Janz Quick Change Revolver | SHOT 2017

    Walking the SHOT Show floor I saw an awesome looking revolver on display that had a bunch of extra barrels and cylinders in a nice display case. It was a kit from JANZ-Präzisionstechnik GmbH of Germany. I thought the extra barrels where just different length barrels of the same caliber like with the old Dan Wesson revolver kits, turns out they were all for different calibers. Officially called the Janz Quick Change Revolver Typ S + EM-S, the revolver kit they had on display includes a frame, three barrels, three cylinders and the tool needed to swap the barrels out.

    The rep from the high end revolver maker told me they’d make barrels and cylinders in virtually any caliber in between .22lr up to .454 Casull. You can even get barrel lengths from 2.5″ up to 12″ long. Want more than three calibers to choose from? They’ll throw in more barrels and cylinders in the kit, the price will just go up. It takes a few seconds to swap out the barrels and cylinders with the handy tool included in the kit. The trigger on the Janz Quick Change Revolver was light and crisp, it was probably the best trigger I’ve ever felt on a revolver. Another nice feature is that their cylinder for .45ACP requires no clips. How much will the kit set you back? A kit similar to the one they had on display goes for around $25 to 30K, the price will vary depending on the barrels you want. Check out janz-revolver.de for more info.

    They also make a revolver in .500 S&W Magnum that they had on display too. I got a full demo on how to swap out the barrels and cylinders, check it out in the video below.

    Janz cylinder set

    .45ACP cylinder, no clips needed!

    Janz .22lr barrel, notice that it’s offset

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