Steyr AUG 40:th Anniversary Limited Edition STG77 | SHOT 17

The AUG, short for “Armee-Universal-Gewehr” (universal army rifle), was designed in 1977 and was adopted by the Austrian Army as the StG 77 (Sturmgewehr 77) in 1978.

Time flies and to honor the 40:th Anniversary, Steyr Arms Inc. are releasing the STG77 for 2017.

Only 400 rifles of this exact will be produced. The barrel, receiver and the optic will all match.

The AUG uses the 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge and the standard 1:9 rifling twist. There’s some criticism as some prefer the 1:7 twist instead.

There are also some other news present at SHOT Show 2017. Like a new rail, for instance.

The bipod is from Steyr as well.

And a new muzzle brake. Looks like it’s possible to put a sound suppressor over it.

With 40 years of service in many armies it will be interesting to see what the next 10-20 years holds and how successful the new RS556 will be.


Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I need this to round out my “Die Hard” collection.

  • UWOTM8

    I am SO glad to see an Aug with a substantial optic rail on it again…that underslung rail is really awkward though.

  • TechnoTriticale

    re: There’s some criticism as some prefer the 1:7 twist instead.

    Well, seek an authentic repro, get authentic repro limitations.

    On the other hand, the current AUG A3 M1 is also 1:9, which merits the crit.

    • Dave

      Why on earth is a 1:9 rate in a AR/MSR a problem? You only need 1:7 if your looking to stabalize 80+gn rounds, which you can’t chamber in those rifles without getting the throats reamed out, like in long range F class guns…

    • Mike Bear

      The A3 M1 receiver isn’t very authentic. All it is is a A3 M1 with a A1 style sight and 20″ barrel. Disappointing they didn’t build a real repo STG77 or A1, its a poor effort by them. If they offered this sight for sale as an accessory for the A3 M1 rifle it would allow owners to build their own STG77/A1 looking (from a distance) rifle.
      Also all the Irish AUG A1 rifles are in 1:7 twist, it was just the Austrian army that wanted the 1:9 twist.

      • Just say’n

        They probably disposed of/lost the tooling for the A1 receiver.

        • Mike

          The A1 is still made in Austrian by Steyr Mannlicher. Steyr Arms (the US subsidiary) never made them. The A1 and A3 receivers are essentially the same, the A1 has the sight welded on top and the A3 has the rail screwed on, it wouldn’t of taken much to modify 400 US made receivers to A1’s. Although I’m sure Vltor, who make the receivers would happily do a run of 400 A1 receivers.

    • valorius

      if you’re not firing M856 tracer you have no need for a 1:7 twist barrel.

      • int19h

        1:9 won’t always reliably stabilize 77gr match rounds, either.

        • valorius

          1:8 does, and also gives the best accuracy with M855A1, Hornady TAP and numerous other rounds. 1:8 is my preferred twist in 5.56mm

          • int19h

            Sure, 1:8 is great. But AUG is 1:9. And between 1:7 and 1:9, I’ll take the one that can stabilize 77gr…

          • valorius

            My 1:9 bushmaster used to stabilize 77gr Mk262mod1 out to 100 yards as long as the temp was above freezing. Your point is valid though.

    • Steve_7

      A 1/12 twist will stabilize the M855 bullet. People seem to have forgotten the US Army testing from the mid-1980s. Done it myself in an SP1, worked fine. Who cares about the M855A1, it’s banned. If you’re going to be shooting 77gr bullets, then get a better barrel because a milspec chamber is crap. And with the AUG, it’s easy to change barrels.

  • User

    Larger Mag release, a brass deflector, and side/slightly downward angled charging handle instead upwards, -would be a lot better. (As an AUG owner)
    And do these have a bolt release?

    • Mike
    • John

      What you’re looking for, I think, is the EF-90 that Thales has made and is also selling to the general public. It’s got all the things you want.

    • andygoldusa .

