Galloway Precision – Red Dot All The Things | SHOT 2017

    I came across Eric’s work when I discovered he melts a red dot onto a Sig P938 slide.

    So I caught up with Eric at Shot Show 2017. Eric’s favorite micro red dot sight is the JPoint. I have one on my S&W M&P9 but never saw its potential until I saw what Eric does with them. As seen above, he was able to mount one onto a Sig P938 and with the addition of tall suppressor sights everything co-witnesses.

    Below is his latest work on a S&W Shield. If you notice, he was able to get the JPoint low enough to co-witness the factory sights.

    I asked him if he has ever tried a SCCY CPX pistol and actually he is in talks with SCCY. I should check back with him in a couple weeks.

    If you are interested in having a micro red dot on your EDC CCW, check them out at

    Nicholas C

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