C-More Sights M26 Shotgun| SHOT 2017

C-More has traditionally been more known for the companies competition sights than shotguns. But starting with the Master Key program in the 1990s at Picatinny Arsenal to get slide action shotgun mounted to an M4/M16, C-More submitted a bid and won the contract. Currently the Army has over 35,000 M26s in service, specifically by the Army Corps of Engineers, and Military Police and has seen service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The design is magazine fed, with either a three round magazine or an eight round magazine of 12 gauge shells, standard or less lethal. The action is operated by hand, loading, extracting, and ejecting all by a handle on the left side of the action. The Army has the 8 inch barrel variant, while it is completely legal for the other variants to be bought in the United States under a Short Barrel Shotgun (SBS) classification. C-More also makes an extremely shortened version, that can be sold as an AOW, because it is a smooth bore version.

The Army version has some very neat features incorporated in it, such as the ability to take a hydraulic stock once off of a rifle, flip up sights that fold underneath the weapon when mounted, a breaching cone to put up to the device being breached. In addition there is a swiveling bit behind the front sight that allows the M26 to be adjusted for the dimensions of either a 14.5 inch barrel M4, or a 20 inch M16A4. Very similar to the M203’s star system used to adjust between the two dimensions.

Standalone versions come with stocks, full length picatinny rails, and pistol grips to use outside of a rifle configuration.

Our own Eddy O. even has a TFB TV segment on it, so stay tuned to the Youtube Channel for that to come through.


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  • polan

    Better than a pump shotgun, faster reloads, better balanced. And able to mount it under a rifle would allow for less lethal options and ability to go through locked doors.

    • Garrett

      The problem with the original KAC “Masterkey” is the pump arm is way far forward for most people to comfortably use. The M26’s side handle is in a great spot to use quickly. It isn’t like a bolt action where the action is rotated to lock into place. It only folds for storage. So if you think about it, it is already “pump action”, just omitting the normal forearm pump and using a handle instead.

      • LGonDISQUS

        I bet making a home made one wouldn’t be terribly difficult.

  • Hans

    Why didn’t the metal storm MAUL catch on? I can understand why the rest of the products flopped since they combined the negatives of guns and claymores with none of the benefits, but the MAUL seems like it had promise.

    • MetalStorm finally went bankrupt and never re-emerged. They were always on shaky ground financially.

  • LCON

    The M26 mounts to the barrel nut of the M4 like the M203 did right. but the new M320 grenade launcher mounts to a rail system so it seems to me like the M26 is already dated compared to the SIX12 which mounts to a rail system. additionally the revolver action of the Six 12 and it’s grip/and double action would have a advantage in speed of fire and manipulation. IT would be interesting to see if the Army decided in the future to compare the 2 systems.

    • Garrett

      Actually, the M320 also mounts into an M4 barrel nut. If you look at the Army instruction manual for the M320, it has a set of drilled and tapped holes in the top for adapters to fit on barrel nuts. Most rails are not rated for 40mm recoil, which is one reason why some have the bottom piece removable.

  • SGT Fish

    i saw quite a few of them being carried in stand alone configuration overseas on base. they really liked carrying them instead of their M4 for putting around the DFAC

    • Sid Collins

      I have tried negotiating the DFAC armed since 1986. Love the idea that I am now in a position to always have an M9. But if I was a young soldier with the option to carry this around the base, HELL YES.

    • Sianmink

      Seems the trigger pullers really prefer to have a system like this or a M320 as a compact separate unit rather than clamped onto their carbine.
      Can’t say I blame them.

    • Wow!

      Rather than this gimmicky device, they should contract Serbu for some shotgun shorties. Much better.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    C-more products have always interested me, specifically their sights. But too many people insist they’re a no-go. Wish I had money to burn to risk it.

    • Anonymoose

      It’s actually the military’s fault for buying the polymer versions and then beating them around. They make aluminum red dots too and those are pretty rugged.

      • MrBrassporkchop

        Oh the military used the polymer ones? Not sure where I heard they used aluminum ones, maybe I just assumed because it seemed obvious they would have.

        I heard the ones they did use did last for a time and if they were the polymer ones then that kinda changes things as the aluminum should be even tougher.

        It seems the two types of people are those that have used it and really like it and those that haven’t and assumes because it’s not one of the popular brands it can’t be very good. Or maybe the design with the exposed glass puts them off.

  • Anonymoose

    The PDW version shouldn’t be considered an NFA item since it doesn’t even really have a barrel. :^)

    • Gary Kirk

      Chamber a 3″ round and it protrudes from the end..

  • El Dude

    Needs more Non-NFA 26.5″+OAL Firearm with arm brace……..there’s a lot of folks out there that won’t or can’t do Class III that would buy one.

  • Great_Baldung

    I can say that now that I got to see more of that shotgun I’m quite satisfied.

  • Sianmink

    Those look a lot like saiga mags.

  • Dang, BlasTech Industries is really kickin’ space butt lately.

  • Noble

    That M26 PDW looks like a Bolt Pistol from Warhammer 40,000.

    Hell, a Bolter basically shoots Frag-12 rounds anyway…

  • Secundius

    Is this something “New NOW”? “QR” Codes, instead of Operating Manuals…