      Lithgow Atrax. Soon to be sold in the US. It’s a civilian version of the F88/F90 Austeyr rifle. Lithgow has been making AUGs for years along with Thales for the Australian military.

    • jono102

      As noted the EF88/F 90 has most of these except for the larger mag release. In a field/tactical environment the prominent mag catch could be accidentally bumped/depressed and the mag unseated in the housing or dropped. Unsure if its with the EF88 or another version or maker, but they have done the opposite where the mag catch has to be depressed until it is partially recessed into the stock a couple mm for the mag to be released. based on my experience with the rifle its a good thing.

  • Maxpwr

    Trump overturns the Bush and Clinton import bans and we can get the semi-auto version here soon. Repeal 922R!!!!!

    • valorius

      Not gonna happen, if anything he’ll encourage them to build factories here.

      • Scott P

        Steyr already has a factory here building them in Trussville, Alabama.

        • Scott P

          Oops I mean Bessemer, Alabama looks like they moved.

        • valorius


  • Chipsa

    Muzzle brake isn’t new, I think. It looks like the one for the 24inch barrel (which has a bipod mounted near the muzzle).

  • Mike

    The bipod is the same as the one used on some of the Steyr SSG model rifles.
    The threads on the muzzle brake are for a blank firing attachment (BFA), its the AUG Light Machine Gun muzzle brake.

    Pic of BFA.

  • Mike

    I like the new slimmer rail as the A3 rail is to tall, especially with an ACOG.

  • valorius

    I’ve always been an admirer of the AUG. It’s a shame the IAWB has made them unobtanium.

    • They’ve been for sale in the US for the last several years, call up Pete at PJ’s Steyr AUG and he’ll get you the best price.

      • valorius

        Wow, nice, i wasn’t aware.


    Gyaaaah, that white Steyr Aug! ♡

    • User

      Yea, it really has something to it.

  • bmstylee

    Shut up and take my money! First Nightforce takes my money and now this. Sheesh.

  • Richard Lutz

    Bullpups suck

    The AUG was introduced in 1977 but look around and see how many nations use a bullpup as their primary infantry rifle. NZ recently dumped their variant of the AUG in favor of an AR. Non-adjustable buttstock, slow mag change, cannot swap shoulders without getting a face full of brass (with the exception of the ludicrously complex F2000), etc.

    • GD Ajax

      No they don’t. It’s only the mall ninja crowds opinion that Bullpups suck. Stop getting your information from AR-15.crack. Anybody who actually fired an AUG or Tavor can tell your full of crap. The Tavor also throws its brass forward. While the Aug has option of switching the ejection port.

      AZ adopted an AR because their not a front line military. Also the F2000 really isn’t complex at all. Over-Engineered == complex.

      • rennsport4.4TV8

        I’m not anti-bullpup. I actually like them, but I have shot Tavors as a lefty and you can not fire them left handed without changes. I am left handed and I was face banged the entire time I was shooting it. You say it throws it forward, but it throws it right in your face when shot from the left shoulder. The AUG, Tavor, and others are cool, but the Tavor can not be shot left handed without eating brass.

      • Richard Lutz

        Would you include the armed forces of the overwhelming majority of nations as “mall ninjas”? Grow up and check your facts. The [ludicrously complex] F2000 ejects the cases forward, not the Tavor. Good luck trying to change the port the AUG and Tavor eject from when you have to shoot NOW!

        • GD Ajax

          Enough to be cannon fodder. They get a crappy rifle for free from the American tax payer.
          It’s seems You have never used a Tavor. Like all AR fanbois. Even videos show it ejecting forward despite the side it ejects from.
          Only the morbidly obese would call an F2000 “complex.

          • Richard Lutz

            “Forward” of the area on which the face rests by the stock as with the F2000 so a user will not get a face full of brass if he or she needs to immediately swap shoulders to shoot around a left or right hand corner without exposing themselves unnecessarily to incoming gunfire, not ejecting cases in a forwardly direction which is irrelevant. You clearly have not tried or seen a F2000 being used if you don’t think it is a ludicrously complex design.

