Janz Quick Change Revolver | SHOT 2017

Walking the SHOT Show floor I saw an awesome looking revolver on display that had a bunch of extra barrels and cylinders in a nice display case. It was a kit from JANZ-Präzisionstechnik GmbH of Germany. I thought the extra barrels where just different length barrels of the same caliber like with the old Dan Wesson revolver kits, turns out they were all for different calibers. Officially called the Janz Quick Change Revolver Typ S + EM-S, the revolver kit they had on display includes a frame, three barrels, three cylinders and the tool needed to swap the barrels out.

The rep from the high end revolver maker told me they’d make barrels and cylinders in virtually any caliber in between .22lr up to .454 Casull. You can even get barrel lengths from 2.5″ up to 12″ long. Want more than three calibers to choose from? They’ll throw in more barrels and cylinders in the kit, the price will just go up. It takes a few seconds to swap out the barrels and cylinders with the handy tool included in the kit. The trigger on the Janz Quick Change Revolver was light and crisp, it was probably the best trigger I’ve ever felt on a revolver. Another nice feature is that their cylinder for .45ACP requires no clips. How much will the kit set you back? A kit similar to the one they had on display goes for around $25 to 30K, the price will vary depending on the barrels you want. Check out janz-revolver.de for more info.

They also make a revolver in .500 S&W Magnum that they had on display too. I got a full demo on how to swap out the barrels and cylinders, check it out in the video below.

Janz cylinder set

.45ACP cylinder, no clips needed!

Janz .22lr barrel, notice that it’s offset

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  • ??

    Certainly would buy if I won the lottery

  • If I had $30k to spend on a firearm it would feed from a belt and be registered prior to 5/86.

    • Bob

      “If I had $30k to spend on a firearm it would feed from a belt and be registered prior to 5/86.”
      AMEN !

      • carlcasino

        Now is the turning point! Might just see an opportunity to see repeal of the attack on our Constitution and 5/86 will become like prohibition and that took an amendment to the Constitution. Then Universal Concealed Carry is up there near the top of my Bucket List.

    • William A Palmer

      Damn right!

  • JoshCalle

    So for the price of 25 S&W Performance center guns I could have this? I guess it makes sense in Germany where you can only have a certain number of guns per license but I don’t foresee this doing well on the American market.

    • iksnilol

      It is a couple of steps above a SW PC.

      You aren’t really paying for the multi-caliber capability.

      • Paul Strickland

        I could buy a lot of guns in a lot of calibers and a lot of ammo for 30K.

      • 9911kelly

        I agree with Paul. And, that would even be enough money to pay to have a professional gunsmith do work on some of those guns I can buy for that $30k.

    • oldman

      From plinking to personal defense and hunting in one gun it does make sense you only have one gun to learn not three or four. Granted it is for those of us that like revolvers.

    • these do sell on the American market to collectors with money. much like korth this company is known for their excellent quality guns.

  • ironked

    It’s called art.

  • Tim

    And on the extreme other end of German design, is the Sig P320, supposedly ringing in at ~$350/copy for the Department of Defense.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    I’d be happy if there were more revolvers with the Korth/Janz cylinder release.

  • David B

    Now let’s wait till someone puts the wrong barrel on with the wrong cylinder (say, the .454 cylinder with the .22 barrel) and blows up 30k worth of handgun and who knows how much hand.

    • iksnilol

      Somebody that can buy a 30k revolver is too stupid to change two parts instead of only one?

      For some reason I don’t see it happening.

      • oldman

        It happens to those that KNOW what they are doing instead of checking to make sure they are doing what they think they are doing. Like the people that try to fire 300 blackout through a 5.56 barrel or those that shoot them selves while cleaning there weapon because they knew it was unloaded instead of checking to make sure it was safe.

    • Paul Strickland

      I don’t know all that much about this gun….but somehow I doubt that this is mechanically possible. Surely some failsafe to prevent cylinder / barrel mismatch is built in. At this price I would expect nothing less.

  • billyoblivion

    My my they are proud of their work.

  • Giolli Joker

    Am I wrong or the video shows on the desk the prototype of their super blocky pistol?
    Any info?

    • looked like it was some sort of derringer because I saw two barrel holes on it.

    • LarryNC

      Giolli Joker, Good catch.

  • carlcasino

    German Ingenuity at it’s finest. I once had some metal trucks , etc. pre WWII that were fantastic. Like most kids I eventually wore them out and trashed them. Knowing myself to be a bit destructive I would have to purchase and donate to a kind soul that takes care of their stuff and let me look at them from time to time.

  • Cottersay

    I love it when these companies come out with a 9MM or 45ACP revolver that “doesn’t require clips”! Hell, if you’ve ever used full moon clips, you’ll NEVER https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/31e8db2b27b30c97af40fec20a5112aa0b6aa0b9039302d3cc47edb1360bc608.jpg go back to a speedloader or to loading cartridges one at a time!!!!

    • Stephen Paraski

      still got the “Speed Loader” for my Super Redhawk that was stolen.

  • lookinoutforu

    That there is snake oil. I’ve never heard of this outfit. Go wth S&W or Ruger.

  • LazyReader

    Why didn’t S&W or Taurus think of this, maybe a screw on firearms isn’t a good idea

  • Old Vet

    Ah, to be one of the idle rich…..

  • Mr SNS

    Why not just bring back the Mudusa❓

  • Anonymoose

    I’ve known about these for a long time, but always figured they would either never make it to the US or if they did would be insanely expensive. Unfortunately I’m in the market for a new (used) car, so this is out.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    I need more info! The first thing I thought of is “How do they keep some dimwit from using (or trying to use a) .44 cylinder and leaving a .38/.357 barrel in place?” or some other equally imaginative barrel/cylinder combination!

  • Steve T

    Insane! The price is out of touch with reality. I’d rather have multiple pistols, and $25k left over.

  • Paul Strickland

    THIRTY THOUSAND WHAT??!!!…..DOLLARS???!!! Ah… those Germans…they have a funny sense of humor. But I guess when you’re use buying over priced, over hyped, over engineered cars, 30K for a revolver seems normal. As for me I’d buy two new custom 1911s (Wilson, Blackhawk, etc.) and about 75,000 rounds of ammo.

  • GetFactsBeforeFormingOpinions

    For 25-30k, these will by FLYING off the shelf….

  • Herp

    It’s not overpriced. This is basically art. Art can be expensive and value is subjective. The people who buy these may have worked hard for their money and they might like these enough that it is a very good buy.

    Like hi-point owners, the people buying these are no worse than the rest of us. It’s amazing to me how classist these posts have been, and I wish it weren’t so.

  • William A Palmer

    For $30,000 I could purchase every caliber revolver S&W and Ruger has so, no thanks.

  • BillThe Cat

    so someone gas finally upgraded the Dan Wesson pistol Pack

  • jonp

    Let’s see…buy this or a Ruger Blackhawk 45LC Or a S&W 19 or 29 and $29,000 of ammo or all the powder and lead I cold use in a lifetime. Hard choice…