High Tower Armory’s HiPoint Carbine Bullpup Stock Teaser

High Tower Armory is known for making bullpup stock kits for the 10-22. They make a P90 styled kit to drop in a 10-22 barrels action and making it into a bullpup.

Well now they are working on a bullpup kit for the HiPoint Carbine. Third stock kit is called the MBS 95. Not exactly a name that rolls off the tongue and not exactly flashy but that does not detract from the appeal of a bullpup HiPoint Carbine.

As posted before by Nathan S., the bullpup kit is a simple drop in design. It will use any magazine for the HiPoint Carbine. They have designed the magwell to be wider to accept double stack magazines however at this time they have not found any magazines that work. So while you will be stuck using single stack extended magazines for now, they are looking into making a double stack magazine of their own design later down the road.

The stock is packed with a lot of features. It has CNC top and bottom picatinny rails. They added MLOK slots to the rear of the stock so you can use MLOK QD sling mounts while also including traditional slots in the back, middle and front of the stock to use a sling. The pistol grip has a knuckle protector that is removable and comes with plugs to cover up the gaps left by the knuckle guard.

They are projecting to have these available by late spring or early summer and will be available in black, OD Green, Desert Tan, and FDE. The price is expected for be around $200-$300. Also, this stock kit will work for any of the Hi Point carbines regardless of caliber


Nicholas C

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  • raz-0

    It costs more than the rifle did when I got mine (actually I won it so it was free, but at the time it was like $180), heck it is almost as expensive as you can snag one for now.

    • nighthawk9983

      You basically double the price of the gun but it looks like something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to admit owning

      • UWOTM8

        Nailed it

  • Zundfolge

    If they’d make this thing so that it used Glock magazines (or some other commonly available double stack) I’d actually buy a Hi Point and build one. As it is, its still a single stack carbine and there’s a ton of other carbines on the market that may cost a little more but are well worth the extra pennies.

    The kind of person that buys a HiPoint carbine because that’s all they can afford isn’t going to buy this stock.

    • Flounder

      A little more? There are only two commercially available 9mm bullpups out there. The JARD which is 900 so… Double the cost and the tavor conversion kit which is… around 2000 which is 4-5 times the cost. So not a little bit more, a mountain more.

      And hi point has adopted the redball magazines (they told people the new carbines would ship with the redball aftermarket magazines from the factory at shot show) so capacity on the carbines is actually 20rds.

      • aka_mythos

        There are also 9mm steyr carbines too.

        • Twilight sparkle

          And the kel Tec sub 2000
          And all of the ar options
          There’s those glock rifle things that look a bit funky
          Taurus might still have the ct9 out there

          Honestly I could probably keep going if I gave it a little more thought. Not sure where that person got the idea that there’s only 2 9mm carbines

          • Zundfolge

            Bullpups. He said there are only two bullpups, not carbines.

          • Twilight sparkle

            Wow… I need to sleep more…

          • Zachary marrs

            The hi point isn’t a bullpup either.

            There is only 1 pistol caliber rifle that comes from the factory as a bullpup

          • Zundfolge

            We’re talking about the Hi Point WITH the High Tower Armory bullpup stock … that’s kinda the point of this entire article and discussion.

            And there are at least 3 9mm rifles that come from the factory as a bullpup.
            the JARD J67, The IWI Tavor and the Steyr AUG.

          • Zachary marrs

            Considering that you can’t get a high tower stock…

            The fact stands, if you want a bullpup PCC, a hi point is still on the same level as a sub2k. Or a 9mm ar

      • Zundfolge

        Didn’t know about the Redball mags … I wonder how well they work (they look awkward but if looks stupid but it works, its not stupid.

        • Cal S.

          Videos look promising. Wish they made a 15-rounder…

    • Cal S.

      If you’d watch the video, they explain why. The receiver isn’t compatible with existing double-stacks, like that Yugo AK sporter that only accepts singles. They’d have two options 1) give instructions on how to mill out the receiver (voids that lovely warranty), or 2) design a double-stack that necks down to a single-stack into the receiver. I’m betting on option 2.

      • Zundfolge

        Yeah, like an HK P7 M10 or M13 magazine. I could swear there was an older subgun that also used a double-stack-necked-down-to-single magazine.

      • Zachary marrs

        The trigger bar is what keeps the hipoint from taking double stack mags

        • Cal S.

          Oh, is it? Well, that’s just begging for an aftermarket solution…

          • Zachary marrs

            I was wrong. You aint getting a double stack mag in there.

            Still, hi points had over 10 years to fix this https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5f47026c79f87786b520ac0db1fecc0c8dd5b0d905046f8170628c7b52a9f7e4.jpg

          • Cal S.

            Yeah…I’m gonna say not, lol.

            Well, they’ve at least not nullified their warranty for the Red Ball mags. I wish that company made a 15-rounder…

          • Machinegunnertim

            Someone used to provide a service where they would mill these out for Glock mags and rig the catch to work as well. They also did the Ruger PC guns.

    • ozzallos .

