Jesse James Brings Out The Stalin 12 | SHOT 2017

Never lacking in flair and creativity, Jesse James Firearms Unlimited (JJFU) released two new guns at this year’s SHOT Show. Reviewers, including myself, have been critical of some of his past designs, including the Aerosonic line of suppressors. However, I’m turning over a new leaf. James employs some very talented artists and machinists who turn his visions into reality. Sure, they may not be the most practical of guns, but that really isn’t the point. Besides, James has been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and the NRA, lending him a good deal of credibility throughout the shooting sports.

First up, the Stalin 12, a 12 gauge AK styled shotgun with a folding and collapsible stock. Although it shares some likenesses with a Saiga 12, the receiver itself is milled steel rather than the standard pressed metal from typical AK shotguns. The prototype weighs in on the heavy side, but work on the production models will work to refine the process and lighten it up a bit.

There is no formal MSRP yet for the Stalin 12, but Micheal Chavez, a JJFU engineer with an aerospace background, guesses it will start out at around $7.5K before custom engraving. Insane? Not for some of James’ well-heeled customers.

JJFU Stalin 12

Next up, the Califas Nomad – a AR-15 receiver based rifle with a wood Remington 870 styled stock in place of the typical grip and stock combo found on traditional MSRs. The rifle utilizes an ambidextrous side-charging system, an angled mag well and a lightweight rail. The buffer and spring system is buried within the buttstock and seems to function smoothly.

JJFU lists the Califa Nomad as being “pretty much legal” in ban states such as CA, NY, MA and CT.

I have to admit, this build has my attention. But at an estimated $3,500 price point, I’m going to have to sit this dance out.

JJFU Califas Nomad

Jesse James Firearms Unlimited

JJFU on Facebook


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  • Ax

    Next up from the innovative design team at STFU – the Hitler 9 pistol caliber carbine.

    • Jan Moszczuk

      “Hitler 9! Burns through ammo like it’s…” okay that one’s too dark

      • Rattlerjake


    • McThag

      I can’t wait to see what he does for Pol Pot!

      • Jan Moszczuk

        The potential is limitless:
        -Pinochet .50 chaingun (great to use from those helicopters)
        -Mao survival rifle (when hunger from Great Leap Forward strikes)
        -Mussolini AR-15 (matches great to your Blackshirt)
        -Castro Thompson clone (conquering islands since 1950′)
        -Kim Il-sung SKS (will last even longer than his rule)
        -Assad FAL (awesome for shooting dissidents)
        -Saddam AK (now available in gold!)

        • Paul Rain

          Low energy.

          The Kel-Tec Holocaust bull-pup sniper chassis (try to find any evidence of it in stores)

          • koko

            The add would be like: “Kel-Tec – Holocaust at low cost!”

    • JMB

      Does it have a adjustable gas system?

      • Devil_Doc


      • Don Ward

        Too soon…

        • Core

          Are we phrasing?

      • georgesteele

        That’s painful even at the outer edges of 1A.

    • Chris22lr

      Maybe also a new calibre: .88 Hitler?

      “Califas” while probably hints to California, it does sound really close to Caliphate – I’m not sure what this guy smoked but I don’t want any of it!

      • Kombi66

        Califas is Spanglish for california… nomad?? Google that one

    • Don Ward

      I was waiting for someone to make this joke in the comments. I didn’t have to scroll down far at all.

    • georgesteele

      Yeah – why not an IKE 45? How about someone who reinforced 2A, instead of repressing a major part of humanity?

  • MrBrassporkchop

    The first one looks like an sks nightmare co-produced by tapco and a low budget 80s dystopian sci-fi movie. The buttstock looks like an enormous sling loop. It looks like something kid drew, scanned into a computer and then made on a 3d printer.

    The 2nd gun looks like a cali legal ar with stuff moved around a bit.

    Whoever introduced Jesse James to guns needs their ass kicked.

    • salty

      lolz, its not bad styling, just needs some love. so, my feedback is, one solid color looks amateurish. gotta have some other color or whatever to take the eye other places…. it looks like good concept, but i would want a magwell, and last round bolt hold open. its freakin 2017 folks, not 1940.

