Geissele’s New Abraham & Moses Knife | SHOT 2017

Bill Geissele has started a new company called Abraham & Moses. You can see the company name engraved into the side of the billet aluminum CNC sheath.


Here is the Sheath as it starts off as a block of aluminum then gets machined and finally coated and assembled.

The sheath will have a nylon 3d printed insert. This is the final product according to the Geissele rep. They do not plan on making the nylon in anything other than 3D printed.


The sheath comes with a belt loop and a spare panel that you can swap out to attach it to molle.

The sheath will come with two types of locking buttons. A friction button which will just help to keep the knife in the sheath but allow the knife to be withdrawn without touching the sheath. The other is a locking button. You can see the indentation in the side of the blade, the locking button will lock onto that and you will have to depress the button in order to withdraw the knife.


They are getting the steel for the blade from Carpenter and will be PD#1.


Low serial numbers for those who collect.  


The knives will be serialized as you can see above. The knife and sheath will cost $750.


Nicholas C

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  • snakebit

    You know it’s expensive when a fallkniven NL1 is $250 cheaper!! Not the same role i know but still.

  • Wolfkiller

    Hollow Grind? Yuck, for a knife that expensive it should at least be flat saber grind or even better, convex saber grind.

  • Joseph Goins

    More expensive than an HK VP9 or a M&P15? What the hell!

  • Joshua

    While I like Geissele, what makes them think they can charge $750 for a knife?

    Knife making is a skill imo.

    • Blake

      Seriously, the big names in knives like Emerson are known for their skill, not the quality of their CNC work. I was excited when I saw this post mostly because I love the sheath, but it honestly seems like you’re buying a way overpriced sheath with a meh knife thrown in for free.

  • Anonymoose
    • GomeznSA

      It may not be able to part seas but it CERTAINLY will part $$$ from your wallet!

  • Edeco

    Meh, for half that price I’d expect the tang pared down. Let me guess, it’s left full thickness for perfect balance, just happens to work out that way. BS, even if true could still take metal off the tang and put it somewhere more useful, butt-cap or the like. Extravagant manufacturing, but for the price I’d expect every minute of work that could possibly do any good pumped into that thing.

  • Tierlieb

    Wow. A knife made by someone clueless about making knives. How… interesting! Maybe an engineer was too much in love with machining a huge sheath to notice that no one likes grooves that allow only one way to it grip or grinds that end halfway on the blade.

    • Drew Coleman

      They brought in a master knife maker (Louie/Louis something, can’t remember) to help design it. Watch their video on facebook where they talk about it.

      • Dracon1201

        Then why did they manage to make it so lackluster? Sounds like they got robbed on consulting fees…

  • Bradley

    It looks to me like you are buying a $650 sheath that comes with a $100 knife. Without even knowing anything about the steel or heat treat it looks barely better than useless just based on the grind. I guess it really just amounts to a cool collector item.

    • Drew Coleman

      It does have their new magic nano coating on it apparently. So maybe that’s part of it?

  • Madcap_Magician

    Looks like a nice knife if the $750 is for a three-pack…

  • Ark

    For $750 it better come with dinner and a BJ.

  • survivor50

    1/2 dozen Benchmades later, and you still have beer money left over…for all your friends too…

  • Kent San

    It will be a good life lesson for the young Geissele boys to start with a monster fail in business.

    • raz-0

      They make a ton of gun stuff. They won’t be starting with a failure as they started with a very successful line of AR-15 triggers. Their approach to things is well made, tough, and they cost what they cost to do that.

      I’ll agree that their jump into knives isn’t that impressive. The sheath is mildly interesting. It’s a good steel choice. Blade geometry is a bit odd IMO. It looks like someone read about bushcraft knives, wanted to make it tougher than tough, and then just couldn’t get an m4 bayonet out of their mind.

      At $750, I’m guessing they’ll just be going on rarity. It’ll be a one shot or rapidly replaced with version 2 which makes more sense.

      • Kent San

        I have a TON of G stuff. All awesome quality. I’m simply citing Bill’s video where he said that they started the A and M company so he could work a venture with his sons. My point was tongue in cheek based on the fact most folks think the knives are probably overpriced and that better edged products can be found in this price range. Naturally, I hope they’re successful. Don’t wish failure on them in any way.

  • Dracon1201

    Hollow grind, 3d printed internals, and the machining looks rough. FOR 750…

    This is how you make a premium off of a name, it’s already blown away by the competition for 3-6x the cost.

  • RogUinta


    First time somebody falls and lands on that sheath, they’ll realize why Kydex, leather, and nylon web are the materials everyone else uses for sheaths.

  • Nathan Alred

    OK – I do not operate operationally, but what the hell is the point of a billet-machined SHEATH? What possible advantage does that convey over Kydex, leather, or even two slabs of truck tire? Other than giving you lots more space for engraved brand names in a dick-slapping contest?

    • int19h

      If you get stranded in the mountains of Afghanistan while operating operationally, you can use it as a sole scrubber…

    • manna

      The knife gets extra protection from the cruel harsh world.

  • Alex Pei

    That sheath is going to start looking horrible once you actually take your kit out on a mission or training. Even anodized aluminum gets dinged up pretty easily since there’s no shortage of harder objects out there. Colored kydex gets the job done and it’s cheaper/lighter.

  • will_ford

    I will take a GERBER Big rock camp knife(I think) for $30 bucks, BECAUSE that is my knife budget range. 750 is WAY to large for peons.

  • BeoBear

    LOL $750 LOL, on a serious note did the folks in charge of this project recently suffer a head injury?

  • Sid Collins

    I must have missed the part in the video when artisan blade makers were folding the metal by hand. Seriously, $750? For a knife and sheath?

  • DanGoodShot

    $750!?! WHat ThE HelL is WRONG with peeps that 1) they would charge that much 4 a knife.
    2) that some fool would pay that!!