Crye SIX12 Update | SHOT 2017

Crye has the SIX12 at SHOT Show again. This time they have a separate booth from all the Multicam gear. The booth was being stationed by two guys from Vantage Arms. Vantage Arms is the company manufacturing the SIX12. According to Eric D’Ambrosio-Correll and Yruy Karfiol, they are shooting for Q3 to begin accepting orders and Q4 to begin shipping.

The SIX12 will retail for $1800.

It will be sold only as a full length Shotgun. It will be up to the customer to file the appropriate paperwork if you want to run shorter barrels.


One thing that is new is the compact grip setup.

Please excuse the bluriness


Below you can see the grip has an extension. This is for aesthetics and ergonomics.

Unfortunately since the SIX12 will only be sold as a shotgun, you cannot file it as AOW. They could sell it as a firearm, like the Black Aces Tactical guns and the new Mossberg 500. Where the overall length is over 26 inches but it never had a stock. A brace would help. At the moment they have no intention to go this route.

Replacement cylinder pricing is yet to be determined.

They also will have a not so scary looking sporting version with wood furniture. As you can see below, the barrels are threaded for chokes.

The forcing cone is in the cylinder and not in the barrel.


Here is the full length barreled SIX12 mounted under an SBR. It is silly but just imagine if you had this set up on an 18″ barreled AR. Other than the tax stamp needed for the SBR, the shotgun is still classified as a shotgun since OAL requirements and barrel length requirements have been met.


Now for a bit of bad news. According to Eric, the SIX12 is not legal in California or New York. He said it is banned by feature. Something about revolving cylinder shotguns is mentioned in the state’s statute. So check your state if they are somewhat anti-gun.


Nicholas C

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  • A.WChuck

    Want, do not need, and will not buy at that price. Polite golf clap for the design.

  • Joe Gamer

    Putting this on my “someday list” aka “won the lottery list”
    I love the design behind it though, I love bullpup shotguns.

    • John Wisch

      Better hurry in 9 years they will be considered a destructive device even though a Mossberg 590 holds 9 shells instead of 6.

  • User

    Looks aestheticly good. But why make your Rifle even longer and frontheavy for basicly nothing…

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Is it still rear-heavy AF?

    Because I have never lost interest in a gun so quickly as I did after picking this up.

    • CommonSense23

      I’m just really curious who thought having a mag fed breaching underbarrel shotgun was wise in the last decade.

      • It is sealed so you don’t get blast on your arms. In fact the cylinder gap is dealt with hence why you can put a silencer on it.

        • CommonSense23

          Which is really going to be good for what?

    • iksnilol

      Bullpups are always rear heavy, that’s like one of the advantages of the design.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I think perhaps you aren’t understand AF in my post. Heavy is fine, heavy is something that might happen and you can learn to live with. Heavy af on the other hand…

        • BrotherLazarus

          Define “as ****” in this context. If it’s running 8-10 pounds loaded, that’s really not bad. Anything less than 15 pounds, really–especially on a 12 gauge. Us lighter folk like to have a bit more (a lot more) weight to buffer that recoil impulse when firing buck or slug. Not ideal, especially if it’s intended as a backup…

          But it’s also an underbarrel at heart, really. Slap the proper-length barrel model on a .308 repeating rifle (say an H&K, M1A in a Rogue stock, or SCAR) and you’re probably going to be a little more balanced towards the middle of the host weapon, and drive more of that impulse back rather than up. ‘Course I haven’t had a chance to heft one of these (obviously), as the area is something like four years behind the industry–more, in some cases. First SCAR in the wild something like 9 months ago, and they’ve been on the market for what, six or seven years?

    • Giolli Joker

      Wasn’t it born to live in underbarrel configuration?
      There rear heavy should be better than front heavy.

  • That wood furniture version is classy as all get out, just the thing for taking Martian Two-Headed Pheasant on the wing.

    I have to say though, calling NY and CA “somewhat anti-gun” is like calling the KKK “somewhat anti-Black” or the PLO “somewhat anti-Israel”.

  • Adam D.

    What about the trigger pull?

    • Nicholas C

      It did not feel as bad as it did on the past.

      • Adam D.

        Thank you!

  • SP mclaughlin

    I wonder if the anti revolver-shotgun hysteria dates back to the Cobray Street sweeper.
    It seems weird since I assume CA/NY don’t really restrict revolvers otherwise.

    • Disarmed in CA

      Taurus Judge and S&W Governor can’t sell here because ‘revolving shotgun’

      • Wow!

        Didn’t stop anyone. I saw a lot of Judge and Govenor revolvers here in CA. Illegally of course, and that is just the firearms we pick off criminals, who knows how many are in law abiding citizen’s hands? The CA black market is amazingly refined.

        • Disarmed in CA

          Every convicted felon in CA has a firearm, illegally acquired of course, which used to be in some law-abiding citizen’s home. Shows the absurdity of 2A infringement by force of law.

  • int19h

    That wood-stocked version looks like something straight from Fallout. A stylish gun for the post-apocalypse.

  • You forget it isn’t just chokes but the Salvo 12. It uses a gas seal mechanism.

  • valorius

    That wooden furniture model is very sharp looking.

  • Zaro27

    I just want a super short version to use one time as a handgun, just to say I did.

  • L. Roger Rich

    So cool that all the new innovation is coming out . I wish.

  • zipper

    The only thing missing from the under-mounted version pictured is a flame-thrower, 1,000,000 candlepower light, and side-mounted 5lb war hammer.

  • Jesse Foust

    I still want one. The price is disappointing, but not surprising. I’ll get one once the hype dies off.

  • iowaclass

    It looks like they have developed a mechanism that allows for quick swaps of revolving cylinders. If this can be scaled down to handgun dimensions, I think this could mean a lot more for revolvers than for shotguns. Imagine a revolver styled like the Chiappa Rhino but with this quick-switch capability for its cylinder.

  • Chris Todd

    Any idea if these guys will be at the NRA convention? If they’re getting close to releasing it they should stwrt showing it to the civilian consumer where most of the money comes from.