FAB Defense +4 Glock 43 Magazine Extension

FAB Defense has introduced a Glock 43 magazine extension called 43-10. It adds 4 rounds to the standard G43 magazine capacity thus making it a 10 rounder. As with many other magazine extensions for subcompact pistols, this one also forms a full grip.

The internal design is pretty interesting. The 43-10 extension has a set of two coil springs built into it. This system allows installing the extension using the existing magazine spring. So those two coil springs support (in terms of length and strength) the original magazine spring making it able to reliably feed the ten rounds.

The 43-10 is a two-piece design, so in order to install it, you need to unscrew two Allen screws and disassemble the extension. Then disassemble the G43 magazine and remove the magazine floorplate and insert. And the last step is to clamp the two pieces of the extension on the magazine and reinstall the two Allen screws.

Although the Glock 43 loses its compactness with this 43-10 extension, the advantage is obviously to have a spare magazine with this extension installed. The larger magazine would be no problem to carry separately and to conceal effectively. So you can carry the small gun and have a larger capacity magazine for a reload. It also doesn’t interfere with the holster. So you can use the same holster with the extended magazine in the gun.

Here are a couple of videos about the 43-10 and its installation process:

Right now the 43-10 extension is available only in black color, but more color options will be offered later. The price on Zahal.org is $21.99.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • Edeco

    Looks like base-model car interior – I like it.

  • billyoblivion


    The whole stinkin POINT of a G43 is to hide the stinkin thing. If you want 10 rounds on board you’re better off (if you can get a grip on it) going to the G26.

    When you do this you make it significantly harder to work in the niche it was designed for, without fixing all the inadequacies that make it work in the next niche.

    • Zundfolge

      You carry with the regular mag and you keep a +4 mag as a spare.

      • billyoblivion

        Rather carry two of the 6 rounders as spares–they hide better.

        • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

          Well Id say that if your environment calls for more than 0 rounds you need to get a new environment.

          Of course one should always carry the most effective gun one can conceal to a satisfactory degree. One should then carry as much ammo for that gun in the largest magazines as is reasonable in their situation. If the most effective gun you can conceal in your circumstances is a G43 then carry a G43. If you can get away with carrying a 10 rounder on top of that then absolutely (assuming that this mag proves to be reliable). I cant ever recall someone saying that they wish their gun held less ammo.

          Specifically on the G43 though I would have a hard time justifying carrying one to myself. The G43 is 1.02″ wide and the G26 is 1.18″ wide with other dimensions being more or less the same. Thats not a large difference for an extra 4 rounds.

          • h311r47

            I always thought this, too. Plus, the 26 will take my 17 mags. I like to limit the number of different magazines I have to buy.

          • Disarmed in CA

            Ditto, and since a used G43 costs more than a new gen 3 G26 (CA), that .16″ disappears into your wallet nice and easy.

          • Tom

            I only resort to the G43 when attire mandates a lighter, thinner pistol. Otherwise I stick with my usual hi-cap arrangement and inconspicuous drones hovering conveniently nearby… :)))

    • John

      To be fair, a Glock 19 isn’t that big either. I wondered who the market was for this thing.

      • billyoblivion

        I have a G19, a G26 and a G43. I also have an LCP.

        The G19 is concealable, but it prints more. The 26 prints a little less, and the 43 almost (almost) disappears. Not standing in front of the selfie mirror, but when moving around.

        Meaning you have, to a degree, to dress around them.

        The LCP is like a fooking GHOST. It disappears. It’s what I carry when I’m not supposed to carry.

        • h311r47

          Seconded on the LCP. It ain’t pretty, but it’s concealable as they come and works every time.

          • billyoblivion

            You miss my point–they are *all* good guns in their niche, and to a degree their niches overlap. I can successfully conceal a G19 and wear it all day, but it’s concealed, not invisible. If I were expecting trouble…well, if I were expecting trouble I’d have a skateboard bag with a folded up Sig556 in it with 180 rounds of .223 AND my G19, and my G26. Or I won’t go.

            But if I’m going somewhere were trouble isn’t expected, but if it happens it’s going to be a greater magnitude I’m going with a gun that has a longer sight radius, a grip that affords more control, and goes bang bang longer between fill-ups.

            Then again, when I’m in a place where I am not supposed to carry, I need to be *completely* covert. Then the LCP comes in. Or if I’m walking the dog and don’t feel like putting on a belt.

          • h311r47

            I don’t think I missed your point, and I agree with your assertion that they all have their place. I prefer larger pistols, but, as you point out, different manners of dress result in variable ability to conceal and often dictate a more concealable firearm be carried. My “seconded” comment was simply me agreeing with your point that the LCP tends to disappear when carried, as well as adding my own opinion that it’s a reliable, yet ugly handgun.

        • LGonDISQUS

          Ditto for my p3at!

  • Bernardo Costa

    I usually appreciate weird gimmicks, but this one didn’t really catch my eye. The idea of a few more rounds decent enough, no doubt, yet I’d rather just go with a G26 (or even a G19 if you manage to conceal it well enough) instead for that kind of matter. Well, either that or fiddling with the follower and replacing the spring to perhaps fit one or a couple rounds more, despite the controversy.

  • Sabrina Higgs

    I agree the point of CCW is a “FU” I’m not a victim today. I’m always aware if my situation the environment I am going to be in, I don’t wear “tactical” clothes ( 5.11 pants and vest) that scream shoot me first in active shooter killing zone, a game my husband and I play when we go out who can spot the CCW carriers. I don’t even carry spare mag, all you “call of duty” hater gonna hate and spew nonsense whose only experience is in a fantasy video game. carry responsibly, be aware and blend in.

  • Wang Chung Tonight
  • AZgunner

    If you need the extra rounds and are willing to go up in size like this forces you to, just get a larger pistol. I carry a G26, when I’m at home it gets a G17 mag thrown in it. I don’t particularly feel like getting the smallest pistol and then making it the same size as the next small pistol while carrying. If you’ll only feel safe with 10 rounds you should buy a pistol that carries ten rounds.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      The idea is that you carry it with a 6 and reload with a 10. Its not any harder to carry a longer spare magazine.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Does nobody read articles anymore? It explicitly states this only makes sense (and probably was only intended by the manufacturer) as a spare magazine yet everyone wants to come here to the comments section and show their immense wisdom saying “you should just carry a G26 if you want 10 rounds in your gun.”

    And when carried properly in a magazine carrier this is no harder to carry or conceal than a 6 rounder; and its easier to insert into the gun when you go to reload.


    I would rather have a longer slide/barrel on my 42/43 than that extendo-clip grip.

  • DwnRange

    If mag mods are in my future for the G43 believe I’ll stick with the simpler, reliable Taran Tactical “aluminum” option, which comes in +1, +2 & +3 versions rather than this more complicated option above. Less to go wrong.