Kel-Tec CMR-30 Handguard Extension | SHOT 2017

While visiting the booth at Kel-Tec to check out the new Survival RDB and KSG-25, something caught my eye along the display wall of guns. It was a CMR-30 with a long handguard.

I was surprised because I had made something very similar back in December 2015 and posted it just prior to Shot Show 2016.  Click here to check out my DIY CMR-30 Handguard Extension.

Below are two pictures from that article of my CMR-30 handguard extension.


Upon closer inspection it looks almost identical. Chad, of Kel-Tec said they had this short rail section from an early prototype CMR-30 when it was a modified PMR-30. If you notice, the handguard extension does not have the slots for the charging handle. I made mine out of a spare CMR-30 upper receiver extrusion and chopped it to the correct length.

Another subtle detail is the checkering on the front of the barrel block. I will have to check with Toby, the guy behind the CMR-30, to see if this was a one off like mine or if they intend on mass producing these handguards as kits.

So who do I talk to about my royalties check? haha


Nicholas C

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  • Indiana Finney

    Would be interesting to see them offer a shorter barrel and allow the use of the handguard extension for hiding a suppressor.

    • Nicholas C

      Sadly the current handguard is too narrow even for a rimfire suppressor.

  • Ryfyle

    Keltec really wants to corner the Space gun market. I like the look, but I would love it if it were gas operated and used 10mm Auto.

    • iksnilol

      You’d like it if it was completely different then?

      • ozzallos .

        Is that so wrong?

        • iksnilol

          Well, I just think it is a weird comment.

          Like, if an AR comes out, what if I were to say “Oh man,, I wish it was a long stroke piston, side charger taking AK mags and furniture”.

          Where’s the relation to the object in question.

      • Ryfyle

        I like the Cosmetic design. I also dig Gas op rotating bolts on pistols with good capacity. don’t necessarily have the gear to do it myself at this point.

    • stu reder

      I really want one or two when they shoot 10s!

  • AJ187

    Yeah, no one could think of a rail that extends to the muzzle in 2016……

  • JoelC

    I want it in .17HMR.

    • DIR911911 .

      357 magnum . . . a super coonan

  • Jamarcus Skylooter

    Or maybe just make the guns available?