.40 Cal LEGO Heads Shot Out Of A Glock

    With the discovery that LEGO minifig heads fit rather well in .40 S&W brass, as well as 10mm brass, the next logical step is to test if LEGO heads can be used as an actual projectile. If you missed it, here is the post about LEGO minifig heads fitting in .40 cal brass.

    I went to my friend Brian’s house and his neighbor Denny brought over his bullet separator. We pulled the bullets out of several cartridges and hand loaded the LEGO heads.  To our surprise, the LEGO bullets shot out of my Glock 35. The primer had enough pressure to push the LEGO head out of the 5.31 inch barrel.


    Next we tested how powerful the LEGO bullets are on a hammock hanging from the deck ceiling.


    Obviously the velocity is very low and the LEGO bullet has little to no energy at distance. Bryan wanted to test accuracy so he took three rounds and shot them at a cardboard box. He was aiming for the piece of blue tape.


    The first shot was actually a squib and the LEGO head got stuck right at the end of the muzzle. It took quite a bit of pounding to get the plastic projectile to dislodge from the barrel. The next two shots are what you see above. Below is the video of the LEGO squib.


    I did manage to recover two of the LEGO projectiles and you can see the heads did engage the rifling.


    Next I plan on actually reloading some .40S&W with LEGO heads as bullets and see if I can get a load that will cycle the Glock as well as test how the LEGO heads hold up to increased pressures.

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