Industry Range Day: Dark Storm Industries Current Cali Legal AR | SHOT 2017

Dark Storm Industries is a New York based AR15 manufacturer that has come up with some very innovative ways to provide AR15s to gun owners in such restricted states as California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. Among their standard restricted products they have a new offering aimed specifically at California’s new legislation regarding the Bullet Button. In fact, their lower involves no button or magazine release at all! The lower is machined without one, and a magazine is more or less forever set in place within the magazine well, held by a screwed in retaining pin accessible by removing the trigger, hammer, and safety components. The magazine is topped off by popping the upper receiver off, single loading cartridges into the exposed magazine, closing the upper receiver, and continuing the course of fire. Although many might frown upon the design, it allows citizens within these restricted states to own an AR15 with a telescoping buttstock, pistol grip, and semi automatic capabilities while being within the legal parameters.


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  • Evan

    Back in 2006 or 2007, I saw something very similar in California. There was no mag well at all, just a sealed off bottom where the mag well would be, which created an internal magazine, that you had to take the rifle down by the takedown pins for. I thought that was ridiculous, and so is this.

    • mike

      it is ridiculous, But thats california, did you expect anything else.

      • Evan

        Not really. Which is why I left California the day I EASed, and haven’t been back since.

        • NiteGoat

          I made it out of CA about 7 weeks ago. Eff that place.

        • Sand

          a sensible precaution. everything there seems to cause cancer.

    • This isn’t ridiculous, it’s ingenious– a very clever workaround to the true paragon of reedickledockle which is Cali gun laws.

      • Evan

        This is barely even a workaround. It essentially eliminates one of the major benefits of the AR platform. Far from ingenious, it’s ridiculous and kinda pathetic. For the guy who needs a rifle that looks like an AR but doesn’t actually work like one. If I’m gonna buy a semiautomatic rifle with a fixed internal magazine, it’s gonna be a Garand which was at least designed that way.

    • Steve Hall

      These will not market well just like those back then. I just yanked my bullet buttons and make my post AW guns featureless with regular mag release. I even made my own monster grips by cutting and super glue-ing A2 grips. I just started the process to move to Arizona, that will solve the problem.

      • Evan

        Yeah, at least your rifle there can be turned into something reasonable. This thing? Not so much. Congratulations on getting out of California.

  • gordon

    Dark Storm? Marketing to guys with teenage sensibilities?

    • Independent George

      Dark & Stormy: Rum + ginger beer + lime. Delicious!

  • Disarmed in CA

    Will give my money to the legal fight against these rather than purchasing compromises.

  • Steve Rothaug

    DSI is located about 20 minutes from me, on Long Island NY. For LI, they have a very nice shop. Pretty cool to see them out there with all the other big players.

  • Guns from scrap


  • UCSPanther

    How long before California bans stripper clip loading?

    • Don’t be so hard on the Cali legislature, man– goalposts are really heavy, it takes a while to recover from movin’ ’em before they can pick ’em up again.

    • Evan

      As soon as they find out what stripper clips are, they’ll ban them.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Since Californians can still buy regular receivers and build compliant guns with them, this is stupid and pointless. At least someone from CA who builds a compliant gun and moves to a free state can remove the compliance parts and have a regular AR15.

    If you moved to another state with this AR you have a neutered paperweight.

  • LI02liberty

    Screw dsi. For people that don’t know google dsi and troop L letter. In the beginning of the year they posted that they got a letter stating that only there ar was legal under the safe act. That caused all other makers of compliant rifles to stop selling in ny and to stop shipping compliant parts. It turns out that they wrong and it pissed a lot of people off. Not to mention there over priced rifle that are prone to being over gased and breaking. I won’t step foot in there new store and a lot of other people won’t either. When they started out in the small shop they were good but when they moved they changed and became all for them selves.

  • I guess I wasn’t the only one asking the question a while back when I wondered if anyone made Cali-fscked lowers/handguards designed to swing the upper open enough to load a fixed mag with a stripper clip. It’s absurd that things like this need to exist in the first place, but it’s always cool when people find practical ways to work around idiotic governmental overreach.

  • El Duderino

    I before E, except after C…and all that jazz.

  • Wow!

    I know that most people in CA just gave up and put their standard mag releases on their rifles. Few people are complying at this point, which I say good for them!

  • L. Roger Rich

    Sorry NY, MA, and CA.

  • Cymond

    Top loading fixed magazines were the standard before the bullet button was invented. This is a step backwards.

    The designs that allow the magazine to be removed after opening the action make far more sense.

    Featureless makes the most sense.