    • PersonCommenting

      I thought it was a 10/22 tapco stock till I saw the magazine….

  • Edeco

    Looks like a coal shovel and an AMD 65 mated and threw a foal.

  • LCON
  • William Nelson

    7 grand plus for a shotgun? Am I high, or did I read that correctly?

    • Anton_Zilwicki

      If yer high? Go get your money back. JJ should stick with being an “Arteest” and let the grownups design guns.

      • William Nelson

        I mean, I can understand costs on high-end things, but an AK based shotgun? Crazy times we live in, crazy times.

        • Jason Wallentine

          I don’t know, the shotty-AR cross isn’t turning out terribly bad at all. ATI put out a .410 AR upper yesterday at SHOT, and it looks excellent. I think the only bad thing here is that it’s JJ doing the initial doodling and designing. He was better when he was limited to working exclusively with ugly motorcycles…

    • Don

      If you’ve seen some of his other firearms that he has made, you would know right away why he thinks they are worth that insane price. Like the guy says, this isn’t the finished product. He engraves them and then puts crazy finishes on them, they are so ornate and so ugly. But like anything else, there is always someone out there willing to waste money on something like this. I think they will buy them more because “Jesse James” built them, probably end up being nothing more than a safe queen.

  • Sean Heihn

    I like the look of that Cali legal AR (I don’t live in a ban state, I just like the look of traditional stocks and more importantly find them more ergonomic), but those massive charging handle slots, perfect ingress points for dirt, can you say jam-o-matic? Maybe fine for a range toy, but for me, anything bigger than .22LR/WMR must be practical as a fighting weapon even though I know there’s little chance I will need a fighting rifle, but hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    • Bland Samurai

      I saw a segment with him on a shooting show– he eschews “extraneous things” like dust covers. It kind of put things in perspective but his take on functionality brought him back to douchedom.

  • chase

    How is the Califas Nomad not just a fancied up Ares (fightlite) SCR?

    • Quasimofo

      When you want an SCR with a side charging upper, but you want to pay about 3-4 times what it should actually cost, JJFU has you covered…

    • PersonCommenting

      I wonder how comfortable the triggers on these would be? I mean you can put on whatever stock you want but an AR is made for a pistol grip. Doesnt look like its too easy to get to them.

      • chase

        As an SCR owner, I find it quite comfortable. It’s basically the same as it would be on a normal rifle/shotgun

        • PersonCommenting

          I guess it just looks like the stock would be too high. I like it in theory just from seeing pics of it but have never seen one in person so it just looked a little off. Overall I like the looks of it the trigger thing just looks like it could be a problem. Good to know.

  • Bill

    A hideous, useless gun named after a monster with a price tag the current budget of the Russian space program. Jesus wept.

  • Captain Obvious

    Apparently psychopathic socialists who murdered millions is the cool thing to name guns after now. Why not a matching Mao AK carbine or maybe a Pol Pot Pistol.

    • Tierlieb

      JJFU knows their customers well:
      Members of the gun culture are usually aware that Stalin was a monster.
      Members of the gun culture are not JJFU’s typical customers.

    • john huscio
      • Garmanarnar

        Nah. More like people who buy and wear Ed Hardy clothes.

      • Nicks87

        WTF? Are these people communists or just idiots?

        • john huscio

          Alot of both

        • Phillip Cooper

          You assume these are not mutually reinforcing conditions.

  • Kyle

    The stock on that shotgun looks intensely uncomfortable to shoot with.

  • Gus Butts

    One word: Nope.

  • Tim

    It’s a g*ddamn piece of fashion like che guevara garbage. Obama fu*ktards will doubtless buy it.

    • RSG

      Not unless they can use a SNAP card to pay for it, they’re not.

  • Ark

    Let’s name a gun after a despot who killed millions of people, then charge $7,500 for it. Brilliant.

    You guys are finding some seriously delusional people at SHOT.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      And sometimes that is noteworthy and deserves discussion.

