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Aimcam is a POV camera built into a pair of glasses. These caught my eye because I have dabbled in using cameras to record POV. Typical POV glasses are ok but are terrible when used with a long gun. Those types of cameras have the lens in the bridge of the of the glasses. The problem arises because where you head is pointed is not the same as where your eyes are looking. You get the same problem using Google Glass. I have tried that too.

Aimcam made the lens adjustable. It rides a small rail built into the frames. It is also articulated on a ball joint so you can really adjust the angle the lens is oriented.

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The camera records 1080p and can stream the video via wifi to an app on your phone. It can use up to 32gb micro SD card for on camera storage. Battery is internal and on a full charge it will record for up to 1 hour. The ear piece stores the battery and micro SD card slot. There is a micro USB port to charge the battery or download the data from the SD card. Videos are recorded in .MOV format so they should be easy to edit.

The Aimcam glasses retail for $249. Go to for more info.

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  • Henry Reed

    That is cool.

  • derpmaster

    This will be a far bigger seller in the ‘adult’ industry than in firearms

    • VanDiemensLand

      I will have to investigate this further i’m afraid, who else volunteers to help with research?

    • Johnsmyname

      LOL, Inventor showed up for the annual porn convention a little early and said “meh, what the hell, lets show it to these gun guys”.

  • Tom Currie

    Seems perfect for making bad you tube videos.

    As Nicholas pointed out, the problem with normal eyeglass-mounted POV cameras is that they look where your head is pointed, not necessarily where your eyes are pointed. Looking where the head is pointed is an improvement over body-mounted cameras like the ones being adopted by several police departments, but it still doesn’t solve the problem that our eyes can look in a different direction.

    Unfortunately this improvement still doesn’t solve the problem – it lets you set up the camera to look in a different direction other than straight ahead, but it still only looks one specific direction which may or my not be the direction your eyes are looking.

    By trial and error you can line up this camera so that it will be looking down range when you are shooting a particular type of gun from a particular position – but it will still be looking off in that direction while you are doing anything else and it will still be looking in the wrong direction if you are shooting any significantly different gun.

    So far as a down-range-view is concerned, the simplest (and cheapest) answer is to have the camera attached to the gun,

    • VanDiemensLand

      Well that’s just dull, do you fold your underwear too?

  • Jason

    Think it would have enough adjustment to fit behind a PVS14?

  • Nandor

    Why can’t these guys give us 1080p at 60fps? Pivothead is the top dog in this market and they’re not doing it either. The 720p at 60fps mode is just a small window of the 1080p sensor so the field of view is majorly reduced over the 1080 res mode.

    • Tom Currie

      They can give you 1080p at 60fps, but you aren’t willing to pay for it. That takes a faster processor, better circuitry and a larger buffer – all of which cost money. As long as the US market consists primarily of people who want super tech but aren’t willing to pay for anything besides cheap Chinese junk, all we are going to see on the market is cheap Chinese junk.

  • Justin

    What I really want is a heads up display in a pair of ballistic rated glasses that is customizable. I guess I’m just wishing for my old gaming days and a Shadowrun smart gun 🙂

  • Tom Currie

    Your reply might have made more sense if it wasn’t a complete STRAWMAN ARGUMENT (go look that up). No one mentioned any “barrel cam” (whatever that might be) and nothing in your post had any relevance to the comment you were supposedly replying to.

    • Gordon H

      Please publish some relevant video.