North American Arms .22 LR Revolver

The North American Arms Revolver is a modern classic that never fails to put a smile on the face of both new and old shooters. This episode of TFB TV, Patrick takes his NAA (or North American Arms) revolver out to the range for some fun. Chambered in .22 long rifle and holds only 5 shots in its removable cylinder, the NAA single action revolver is a perfect range toy, but not the most optimal carry gun.

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  • TVOrZ6dw

    I have both the LR and Magnum versions. Very fun pistols for sure. The build quality is very good as well. The LR one will literally fit in the watch pocket of my jeans.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    My dad carries his around in a sunglasses case.
    Sits it on the table in restaurants.

    • ozzallos .

      Makes me wonder what other firearms fit inside the standard eyeglass case… Or fold down glasses case in autos. Either way, great idea.

    • VanDiemensLand

      Is the IUD in your name for “inter-uterine device”? Always wondered.

      • TheNotoriousIUD


  • int19h

    This is one of those things that everyone must have just because. It’s really more of a toy, but it’s a very well made toy that’s a pleasure to play with, so…

    • Alan

      Because of its size, you should really be a better than average shootist before carrying one.

      Fingers in front of (and hopefully below) the barrel when you operate the cylinder pin; lowering the hammer into the lock channel with the trigger pulled, peering at the rear of the cylinder to ensure that there is no cartridge aligned with the bore axis, and rocking the cylinder to ensure that the hammer is holding the cylinder.

      Not really a toy; possible one of the more detailed manual of arms to learn and practice for safe carry and use.

  • Just say’n

    I’ve got the Freedom Arms predecessor that mounts to a belt buckle. Fun to own. Pain to shoot. Way too small for my big meaty hands I guess. Open Carry conversation piece….

  • Disarmed in CA

    For fighting your way back to your… 10/22?

    • ozzallos .

      Dont discount a 10/22 with a 25 round mag pointed at your face 😉

      • Disarmed in CA

        CA is even afraid of ‘large capacity’ rimfire mags, alas..

      • clampdown

        Especially if it’s loaded with Velocitors!

        I’ve got some Winchester SuperX .40grn HPs that similarly do 1400+, but I can’t get ’em to feed well in my Bx-25s. I think it’s simply because I haven’t shot them enough and the springs are stiff. Used another guy’s mags at the range and they worked great. You can even, if ever so slightly, feel the “extra” recoil.

  • Anonymoose

    Some of the bigger offerings seem like they’d be more fun for the range.

  • Matt

    My 22 mag goes with me everywhere i go

  • Pete Sheppard

    Wasn’t there a model called the Black Widow with a much larger grip that folded over the trigger for carry?

  • codfilet

    I have one just like this. It’s the perfect concealed carry when you are just in shorts and a T-shirt. It’s in your pocket, not noticeable at all, no heavier than your keys. Maybe it’s not the most ideal carry piece, but it just might save your life.

    • Out of the Fray

      My Vegas 115 in the shade summer CCW gun…….Shorts and a T shirt…You ‘re absolutely correct….

    • RocketScientist

      I call mine my “beach gun”. Can toss in my bathing suit pocket, and it wont tug them down. And its stainless, so if it gets a little salt on it, meh. NBD.

  • PersonCommenting

    Man I just cant imagine using a single action only revolver in a concealed carry situation in any configuration let alone in that small of a form factor.

    • codfilet

      “form factor”? is that the same as “size”?

      • Keiichi

        Sort of… size usually implies dimensions (ie. length, width, height) only, while form factor includes other aspects like weight and shape.

        It does certainly depend on how familiar you are with the parlance being used… interpreting form factor as size isn’t necessarily wrong.

      • PersonCommenting

        And what did your comment accomplish besides making you look like a douche? Seriously where did it get you or anyone else?

        • Keiichi

          Settle down. The question seems genuine to me.

          • PersonCommenting

            Well I apologize if it is legitimately a question. I just get tired of the internet nuts that would never talk like that in person like they do online.