      • Ark

        Oh it’s definitely fun reading, don’t get me wrong.

    • Nicks87

      That’s what most of shot show is, delusional people trying to sell sh*t to other delusional people… and delusional “journalists” covering it all.

      • PersonCommenting

        So every one is delusional there?

  • itsmefool

    When will somebody “introduce” JJ to fishing or golf? Most serious gun folk, I bet, are quite tired of seeing his, umm, creations!

  • kcshooter

    Why the hell would you even entertain this idiots ideas as anything but laughable?
    This article is taking the wrong tone entirely.
    Must be an advertiser.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      You’ve been around TFB long enough to know that’s not the way it works here.

      But I get it. And I appreciate it.

      If I only covered mainstream stuff it would make for a boring place.

      And I specifically stayed away from the name, mostly because that’s what JJFU is hoping for: an outrageous name for an outrageous gun that generates buzz.

      There was a tad bit of sarcasm in my post which might be difficult to perceive over the internet.

      • kcshooter

        I gotcha. I just wish that guy would walk around in big floppy shoes so everyone knew right from the start what a clown he is.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          I’m tracking.

  • Amplified Heat

    Paging the Ares SCR legal team, or did JJ just fit a 50$ stock to their product & add some zeros like he did with that Bondo-slathered AMD65?

    Truly the Andy Warhol of gun making.

    • Anton_Zilwicki

      Poor Andy.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    That Cali Nomad looks awesome! I like odd and expensive things and I can see paying $3500 for one of his ARs or even 10-25k for his 1911s but the price on that shotgun is crazy. I’m sure with the numbers he’ll be able to sell it’ll demand that price to be profitable.

    • PersonCommenting

      I think Ares and a couple other companies have done this for cheaper.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        I’m pretter sure Ares is OEMing some of JJFU’s parts. JJFU just put their spin on it and people will pay.

  • Nattleby .

    Returning to the ergos of the M1 Carbine…

  • DIR911911 .

    the same guy that did the motorcycle shop and monster garage . . . pass

  • Garmanarnar


  • Anton_Zilwicki

    JJ should stick with being an “Arteest” and let the grownups design guns.

  • KoyoteTan

    Was expecting you all to be eating our own in the comments and, yup, there you all are firing on our own. The antigunners don’t have to divide is, we just do it ourselves.

    I also don’t like the name of the shotgun, but before you criticize the price, look at the shop and how they’re built. The price represents a custom premium for the builder’s name and dozens to 100s of man hours depending on the gun. His domascus steel 1911s are 25K and literally 100s of hours to make because the material is made from scratch and everything is hand fitted. Boutique handmade guns with a name are just expensive.

    Just appreciate that a celebrity is out there popularizing firearms with his own cool factor for people who are not in our camp yet and they you all the douches on our side getting mad at him for charging for his name and time. Nice 🙁

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I’ve never felt a gun was genuinely disgusting until seeing that poor Saiga 12 looking abomination

  • stephen

    What the heck happened to JJ super awesome suppressor?

    Oh yea its on the scrap pile, where these will eventually end up.

    Yea you can tell I don’t like the JJ hype.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    These will fly off the shelves in Austin where people have more money than brains.

  • Patriot Gunner

    I’m all for custom pricey BBQ guns, but $7,500 for a saiga ak 12 is too salty no matter how you slice it because the original gun cost only $800, terrible name as well. If he had designed an all new semi-auto 12 gauge and priced it at $7,500 I would find the value. The Califas is a beautiful gun, but you’ve taken a gun that is designed to work as a closed and sealed system and cut two big slots on either end for a reciprocating charging handle. Call me old fashioned, but I still think that custom BBQ guns should still be able to function.

    • ostiariusalpha

      “The Califas is a beautiful gun…”

      Yep, just as ARES/FightLite designed it.

      • Patriot Gunner

        Yeah, the ARES rifle is a fine gun but not really tailored for this market. At this price range people are just mainly paying for exclusivity and the cool factor. I can justify paying this much for the Califas, but not willing to sacrifice function at the alter of form.

