SERBU Firearms | SHOT 2017

Patrick and the TFBTV team covered the Serbu gang at SHOT, but I wanted to stop by and see the GB-22 for myself. As previously explained, the “GB” in GB-22 stands for Gun Buyback – this is Serbu’s attempt to flood useless gun turn-in programs that some cities and towns have spun up in an attempt to reduce crime. As we have seen time and time again, the result is that mostly garbage firearms or rare collectors pieces are turned over, both of which are indiscriminately melted down.

The GB-22 comes in two versions. The first fires with a simple action that launches the slide (and firing pin) toward the chamber. As clunky as the process sounds, the trigger pull is actually fairly smooth.

The second version of the GB operates on a more traditional operation: close the slide on a round in the chamber and a squeeze of the trigger, sending a hammer towards the firing pin. Again, even though I wouldn’t label it “match”, the trigger itself was no slouch.


I also finally had the chance to check out the RN-50 in person. Although it’s a beast, the elegance is in its simplicity. There is something very medieval about screwing in a heavy breech cap – almost as if you are part of an early artillery team. If I had the land to make it worthwhile, I’d definitely consider picking up one of these single shot monsters.

It was nice to finally meet the Serbu team alongside Royal Nonesuch; a combination of gun rights advocates and unique innovation that has a way of putting a smile on the face of even the most staunch traditionalist.

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  • Robert B. Stanford

    I don’t get it, how would ‘flooding’ a gun buyback program with cheap guns like this make any difference?

    • Anonymoose

      Spend less than $100 on the gun, get $100 from the local PD for it?

      • Robert B. Stanford

        Yeah I suppose, but for this idea to make any impact you would need a lot of people doing this.

        • RSG

          It’s already a thing with buy backs nationwide. Anytime a city holds one, local gun advocacy groups publicize the hell out of it for these purposes. Minneapolis is the most recent example. They offered $250 gift cards and received crazy homemade guns in return. Even a pipe taped to a 2 by 4.

        • AC97

          Or just a few guys bringing in like 10 guns each, homemade or otherwise.

        • valorius

          You can make money on an individual basis at least.

          • Robert B. Stanford

            Yeah, but if you don’t have a CNC machine, it’s gonna take several hours to build one of these yourself. And at that point, I would probably keep the silly little pistol rather than get $100-200 at a buyback.

          • Joshua

            guys have gotten paid for slam fire shotguns made out of two pieces of black pipe and a pipe cap

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      What it does is funnel money directly away from anti-gun donors (and sometimes unwilling taxpayers) and into pro-2A hands.

      • Robert B. Stanford

        But I mean, that’s assuming that the government would actually differentiate between proper guns and these zip-guns when they judge the success of a buyback program. I can imagine them getting hundreds of these things and feeling like the program was a success. Also, the more we flood these buybacks with zip-guns, the more of our taxpayer money they are spending to compensate people for useless crap.

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          We know from actual facts that gun buybacks don’t actually make any kind of impact whatsoever on firearms deaths and/or crime. The government knows this as well but doesn’t care.

          Therefore, we take as much money of theirs as possible. MAYBE then they will actually learn.

          As far as the tax money, 1.) Most gun buybacks AREN’T actually funded by taxes but with donations by anti-gun individuals. I’m totally fine taking their money and 2.) The people wasting this tax money, when they are funded by taxes, are gun owners whose taxes were used to fund the stupid event in the first place. Shouldn’t they get a “government doing stupid unconstitutional crap” rebate? 🙂

          Also maybe eventually we’ll see an end to taxpayer funded anti-gun activities when us 2A folk go in and massively waste their money for them.

    • Joshua

      many programs have a limited number of vouchers or items to give out to “Buyback” the guns that come to them, if they have 100 Nikon cameras as an example, and you bring in 100 pieces of pipe screwed to pieces of 2×4, you have all the cameras and the only thing the police have to offer is a thank you and a smile, and all you the moron giving them their guns all they get is a sense of civic pride, some people will do that, a lot wont: they came there because they wanted the Nikon camera.

    • Cymond

      I think the intent is to transfer funds from anti-gun groups to gun owners. Also, it undermines the anti-gun efforts and discourages future attempts.

  • LH

    Well this takes trolling to a whole new Level..

  • David B

    “a simple action that launches the slide (and firing pin) toward the chamber.” Is that not an open bolt firing system? I thought open bolts were a no no for civilians because the ever wise ATF considered them to easy to convert to full auto, even if they were single shot.

    • Lowe0

      Probably not a concern on a firearm without a magazine.

      • David B

        My thought when writing that was of the Cobray Terminator, which was a single shot 12 gauge open bolt, which I had heard/read was discontinued because of the NFA ruling. However I juse researched it a little deeper and found out that you are correct, single shots without space for a magazine can be open bolt, and just nobody wanted the Cobrays, so they were discontinued due to low sales.

        • Porty1119

          It was discontinued because it was an epicly bad piece of crap, not for NFA reasons. Watch Ian’s FW video on it and you’ll understand.

          • David B

            That’s what the last sentence of that post says. I found out that nobody wanted the cobrays, and that’s why they were discontinued.

        • Cymond

          And from what I understand, some of the Terminator parts were left over from a contract for another shotgun. It was a way of salvaging some value after the contract fell through.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Open bolt and slamfire is fine on a single-shot.

      • David B

        That is what it said in my second post. My first was based on a misconception I picked up a long time ago and found to be false when researching this.

  • PeterK

    Ah the rn-50. I sure hope I have the land to make use of such an awesome thing someday.

  • Dracon1201

    Boy, I’m glad I didn’t stick around for the SU15 vaporware…

  • TheNotoriousIUD
  • John

    So this is the crap he’s doing instead of making the SU-15’s.


  • valorius

    How much does the GB-22 cost? It should be called the GB-22 “Troll.”

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      $12. He’s not selling them, he’s selling the plans. They are $12

      • valorius

        Ah, ok.

  • Bucho4Prez

    It is truly a large tent…

  • Sam Damiano

    The sad thing about the GB-22 is that I’ve seen worse crap sold in stores.

  • commenter1

    At first I thought that pistol was a Heizer.

  • marathag

    Sad they can’t even do an interrupted thread on the 50

  • Cymond

    “this is Serbu’s attempt to flood useless gun turn-in programs that some cities and towns have spun up in an attempt to reduce crime. As we have seen time and time again, the result is that mostly garbage firearms or rare collectors pieces are turned over”

    Part of me really wants a GB-22, preferably with a threaded barrel, but their demo model looks more expensive than a HiPoint.

    Also, I have a few garbage handguns I’d like to be rid of, but these “buy backs” seem to be few & far between nowadays. Even when I lived near San Francisco, the most recent “buy back” was several years earlier.

  • roguetechie

    True heroes both Serbu and Royal Nonesuch… Weaponized Demonetization would’ve Broken Gandhi inside an afternoon …. Serbu and Royal Nonesuch aren’t even breaking a sweat yet…