      Even at $400 (2 bills for the Hipoint, 2 for the stock) it’s still better value than the competition. Sub2Ks theoretically cost $300, but real market value is double MSRP when you can find it. Taurus has already discontinued their CT line, probably because it was the same rifle as a Hipoint at double the cost. From there, you only go up in price. A berretta CX4 will run you nearly $700 (bud’s pricing) and a MechTec conversion a bit more depending on how much you bought your base pistol for.

      Oh, and *none* of these are bullpups.

  • Dukeblue91

    I paid a $100 for my Hi point carbine.
    I bought it used but still.

    • DanGoodShot

      Now go throw that thang in a tree-hunred dolla peice o’ plastic holmes. Reall smooth…

      • nighthawk9983

        estimated MSRP =/= street value

      • nighthawk9983

        Also the PS90 stock for the 10/22 is pretty much the same thing, except y waste time on rimfire anything.

      • iksnilol

        So? Is it better to spend 300 on a 1000 dollar gun?

        • DanGoodShot

          Imho yup. Much. Its like putting 24kt gold leaf trim in a yugo. But hey, to each their own… and I can still laugh at em’! Just like peeps can laugh at what I do. Its all okay.

          • iksnilol

            It is cheapskates like you who put a crappy optic on a gun because the gun wasn’t expensive then they proceed to whine about the gun being bad.

            I have no respect for your ilk.

          • DanGoodShot

            ?? I’m so confused! I wouldn’t even own a crappy optic. Your crazy.

  • 50Rounds

    So what again does it make better than a PS90…?

    • noob

      ammo price?

      • 50Rounds

        How about just making it in 9mm?

        • Cymond

          Because then it’s not a PS90.
          Seriously, it would probably take a lot of work to make the 90 degree turning magazine work reliably in 9mm.
          Plus, the rounds are fatter, so capacity would be lower.

  • bobby_b

    They’re going to sell a ton of these things.

    I know several guys who bought the Hi-Point back when for small money as a first gun, then they learned more about guns and made more money and the Hi-Point got put away for better toys.

    Now they’ve seen this coming out and they’re looking at finally being able to do something with a gun they’ve been sitting on for years.

  • TheMaskedMan

    The LOP looks like it’s measured in miles.

    • thedonn007

      You sure are right about that. It needs an adjustable stock, like that electronic trigger bullpup that uses 10/22 mags.

    • Bradley

      The lop concept is completely different on a bullpup. I always find myself comparing it to a pistol with a shoulder stock.

  • Xtorin O’hern

    why for a highpoint, why not something with higher cap mags?

    • nighthawk9983

      Like what lol, an MP5? No one would ever do that. Sig MPX or CZ Scorpion? What’s the point when they have a pistol version

  • DanGoodShot

    You can polish a turd but…
    So whats up with all the Hi Point love lately TFB?? It’s starting to feel like Hi Point-ageddon here.

    • Shankbone

      Don’t worry, we will all get back to fun topics like external ballistics in the flavor of all things 6.5mm, drop-in triggers, and the latest innovations rails and suppressors seemingly milled from laminated bank notes.

    • Tinkerer

      When other brands choke and stop, Hi-Points keep chugging along. It’s the Toyota Hilux of firearms.
      The facts that they’re the most affordable, AND have the absolutely best guarantee out there, are very, very nice extras to go along with it’s reliability.

      • DanGoodShot

        If thats really the case than why don’t any agencies, gov or in the private sector use them? I mean if there such a superior reliable firearm at such a cost savings. Look, I don’t and won’t deny that they are a great option for people who just don’t have the money for something better. Or people that just want something that will work when they might need a gun and not interested in spending the money. But to try and put a hi points reliability above the likes of Glock, H&K, Sig, FN, S&W…ect.. is just silly. My main thing is the target audience that is buying a hi point. For the price you’re going to spend on the stock and the Hi-Point, just buy something better to begin with. But I do kind of get it if I equate it to slapping a Ferrari body kit on a Fiero. In that aspect, sure. The car will start, the car will go, the car will stop. Should be dependable as any car. It’ll get you from point A to point B and look cool too. But let’s be honest, you’re not going to get the performance of a Ferrari because you made a Fiero look like one.
        Besides, my 1st post was just a goof anyway and just my opinion

        • int19h

          Because most agencies aren’t that interested in pistol caliber carbines in general these days. They either want ARs, or if they want 9mm, it’s gonna be full auto.

        • Tinkerer

          Wrong car analogy. It’s not a Fiero -limited usefulness and american car reliability-, it’s a Toyota. When your Ferrari stops it’s own engine to protect it from the dirt road’s dust in the air, the Toyota will just ignore you while it rides towards the homestead with a lumber load on the truck bed.

          • DanGoodShot

            You, you got me! I’m going out to grab me a hi point today! Heck, I’ll grab too! Toss out all my other crap! Hi point! Hi point! Wo ho! Lol.
            You leave my car analogy alone. It mine. U can’t use it! it is my literreryerer jean-ee-yus!

          • Tinkerer

            Let this be a lesson to you. Now, farewell, my planet needs me.

        • Tinkerer

          You’re not gonna get the performance of a Ferrari even from a Ferrari, cause you’re still driving at 55 mph, and you’re still not Michael Schumacher. So why bother with the Ferrari?