          • Marc

            Like the people that cut you off in their cars. They would get punched in the back of the head if they do that to people standing in line.

        • codfilet

          Well, it’s because I think it is a silly, overused term in gun forums.

          • PersonCommenting

            Cool man…

          • Keiichi

            In that case, no, they’re separate things in many cases.

    • RocketScientist

      Its great when the options are “no gun” or “NAA revolver”. For me that includes at the beach (can toss this in my pocket without tugging down my suit, and its stainless so salt is NBD), when im running (with long distance, even a tiny snubby or LCP-sized will chafe terribly, and the weight will give me cramps/stitches no matter how I carry them).

      Its mostly a fun gun, but there are a few situations where its literally the only gun I could carry. So i do.

  • Cymond

    I’d like to get one of the long barreled versions, but am divided between the Mini Master and the Earl. Also, it’s a really low priority.

  • Blake

    If you’re firing your weapon in a CCW situation it’s because you’re being threatened with deadly force, so you’d better be able to respond with deadly force. While these rimfire “get-off-me-guns” are better than no gun at all, personally I’d rather have a similarly-sized two-shot 9mm e.g.

    Ever since .327 Federal Magnum came out I’ve wanted to see NAA make one of these tiny little pocket revolvers in that caliber. Even if it only were to hold 4 shots it’s still about the most firepower available in something that small (e.g. more compact than a 4-shot Derringer).

    BTW thanks to research by the good folks at BBTI, we know that for barrels under 3″ there is no useful difference between 22LR & 22WMR:
    It makes sense if you think about it: they both use pretty much the same powders & have about the same max case pressure (22WMR is only about 5% higher), so the main thing that makes the 22WMR faster is more burn time for the extra powder, which is simply not there in a <3" bbl.

    So save some sheckels & ounces & get the smaller, single-caliber 22LR pocket-guns; the magnum minis just make more muzzle flash & bang as the extra powder is burning up after the bullet has left the barrel.

    • gunsandrockets

      I like the idea of the two shot derringers, but the ones I’ve handled have terrible trigger pulls. Which is too bad because one of the tiny ones chambered in .32 ACP would be wonderful in theory.

      With a 1 inch barrel NAA revolver, or a tiny 2.4 inch derringer barrel, yes .22 magnum is wasted compared to .22 LR. And if the cylinder gap isn’t very good even a long barreled revolver gains little from the .22 magnum. But more modern .22 magnum loads designed for handguns seem to work decently well in quality revolvers with barrel lengths of at least 1.8 inches.

      I would like to see NAA make a five shot .32 ACP scaled up version of their micro revolver, with a folding grip and two inch barrel.

      • Vizzini

        With a 1 inch barrel NAA revolver, or a tiny 2.4 inch derringer barrel, yes .22 magnum is wasted compared to .22 LR.

        NAA’s ballistics charts say no, it isn’t.

        • clampdown

          The Hornady Critical Defense load is designed to deliver maximum performance in a barrel as short as 2 inches, IIRC. I only ever shot it out of a bolt-action…and at 100 yards on a fox…disgusting.

  • scaatylobo

    Next,try real hard to shoot at the distances it was made for and NOT 7 yards.
    I have owned one for well over 30 years [ same one ] and it is still able to hit what I AIM it at = when I do my part.
    Its is the third or BUG to a primary and one that is actually carried IN HAND when in the places you walk with care.

  • Aero PA

    Upgrade to the 22 mag. Makes a nice small carry.

  • Darhar M.

    I carry my .22mag PUG on my person 90% of the time I go out
    along with my Shield 9mm.

    It fits nicely inside a small nylon IWB holster.
    Great shooter as well.

