Nifty Upcoming ATB (Ammo Transfer Bag) from Could Defensive

Having been working on creating what is to me the “ultimate general purpose carbine,” I stumbled across a small company named Cloud Defensive as I was looking for the best method to mount and employ a Surefire flashlight. Their LCS is a nifty little solution to the infamous wire management problem that plagues weapons when mounting up lights, lasers, etc. (For those interested, check that out here).

However, another product really caught my attention, as I have currently been carrying loose ammo to the range in the little sack that came with my range bag. It works, but its not an elegant solution. Turns out, Could Defense has another nifty item up their sleeve, the Ammo Transport Bag in partnership with Zuly Nylon Gear.

In short, its a purpose build bag designed for, you guessed it, ammunition transport. However, they go about it the right way making sure its right-sized for longer range trips carrying 600 rounds of 9mm loose, before the magazines or 400 rounds of 5.56, likewise before loaded magazines. Its small enough to be thrown in existing range transportation at ~5″ tall, by 7.5″ wide, by 5″ deep. To protect the ammo, its lined with closed-cell foam.

From there, its contructed of all the usual high-end materials including 1000D nylon, YKK zippers, etc. and reinforced handles for long-term lugging. As a bonus, the top flap has handgun magazine storage for 5 loaded mags.

Like I said, nifty.

Retail is set at $55.00 Sadly, the first batch of the Ammo Transport Bag has been listed as Sold Out.

Count me in for a couple when they are available!

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • MrBrassporkchop

    Looks like one of those soft reusable lunch sacks. I got one that came with the seasons 1 & 2 dvds of The Office. It says Dunder Mifflin on it.

  • Mystick

    I have found that soft camera bags work quite well, and have more functional, secure pockets.

  • Garmanarnar

    Or use ammo cans.

  • Joe Gamer

    Every time I look at range/ammo specific bags the price is astronomical…
    I’ve just been using a 1.5 liter H2O MOLLE bottle pouch I bought on Amazon for 10 bucks, fits perfect in my pistol/range boxes.

  • Risky

    Could Defensive makes for an interesting, passive aggressive company name.

    • “I could defend a cloud if I had my ammo transfer bag.” ;_;

  • Blake

    Why do you guys insist on writing articles like this, peppering the entire article with obnoxious automatically-generated and never topical links that look like a link to the product in question, and then not post a link to the product? I’m forced to hover over every single link (there being 9 on this tiny article alone) just to see if it says “link added by VigLink” or if it’s a legitimate link.

    • Disarmed in CA

      I only see the clouddefensive link, though any links added in disqus comments get stuffed into vigilink (I’m told it is by the option of the website that uses disqus) and my host file and adblocker won’t go to those sites at all.

      • Blake

        You bastard. Are you following me around as to constantly remind me just how lame it is to live in CA? haha.

        That’s interesting, so adblock removes the Viglinks completely?

        • Disarmed in CA

          I’ll bet it’s the HOST file. Search for ‘host file ad blocking’ and there’s a site with a pre-done file that you can edit the blacklisted sites. Sometimes you have to let some through to get the interweb to work right…

          • Blake

            I don’t run an adblocker as I want to make sure creators get paid (I go out of my way to click on ads that even somewhat interest me on sites that I trust), but TFB has been using some really sketchy ad services recently. From videos that autoplay with no option to mute or pause, to these auto-added links. I might have to download one and whitelist everything but TFB.

          • mark

            I used to not run an adblocker but sites got so bad with autolinks and redirects that I have no choice now.

            It’s much like the late 1990’s and Napster. People were fine buying music until CDs ended up being $16.99-$18.99 and the industry jumped the shark on consumers driving them to piracy. One time my CD collection got stolen in a vehicle break in and I ended up making a claim of $3000 to the insurance company for a CD case of 250 albums stolen. That really put it in perspective of how much I was spending.

            We’ve come full circle now with Spotify etc. $10.00/month to make sure artists get money for the music I hear is reasonable.

            Eventually they’ll figure out how to monetize websites and content without making it unbearable to use. Hopefully soon.

  • st381183

    I use zip lock freezer bags at .05$ each to transports loose rounds to the range. Works just fine and the bag is clear so I don’t have to open it to see how many rounds I have left

  • Wow!

    At that price you can buy a pelican hard case for your ammo. Or like most people, the standard is a ziplock baggie or those $5 plastic ammo cans. Although I have seen these pop up more frequently over the years so someone must be buying them.

  • Blake

    Uhm, this should be obvious, but if you reload, save the foam/seperators/whatever from commercial ammo boxes (which you can find easily enough in the discard bin at any range) & put your reloads in those…

  • I wish we had control of that but we don’t————-

    • Hoplopfheil

      Dang. Something to keep in mind though, if you ever have a chance to talk to somebody who might be able to change it…

      I really hate that I can’t trust links on most websites now. When you do purposefully link to something, I’m too jaded by all the fake stuff to bother clicking on it!

  • jerry young

    I was more interested in the light mounting problem than an over priced ammo carry bag.