Aimcam POV Camera | SHOT 2017

    Aimcam is a POV camera built into a pair of glasses. These caught my eye because I have dabbled in using cameras to record POV. Typical POV glasses are ok but are terrible when used with a long gun. Those types of cameras have the lens in the bridge of the of the glasses. The problem arises because where you head is pointed is not the same as where your eyes are looking. You get the same problem using Google Glass. I have tried that too.

    Aimcam made the lens adjustable. It rides a small rail built into the frames. It is also articulated on a ball joint so you can really adjust the angle the lens is oriented.



    The camera records 1080p and can stream the video via wifi to an app on your phone. It can use up to 32gb micro SD card for on camera storage. Battery is internal and on a full charge it will record for up to 1 hour. The ear piece stores the battery and micro SD card slot. There is a micro USB port to charge the battery or download the data from the SD card. Videos are recorded in .MOV format so they should be easy to edit.

    The Aimcam glasses retail for $249. Go to for more info.

    Nicholas C

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