          • DanGoodShot

            Because. ‘MERICA! Thats why.

        • nannana

          Government is almost as much about looks as it is competence. Government agents carrying a Highpoint around would make the less perceptive to assume the government is ugly and low powered like the ugly and low mag capacity Highpoint, fermenting resentment and starting a civil war that will tear the U.S apart, this war would no doubt become known as the Highpoint Civil War.
          – but seriously main reason is weight, concealability, magazine capacity, slide requires too much strength to rack, all these are serious problems with the Highpoint for wide appointment by small women. (increasingly making up more of the civil and security apparatus of the state)

  • ozzallos .

    My motherfin’ heroes.

  • Blake

    You know who really screwed the pooch in pistol caliber carbines?

    Chiappa (a.k.a. Citadel).

    They make a decent-looking M1 carbine lookalike (I won’t go so far as to call it a reproduction) in 9mm Parabellum, for reasonable money. Looks great on paper.

    Unfortunately, it is a poorly-made unreliable hunk of junk:

    (one could say bordering on dangerous)

    Folks have even gone so far as fixing the worst flaws & changing parts, & sending Chiappa a list of all that needs to be done in order to make it safe & reliable, but apparently the current production units (at least as of about a year ago when I last gave a toss about it) are still junk.

    • Bucho4Prez

      Boo, thats a shame. Seems like a great idea if done correctly.

    • int19h

      Yup, I’ve been pulling my hair over this as well. I really want a 9mm carbine that has a classic stock, and basically looks like Ruger PC9 or Marlin Camp 9. This was supposed to be just that, but… :/

  • Gary Kirk

    Few hundred dollar optic, on a few hundred dollar stock.. On a hundred dollar firearm.. Yyyyeep.. This is what firearms innovation has come to..

    • marathag

      Look what folks do with Mosins now

    • iksnilol

      Expensive optic on cheap gun is much better than the opposite.

      • Cal S.

        Listen to the man!

    • Cal S.

      No, they’re a company that targets the market that wants high-price looks at low-price costs. They’re a company that shows the world that you can, in fact, have nice things.

  • Audie Bakerson

    I’m sure some movie armorer will make great props for extras in a sci-fi movie out of these.

  • PistolPete037

    This is the gun equivalent of putting a Ferrari body kit on a Pontiac Fiero.

    That being said, if I have a few hundred dollarydoos burning a hole in my pocket I might get one.

    • Edeco

      … I’d say Lotus Seven body filled with Ford Pinto guts, since it may handle better and since maligned tho they be, the donor machine ain’t that bad.

  • UWOTM8

    Say what you want about Hi-Point carbines being cheap or ugly (they are) but I’ve never met somebody who didn’t like actually shooting them. If this chassis is worth a damn and has any decent mags, I’d get one just to make the bullpup and cure my Pistol Caliber Carbine itch.

    • nighthawk9983

      Agreed, unlike the pistols the rifles have always been highly rated, just uglier than a 10 cent hooker. This bullpup conversion will make them great, especially in a .45. I hope they make a glock or grease gun mag conversion for .45 and Uzi mags for 9mm

  • Cal S.

    Well, I always wanted a bullpup. I signed up for the newsletter to reserve my place on the waiting list & set aside some of my tax return for it!

  • This looks better than the original.

  • Irfan Zain
  • gunsandrockets

    What is the hottest round the .45 caliber Hi-Point carbine can handle? +P? .45 Super? That might make for an interesting combo with this bullpup stock.

    If I already owned a Hi-Point carbine, I certainly would give this bullpup kit a chance. Reducing the overall length, and the change of center of gravity seems very useful to me.

    • iksnilol

      They (Iraqveteran8888) also converted the .40 to 10mm auto.

      • gunsandrockets

        No kidding? Post link please!

  • El Duderino

    Awesome! I can’t wait to shoot 8 9mms and then shove another single stack into my armpit.

    • Tinkerer

      …shove single stacks into your armpit-

      Maaan, that’s one kinky fetish you got there!

  • Mitchell Lubline

    How about the housing covering more of the barrel since the long thin barrel kind of diminishes the look. I do believe the demand for double stack is out their so hopefully they make them available.

  • Stephen Paraski

    Those Polish RAK kits have a double stack that tapers to a single feed, but they are 9mm MAK and straight. I think getting the Korean Glock mags to fit is going to be way to go.

    • Zachary marrs

      Almost all handguns that use double stack mags taper into a single column.

  • Ryobiwankenobi

    Is there any chance to make this thing work with 1911 single stack mags since double stack isn’t in the foreseeable future. You have a lot more mag coices than what we get from Highpoint right now.


    Recently quit my job and have a 995 with original and ATI stock, four mags, and less than 100 rounds through it.

    Tempted to list on ARMSLIST or something. Never sold a gun online, but hey, I rarely shoot it and my 5″ Charter Arms 9mm 6rd Pitbull. (They’re impossible to find now!)


  • ppanna

    I got great slogan for Highpoint.
    Highpoint – Too American

  • Cymond

    Curious thought: which is worse, a f*ck-you tax or the NFA tax?