        • ostiariusalpha

          Usually, people that want something a bit more high end will just modify their SCR. It costs less than the Califas too.

          • Patriot Gunner

            Dang that is actually really nice! Your preaching to the choir when it comes to me, but you have to keep in mind that his clientele base mostly consists of oil sheiks, doctors and spoiled trust fund babies…you know, the type of people that call electricians to replace light bulbs.

  • AR-PRO

    Typical overpriced junk from a hack. Go back to gas tanks, at least they were somewhat affordable. I wonder why he’s not showing these off, and pays other people to do all the work..

  • SP mclaughlin

    No thanks, I’ll take the genuine Trotsky 12 instead.

    • Edeco

      I want a Max Stirner edition G34. Ich hab mein Glock auf Nichts gestellt.

      • Cottersay

        The original Nihilist and anarchist. Cool!

        • Garmanarnar

          I’m not so sure I’d call Stirner an anarchist. He wouldn’t identify as one, either. Nor would he be an nihilist. Applying any identifying label would be counter to everything he wrote.

      • Garmanarnar

        Special editions are a spook.

  • Mic68


  • George Griffin
  • SlowJoeCrow

    Whatever actual workshop talent Jesse James is overshadowed by him being an enormous putz. As several commenters pointed out, putting a genocidal dictator on an overpriced Saiga is poor taste, and Mr. James’ other offerings appear to be equally overpriced and tasteless, proving P.T. Barnum correct.

    • PersonCommenting

      James as always been a clown. I still dont know how he made a career out of cheating on bullock with a nazi hooker.

  • El Dude

    That stock looks like an homage to Boris’s shovel AK

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    How about a Dirty Sanchez edition? He did one on Sandra Bullock, correct?

  • gusto

    He cheated on the super lovely Sandra Bullock and you trust him to make guns?

    doesn’t he have a criminal record? or jsut an outlaw biker persona?

  • Paul Strickland

    Waiting for JJ’s new Dahmer 12…comes with under barrel mounted flamethrower with 12 gauge over. Shoot’em…cook’em…..serve with a nice chianti. And only $7500.00 not including BBQ sauce.

    The gun / self defense market is being flooded with over priced junk and new
    “experts” crawling out of the woodwork everyday. Do your research carefully and spend your money wisely.

  • PersonCommenting

    So his mistress was a nazi and he is a commie?

  • PersonCommenting

    Where did you find my gun at? I last saw it near the river when I was trying to shoot some fish! Did you find the clip with it?

  • salty

    think how T’d off the calif libtard anti guns committes gotta be, they keep making sillier laws, and folks keep working around, AAAAAAND HAVING FUN!!! gotta ruin their Wheaties every morning! hahahahh

  • Core

    I like his designs. His bikes are awesome, if I ever buy another production bike it will be one of his. Assuming I can afford one.. I really like his guns. I don’t see his products as purist items but rather as art. Some of his early bikes are well built machines and art. He likes to stir the pot with controversial Cali/Inland Empire themes. The iron cross on his bikes is a good example. The culture and his reflection of what a badass gun should be named is the likely root of the Stalin. In an age where white men have been villanized he has a non PC attitude Incorporated into his products. So if Stalin pisses people off, I’d say JJs mission is accomplished.

  • HoodooTexas

    I am reminded of Orange County Choppers. A whole bunch of cosmetics with no innovation. Anyone with machine tools can create all these variations to the same BORING theme.

    • Steve H

      I remember watching the biker build-off episode with Jr, Sr and JJ. He spent the entire episode bashing everyone, claiming himself the only real builder, with real skills, blah blah.. Well he didn’t finish in time and I believe he had to bring in a huge crew just to get something to the show.
      Not that I’m a fan of any of them, but at least Jr and Sr both finished with respectable bikes. His crap was embarrassing.

      • Ripley

        I first saw him in Monster garage, where his only proven talent was welding exhaust pipes. So many projects looked like crap or did not finish but he made sure all of them had nice exhausts. I always felt sad for the very talented people they hired but never got to shine because of JJ wanted all light.