  • Ryobiwankenobi

    I got a great deal on the 22mag version from a friend. (Somebody at a gun store sold this to my friend who had never fired a gun before.) It can go anywhere I go in any clothing that I would wear outside my house and it is capable of backing up my S&W 19 AND my Benchmade folding knife. It rotates to full vertical after you fire a shot and its almost as loud as a Glock 43 with 85gr DRT loads. My wife shot it once and said never again. With a cylinder full of Hornady Critical Defense rounds it enables me to always have a gun. This well made stainless revolver is capable of minute-of-chest-cavity accuracy at 7 yards and if the 45grHP doesn’t stop an attacker the fire on their clothes from the muzzle blast will!

    • clampdown

      Like I said above, those Critical Defense .22WMRs are nasty rounds. I wish Hornady could figure out how to take that 45 grain bullet, put it on a .22LR case and get the same performance out of a rifle barrel that the magnum load delivers out of a revolver. That would surely make us rethink the idea of a hi-cap .22lr carbine for home defense.

  • gunsandrockets

    Damn! That’s a hell of a story. Still, this bit jumped out to me, “…As I pointed my revolver and fired at him, the revolver blew up in my hand and I had no choice but to take him on bare handed.”

    Even so, the shots he got off before the kaboom were impressive. He followed the first rule of a gunfight: have a gun.

    • Dougscamo

      I read on down into the thread and it was suggested that one of the rounds fired at him may have hit the pistol….don’t know the definitive reason for the kaboom….but you’re right…

  • gunsandrockets

    I’ve been tempted to mail order the .22 cap and ball version of the NAA revolver. The method of firing .22 airgun pellets propelled by just the percussion caps is a fun idea.

  • retfed

    I like the between-the-chambers notches, like the old cap-and-ball Remington had, so you could carry it fully loaded. If Colt had ever thought of that, maybe the SAA wouldn’t really be a five-shooter.
    I don’t get the “this is great for hot weather” thing, though. I’ve lived in 100-degree places (humid, too), and I never had a problem pocket-carrying a .38 Special J-frame.
    This looks like a fun toy, and I wouldn’t mind owning one, but I’d have to be pretty hard up to use it in self-defense. (I like the idea of shooting .22 pellets with percussion caps, though. Just because.

    • RocketScientist

      Pocket carrying a snubby .38 is great… so long as you’re wearing a belt. Wearing anything with an elastic/drawstring waist (ie bathing suit, athletic shorts, casuawear, running shorts, etc) and they will be around your ankles in moments. I call my NAA my beach gun. Can toss in a pocket and wont pull the suit down. And its stainless, so a little salt wont hurt it.

      • retfed

        You’re probably right there. I always wear a belt, so the J-frame works for me. I don’t go out in public wearing athletic/running shorts (it excites too many women. Or maybe it scares too many children.).

  • Matt Shermer

    Have the .22 Mag, it’s my boot gun no matter what else I’m carrying, and something I throw in my pocket when I can’t carry anything else, I absolutely recommend it to anyone that asks at the range.

  • Wang Chung Tonight

    I had one of these folders in .22 mag with a trit big dot sight (some special run). I shot it quit a bit to get some sort of proficiency. Yea that never came to fruition. I shot a brick of that CCI gator assassin swamp people 22 magnum. All of the alligators would have survived, if I shot at them with this crazy revolver. The big dot did not help in the least with no rear sight notches.

  • Jason Lewis

    Retarded toy.

  • dltaylor51

    I have several NAA mini guns and two freedom arms derringers with the belt buckles and have never felt under gunned during everyday casual carry,now I certainly would not want to get into an extended duration fire fight with one of these little guys.I only carry a handgun so as to buy me enough time to retreat back to my truck where I keep an AR and a Mossberg 500 chainsaw and then the shoot out can last for as long as the bad guys have the stomach for it.The mini guns do have there place in life and yes if you practice shooting them they are more accurate than you think.

  • Flyingchipmunk

    I’ve shot one, and I’d say it’s basically a toy, albeit a dangerous one. Very hard to hold properly, I could only get a one finger grip. The hammer and trigger are hard to reach and sights are too small.

    On the other hand, you can hide it anywhere.