SERBU Firearms | SHOT 2017

    Patrick and the TFBTV team covered the Serbu gang at SHOT, but I wanted to stop by and see the GB-22 for myself. As previously explained, the “GB” in GB-22 stands for Gun Buyback – this is Serbu’s attempt to flood useless gun turn-in programs that some cities and towns have spun up in an attempt to reduce crime. As we have seen time and time again, the result is that mostly garbage firearms or rare collectors pieces are turned over, both of which are indiscriminately¬†melted down.

    The GB-22 comes in two versions. The first fires with a simple action that launches the slide (and firing pin) toward the chamber. As clunky as the process sounds, the trigger pull is actually fairly smooth.

    The second version of the GB operates on a more traditional operation: close the¬†slide on a round in the chamber and a squeeze of the trigger, sending a hammer towards the firing pin. Again, even though I wouldn’t label it “match”, the trigger itself was no slouch.


    I also finally had the chance to check out the RN-50 in person. Although it’s a beast, the elegance is in its simplicity. There is something very medieval about screwing in a heavy breech cap – almost as if you are part of an early artillery team. If I had the land to make it worthwhile, I’d definitely consider picking up one of these single shot monsters.

    It was nice to finally meet the Serbu team alongside Royal Nonesuch; a combination of gun rights advocates and unique innovation that has a way of putting a smile on the face of even the most staunch traditionalist.

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