  • georgesteele

    Jesse is on the wrong side of American creativity. What he should spend his creativity on is the greatest AR-15, multi-caliber interchangeable upper, lightweight, maneuverable, accurate, and affordable rifle ever invented, that can be mass produced at incredible volume at low cost. As Stalin said, “volume is quality.” But no honor to the murderer of millions, even if millions of his own were lost.

  • Aldo1887

    So basically his “designs” are just taking AR’s and AK’s, barely changing the shapes/colors of the accessories, slapping his name on them, and charging 5X what they are worth to the rubes who worship him? Good work if you can get it I suppose.

  • Greg Edwards

    there is junk then there Jesse James junk.

  • Capn Jack

    I think JJ should go back to motorcycles and hotrods.

  • HoodooTexas

    Actually, this sort of works for me. put an hatchet or spade on the muzzle for the bayonet and I think its doable.

    • Beachhawk

      This looks like one of the rifles the Afghans used to chase out the Soviet Union back in the 1980s.

      • HoodooTexas

        It’s often not the gun, but the man behind it that counts.

    • JoelM

      If you look this build up, the spade actually IS the gun’s receiver. The guy flattened it out and folded it into the receiver. A reverse play on the “forge your guns into spades” anti-war thing.

      • HoodooTexas

        Necessity is the mother of invention.

  • DustCovered6

    Go for broke, make it $10k.

  • Mike

    I’m not a JJ fan or care for anything he has made. His bikes were over rated and his suppressor looked heavy and like something from a space flick.

  • Mike Cramer


  • Beachhawk

    At the advertised price points, the only people who will be buying these curiosities are the thugs leading drug cartels in Mexico and the tin pot dictators in South America.

  • .45

    The SKS shotgun is a giant “Meh”, but the pseudo PPSh is somehow appealing to me…

  • BeoBear

    Much like Jesse James himself, it’s ridiculous, difficult to take seriously, pointless and involves far more than it’s worth.

  • krinkov545

    JJFA “Putting The Hideous Into Firearms Artistry”

  • chazzz

    He is certainly not going into mass production to make money off these guns. I wonder if theyt even shoot anywhere as good as say a Colt or a Saiga

  • opsonizer

    AR-15 receiver based – not legal in MA. In MA the law is whatever the AG says and she says that any semi auto that shares at least some parts with an AR15 is not legal to sell.

    So, Ares SCR is not legal, for example.

  • Tassiebush
    • Y-man

      The gun too, right? Multi-tasking!

      • Tassiebush

        Oh I meant the gun. Gosh it never occurred to me that people might take that the other way 😉

      • Tassiebush

        He really couldn’t have tried harder if humiliating his wife had been his goal.

  • L. Roger Rich

    Fun to read the comments. Good laugh this morning. Thanks guys.

  • Steve Kosovich

    I saw him at Wal Mart buying a shovel handle, now I know where it went.

  • Just because James puts his name on it does not make the gun worth $7500.

    It’s a functional gun. He has talented machinist that he has to pay to make something that there is not a huge market for.

    God bless him for his success, but there are better functioning and looking production auto-12’s on the market for one fifth the price.

  • JoelM

    The Califas Nomad thing looks cool. The Stalin 12 looks like it would come in handy to keep weight off a bad ankle but I wouldn’t want to be seen at a shooting range with it.

  • JoelM

    Looking at this shotgun more… I think we need to have a serious national discussion about background checks. For CNC mills.

  • Friend

    Shovel AK returns!

  • Phillip Cooper

    Jesse James firearms? Is this the same Jesse James aka overgrown 15 year old that had that crappy fabrication show a few years back?

  • Garmanarnar

    Have you read Stirner?

    • Cottersay

      You know more about this than I but, yes, since Stirner invented and believed in Egoist Anarchism, and all that that entails, most would consider him either mildly or more than mildly insane. Most of his ideas were so unbelievably unworkable, delusional, selfish, and clueless, that I myself consider him to have been quite mad.

