Crye SIX12 Update | SHOT 2017

    Crye has the SIX12 at SHOT Show again. This time they have a separate booth from all the Multicam gear. The booth was being stationed by two guys from Vantage Arms. Vantage Arms is the company manufacturing the SIX12. According to Eric D’Ambrosio-Correll and Yruy Karfiol, they are shooting for Q3 to begin accepting orders and Q4 to begin shipping.

    The SIX12 will retail for $1800.

    It will be sold only as a full length Shotgun. It will be up to the customer to file the appropriate paperwork if you want to run shorter barrels.


    One thing that is new is the compact grip setup.

    Please excuse the bluriness


    Below you can see the grip has an extension. This is for aesthetics and ergonomics.

    Unfortunately since the SIX12 will only be sold as a shotgun, you cannot file it as AOW. They could sell it as a firearm, like the Black Aces Tactical guns and the new Mossberg 500. Where the overall length is over 26 inches but it never had a stock. A brace would help. At the moment they have no intention to go this route.

    Replacement cylinder pricing is yet to be determined.

    They also will have a not so scary looking sporting version with wood furniture. As you can see below, the barrels are threaded for chokes.

    The forcing cone is in the cylinder and not in the barrel.


    Here is the full length barreled SIX12 mounted under an SBR. It is silly but just imagine if you had this set up on an 18″ barreled AR. Other than the tax stamp needed for the SBR, the shotgun is still classified as a shotgun since OAL requirements and barrel length requirements have been met.


    Now for a bit of bad news. According to Eric, the SIX12 is not legal in California or New York. He said it is banned by feature. Something about revolving cylinder shotguns is mentioned in the state’s statute. So check your state if they are somewhat anti-gun.


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