      • jono102

        Not a front line military? You mean as opposed to a lot of other larger military’s with a large percentage of non front/non combat troops. That’s just an opinion as a NZ’er based of being deployed or training along side a lot of NATO/Western Military’s

        The reason the Steyr was replaced was it was dated and lacked the modularity found common with contemporary service rifles. As with older platforms they get more costly to maintain with wear and tear etc. The vast majority in NZ service being A1 AUG types (fixed 1.5 optics). The cost of upgrade vs replacement wasn’t worth it so out it went.

        NZ adopted an AR variant as it topped the trials held. Odds to this were happening were probably pretty good as 4 of the 8 rifles trialed were AR’s.

        It is a solid bit of kit that performed well, just old and dated. The EF88 version seems to go some of the way to address and points but I reserve judgement till its been in service with the Aussies for a few years.

    • Richard

      Absolutely agree. Few countries use bullpups now and many of those that still do are selecting an AR type design to replace their bullpups. NZ, Malaysia and France for example.

      • GD Ajax

        NZ and Malaysia don’t really count. At best Malaysia fights a few token terrorists. Something that doesn’t require a good gun.
        The HK 416 is just a G36 with an AR lower on it. So it’s more G36 than an AR.

        • jono102

          As opposed to what superbly armed, trained and equipped shining light of a military.

    • User

      Bullpups doesnt suck, but metal bottleneck cartridge bullpup platforms often does.

  • Mike

    Also at Shot Show, the Steyr AUG Survival Kit! “This is still a prototype, but the kit will include an orange watertight, floatation Pelican case, an orange AUG, two 30 round mags, two 42 round mags, serrated survival knife, flare gun, mirror, whistle, and Streamlight. Available for preorder at your Steyr dealer for $3295 with an expected Summer release.”

    • Tinkerer

      For a second, I thought it was a Hilti nailgun.

    • User

      “survival” wth, this neigther is good in a forest, nor urban area.

      • User

        (meant in camo therms)

        • jono102

          Maybe its in the same shade as the Blaze type hunting cam, so most animals wouldn’t pick it up over surrounding colors or backgrounds.
          With the way some law makers are, they would probably ok a rifle like this since it can’t possibly be offensive in that color.

      • Mike

        Different kind of survival, survival situation where you want to be seen and rescued hence the orange colour and flare gun, signal mirror, whistle, and Streamlight Survivor.

  • trackerdan

    Beautiful! just Beautiful! Always loved the looks of these, oddly I’ve seen them used in older Sci-Fi movies. Anyone know the price tag on one of these?

  • Tinkerer

    To be fair, the one you were issued was of Australian manufacture.

  • Colonel K

    I’ve never been a bullpup fan, so I haven’t followed the AUG very closely. How does it compare with the Microtech (MSAR).

    • User

      The Aug has a good system/construction, and by far not an as bad bore to sight heigth as the Tavor/X95. But when shooting around a corner (left shoulder) it trows hot brass in your face.

      What i find much better tough is the Corvus Enhanced Magazin Release, and brass deflector. (and they also have a Geissele trigger)
      They fix what is lacking at the AUG (i have one). Also having a AUG that includes bolt release is better.

  • Steve Sparks

    Please remove the rail from the receiver. I’d love one to match my Interarms AUG.

  • jimpeel

    It’s nice that they included the MSRP and a link to where we can buy these … oh … wait …

  • Ralph Heron

    Unavailable here in England, we don’t need them….Even our police have little sticks and a whistle……The law needs to change, but by banning weapons they rule over the people…..Roll on the revolution and errrrrrrr…….It’s not going to happen. Lol

    • Steve_7

      There’s the AUG-Z which is legal in the UK. No gas port. Definitely been imported into the UK.