      • Garmanarnar

        I wouldn’t call him insane, by any stretch of the definition. That veers into ableism by attempting to discredit that which strays from the speaker’s notion of normality and ideology.

        • Cottersay

          I think it veers more into a subset of ableism; mentalism. A certain amount of mentalism is vital to get yourself safely through this life. For instance, to take an extreme example, if someone you met had the brain of a psychopathic serial killer, and you knew it, you had BETTER practice mentalism (or ableism)!

          • Garmanarnar

            I disagree. You’re talking about being wary of someone who displays psychopathic character traits. That has nothing to do with fostering feelings of prejudice or practicing discrimination against the disabled.

          • Cottersay

            I really think it goes to the point exactly; if someone “proves” to me, either through his writings or his actions, that they are insane, as Stirner has done for me, then I MUST use sensible discrimination in the way I think about that person. This discrimination is not only valid, but critical to what philosophy or philosopher may have valid points to make. For me, I wouldn’t have trusted Stirner to groom my dogs.

            I realize that in Philosophy, every viewpoint has a certain validity; despite the person or institution who espouses it [say, A. Hitler or the Westboro Baptist “church”]. To me, that is foolish and unrealistic, and the reason I alienated my hyper-liberal Philosophy teachers. (Needless to say I did not major in philosophy, but in an academic setting, you would be the gentleman getting the A’s, while I would be getting the C’s…).

  • Friend

    My immediate first response was “it looks like shovel AK”

  • Goody

    If someone in Ca can get something like the bottom gun out the door for $1200 or less they will be very busy.

  • jay

    I understand what he’s doing. He’s trying to sell to all the millennials in America. You know, all the *ssh*t sjw that wear che and fidel shirts. And the califass looks more like a ppsh and an ar had an illegitimate b*st*rd, than an scr. I kind of like the bare minimum front, although I can see people whining about not having rails.

  • jay

    I guess if you wanted to argue the point, it does look like an acr. And as the acr was out before his design, you could suggest it’s some sort of copy. I, personally don’t like the way the acr looks. You could dress it up with a nice looking wood stock, and put a fore end on it that doesn’t scream, “I’m another ar”. Which would give you exactly what this guy did. I’m not saying I like the price though. I do like how reduced the fore end is on his version. It’s all a matter of taste. And frankly I couldn’t care less that it looks like, or is a copy of something.

    As for the millenial comment, I have 3 children in that age group. I’ve seen first hand, the anti 2nd Amendment and socialist/communist indoctrination that goes on in the public (and some private) schools. These kids are the same kids that wear che or fidel shirts. Talk about fairness, instead of merit. They will be the buyers of such guns called the stalin 12, should they ever get over their fear of firearms, and get out of their safe spaces. And are you aware of all the video games that idolize all the russian guns? All the while idolizing the “motherland”?

    So are you a “millenial”? Or the proud father of a millenial? And is your beef, that you or your children are included in this generalization? Or have you and your kids thrown off the shackles of modern education and it’s indoctrination, and despise socialism/communism for the soul destroying effects, and shared misery it creates? Or do you just have an issue with someone generalizing?
    Even if it’s true.

  • jay

    Ok Chase, glad to see you aren’t a sensitive snowflake. You should look at the pictures of the califas nomad again. One of the things that caught my attention, and raised my esteem of the rifle, is the ambidextrous charging handles. One on each side of the bolt area. He changed the upper receiver from the standard ar charging handle. Which really is a big deal, as I have never liked the original. It’s hard to use effectively with any large optics. And if you use suppressed, you tend to get more gas in your face (big gas escape point). You could spend a chunk of change and buy one of the larger ambi charging handles, but It’s still a point of contention, if you don’t like the positioning. Personally I’d like the charging handle up in the fore grip, and be ambidextrous (like an mp5 or G3). Since I live in a non free state, I have to look at all the ways to keep within the gun laws, and still keep my 2nd Amendment rights.

    Glad you have been able to get beyond the political and social indoctrination. Best of luck!

  • Myony

    Hmm… I wonder. Will the Califas Nomad be able to use a wooden handguard? Ya know, something to make it look like an older rifle?