Galloway Precision – Red Dot All The Things | SHOT 2017

I came across Eric’s work when I discovered he melts a red dot onto a Sig P938 slide.

So I caught up with Eric at Shot Show 2017. Eric’s favorite micro red dot sight is the JPoint. I have one on my S&W M&P9 but never saw its potential until I saw what Eric does with them. As seen above, he was able to mount one onto a Sig P938 and with the addition of tall suppressor sights everything co-witnesses.

Below is his latest work on a S&W Shield. If you notice, he was able to get the JPoint low enough to co-witness the factory sights.

I asked him if he has ever tried a SCCY CPX pistol and actually he is in talks with SCCY. I should check back with him in a couple weeks.

If you are interested in having a micro red dot on your EDC CCW, check them out at

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Ty

    Part of me thinks this is the most pointless thing I’ve ever seen. Why would you put a red dot on a sub compact? Who’s going to the buy this?

    Thennnnnn part of me digs it, wants to thank the company for continuing to push the envelope a tiny bit and I want it

    • TechnoTriticale

      re: Why would you put a red dot on a sub compact?

      If usable sights make sense on a subby, then an option for RD makes sense too, depending on carry mode and expected scenarios. Probably not suitable for pocket carry.

      re: Who’s going to buy this?

      Someone over 42½, whose aging eyes can’t rapidly focus on both sights and the target at the same time.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Someone over 42½, whose aging eyes can’t rapidly focus on both sights and the target at the same time.

        You rang?
        Getting old sucks.

    • Phillip Cooper

      I agree on the first part. I’d rather have a laser guiderod or similar, so I can use common holsters and not make the form factor larger.

      • Marcus D.

        I’d rather have a laser guided missile, but I can’t find a holster for it.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Having a laser sight is a bit more surgical. Also, concealable.

    • RSG

      Because on a daily basis, more Americans put their hands on and use subcompacts than any other sized pistol.

    • SpartacusKhan

      An RDS solves the issue of a very short sight radius on a sub-compact.

  • Edeco

    Ok, now put one on a Kel Tec P32 plz.

    • Sunshine_Shooter


  • Joe

    G42 please.
    Better yet, can someone develop a single stack 9mm/380 dot sight?


    I’ve had purchases with GP in 2013 and 2015. Good products, very small company, and they seem to keep their availability for contacting them very very sparse – IIRC, email only. (One item I bought had a paper with a phone number sharpied out.

    I had a product from them with a hole drilled off-center, and it took ages to find a method in which I was able to have a two way coversation with them about it, and skepticism/shade was thrown at me in heavy doses. Problem was solved, but I did not feel as if their customer service went any further than this generalized expression of how it went:

    “You’re emailing me. Whadya want?…”
    “Our products aren’t bad, you’re installing it wrong.”
    “Fine. Send it back, but we’re taking a 20% restocking fee.”

    Very small “cottage industry” biz with good products. I don’t want to scare anyone away from buying their goods, just know I did not feel satisfied or trusted as a customer with an issue, and contact response times can sometimes take AGES!

    (Shipping costs can be ridiculous too, but eh… C’est la vie.)

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I wonder if they will be doing any work with the Shield RMS? I really like the idea of turing my Glock 43 into a 100 yard gun!

  • Captain Obvious

    “he was able to get the JPoint low enough to co-witness the factory sights.” They may co-witness THOSE iron sights but I doubt those are factory sights.

    • Ira

      The Shield slide in every other photo has factory sights, that’s what they are talking about.

    • Blake

      You’re missing the entire point of that sentence. Normally when adding an RDS you have to replace your irons with suppressor height irons. Being able to Keep normal height iron sights (which is what he meant) is a huge bonus; less bore over height and a more natural aim.

      • Captain Obvious

        You’re tell e those are regular factory height sights? I don’t think so.

        • Blake

          Uh yeah, absolutely. They look identical to the stock sights, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are; I doubt anyone is making aftermarket sights that look exactly like the stock ones with that scalloped curve in the back. If they were suppressor height sights they would be way taller than that, have you ever seen suppressor sights? They’re way taller than that, regardless of the gun they’re made for:

      • iksnilol

        Eh, tall sights allow for more relaxed and natural aiming.

        Look at the Margolin MCM to see what I mean.

    • Dave

      They are indeed stock M&P factory sights.

    • Brandyn Langston

      Yes they are factory sights. We don’t make suppressor height sights for the Shield.

      Brandyn Langston
      Lead Gunsmith
      Galloway Precision

  • Keiichi


  • Blake

    I never realized just how important having cowitnessing iron sights were for an RDS-equipped pistol until very recently. Before I melted my slide I bought a Strike Industries Glock mounting plate in order to test if I liked an RDS on my G19 and tried mounting my RDS that way (Vortex Venom), and even with the faux irons painted onto the back I found that my first shot time was quite a bit slower than with standard iron sights. I thought it was just the fact that it was placed so high (I went with the Venom because it had faux iron sights, I didn’t want irons getting in my view), and decided to go with a melt anyways. It wasn’t until I went with a Vortex Viper (for it’s lower mounted height) and suppressor height irons that I realized the key to a quick first shot is the iron sights. Your eyes are naturally drawn to the irons and it makes lining up the barrel way faster, and you don’t end up fishing for the dot like you do without them. I’ll gladly deal with the irons taking up a bit of room in the sight window for that.

    • Sam

      Par-done my ignorance but “melting” a slide is a term I haven’t heard before. Care to explain what that means?

      • Blake

        A slide melt is cutting a seat for a red dot optic into a slide. They call it that because it kind of looks like the red dot got really hot and melted into the top of the slide. It’s how most optics are mounted to slides now, with the exception of a few kits that use the rear dovetail to sit on top of the slide.

  • RSG

    The limitation is the width of these red dots when trying to put them on pistols thinner than 1 inch because of the overhang. Would love to put one on my G43.

  • Joe Gamer

    Is there a difference between having a slide “melted” for an optic or “cut” for an optic?

    • Tom of Toms

      Only difference is the age of the guy selling/doing the work.

  • Carl Mumpower

    Eric is a class act – faith driven and walks his talk. Thanks for recognizing his talent.