil-operated firearm’s action, the cartridge must generate sufficient recoil to provide that momentum. Therefore, recoil-operated firearms work best with a cartridge that yields a momentum approximately equal to that for which the mechanism was optimized. For example, the M1911 design with factory springs is optimized for a 230-grain (15 g) bullet at factory velocity. Changes in caliber or drastic changes in bullet weight and/or velocity require modifications to spring weight or slide mass to compensate.
          Has little to nothing to do with the gas back pressure. It literally needs the inertia of the bullet to operate.

          • Tom Currie

            Shhhh… Toxie. You’re putting science in the way of blind random “research” — and you’re trying to explain firearms to a TFB blogger — both of which are beyond reach.

            Just sit back and wait for him to report that no load was able to cycle the Glock, but that you get interesting results when you fill the case to the rim with Unique then compress it with the Lego head. Of course that report might take a while since he would probably be typing left handed at the time.

          • JoelM

            He could fill the heads with tungsten powder and glue a Lego post to the bottom to seal it. Should get it heavy enough to cycle.

        • disqus_PDmXLtTxJj

          FOR SCIENCE!

  • Claus Økær Holdt Hansen

    Hmm, now I feel like I need a new gun just to do this

  • Blake

    I tried to convince my Dad to load 6mm airsoft balls into .243 Win cases with magnum rifle primers.

    However there’s some doubt about them making it all the way down the 26″ bbl of our Ruger varmint rifle…

  • tiger

    I just have a picture in my head of a trauma surgeon laughing. “Hey nurse, Smiley faced slugs in this guy …..”

  • USMC03Vet

    Already banned in California.

  • Realist

    Beyond dumb…click bait.

  • Colonel K

    Let go with Leggo? This will not end well.

  • jeepers

    I assume that all Lego heads were Volunteers, not draftees…….

  • Aloysius Jenkins

    Bullet separator hammer? Pretty funny.

  • DanGoodShot

    Gives new meaning to the term “Head Shot”.

  • pepelapiu2004 .

    After ghost guns, we now have ghost bullets?

  • Wood

    Need to try in in a .41mag revolver, then the inertia/momentum required to operate a semiauto slide is irrelevant.

  • Red Clay Blues

    Somebody just doesn’t have enough to do. Oh, How about trying some frozen silly putty next *L

    • Nicholas C

      You must not watch Taofledermaus or Demolition Ranch.

  • Glenn

    There are people with waaayy too much time on their hands

  • malachi13

    Lego Defense loads… If it hurts stepping on them, imagine how these feel.

    Soon to be the only ammo you can buy in California.

  • Charles Valenzuela

    In 1976, someone ( I forget who ) made re-usable plastic projectiles for .45 caliber pistols that were reloaded without any powder for indoor target practice. The primer was more than sufficient to send these plastic projectiles across the inside of the garage and into a paper target. I used to fire them from a Webley revolver. Great fun. That was 40 years ago, and I don’t recall seeing them for sale since then. Too bad. . . . .

  • Bison “FANatic”

    Not a discovery but a person with too much time and a camera. Next news will be “New Discovery: Tire Stems Are .40 Caliber.”

  • trees4

    I guess nobody here remembers the Speer Plastic Training ammo from the 70’s?
    They used red plastic .38Spl cases and black plastic bullets – all you did was pop a primer into the back with your fingers.

    There really isn’t anything NEW under the sun, fellas!

    Also, I’ve noticed a few guys have realized that the gun will NEVER function with such a light projectile. You’ll end up shattering the LEGO head before it will cycle, but go ahead and try, Lefty!