FAB Defense +4 Glock 43 Magazine Extension

    FAB Defense has introduced a Glock 43 magazine extension called 43-10. It adds 4 rounds to the standard G43 magazine capacity thus making it a 10 rounder. As with many other magazine extensions for subcompact pistols, this one also forms a full grip.

    The internal design is pretty interesting. The 43-10 extension has a set of two coil springs built into it. This system allows installing the extension using the existing magazine spring. So those two coil springs support (in terms of length and strength) the original magazine spring making it able to reliably feed the ten rounds.

    The 43-10 is a two-piece design, so in order to install it, you need to unscrew two Allen screws and disassemble the extension. Then disassemble the G43 magazine and remove the magazine floorplate and insert. And the last step is to clamp the two pieces of the extension on the magazine and reinstall the two Allen screws.

    Although the Glock 43 loses its compactness with this 43-10 extension, the advantage is obviously to have a spare magazine with this extension installed. The larger magazine would be no problem to carry separately and to conceal effectively. So you can carry the small gun and have a larger capacity magazine for a reload. It also doesn’t interfere with the holster. So you can use the same holster with the extended magazine in the gun.

    Here are a couple of videos about the 43-10 and its installation process:

    Right now the 43-10 extension is available only in black color, but more color options will be offered later. The price on Zahal.org is $21.99.

    Hrachya H

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