New Arm Braces from SB Tactical |SHOT 2017

SB Tactical, the inventor and manufacturer of the original “Sig Arm Brace” has debuted their latest arm brace for the H&K MP5 platform. The new SBT5K is a side-folding brace for the MP5 platform modeled after the original side-folding real-steel stocks. The new brace is stated to fit all MP5K clones. (For those curious, SB Tactical has had a standard brace for the MP5, the SBT5).


Per usual the SB Tactical braces follow Henry Ford’s color mantra, “They can get any color they want, so long as it is black.” Construction is of the usual assortment of advanced carbon reinforced polymers and injection molded rubbers for rigidity when using the brace as a real “brace.”


When not reinforcing the arm, the brace folds to the right-hand side of the receiver. The folding mechanism is a faithful reproduction of the original Brugger & Thomet design, down to the shape and direction of the serrations. It even has the sling swivel hole (just no sling swivel, as why would one sling a handgun, right?)

My only complaint? The price. SBTactical is advertising the brace at 250 bones. Yowzah. The good news is that the SBT5K Pistol Stabalizing Brace is “ready to install.” directly from SB Tactical.

Those interested in more information or braces, check out SB Tactical’s website.

Nathan S

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  • Justin Roney

    I think they finally started shipping the PDW arm brace shown at last year’s SHOT show. But oh my goodness the prices…

    • ExMachina1

      I find it interesting how the NFA is effectively setting the pricing floor for many of these “pistol braces”

      How smart is it to structure a company’s business model on the continued existence of a bad law? Are they serving gun owners interests or merely fleecing them? Just questions to ponder…

      • Chief58

        They are price gouging..May as well change their name to Cheaper Than Dirt!!

      • Ben Pottinger

        Have you seen the prices on the B&T stocks or the real HK stocks? Heck some of the nicer Magpul AR stocks are in that price range.

        • ExMachina1

          The Magpul CTR is solid and functional AND they are actual friggn stocks! They run around $50.

          And implying that something like a UBR is comparable to an “arm brace” is frankly, odd.

      • Bradley

        Um, what?

    • Ebby123

      This one goes for $148 online. $250 is just the MSRP.

  • RSG

    Thank God TFB restored the blog platform. Yeah!!!

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Still messed up on mine right now, mobile interface (lol, who sold that idea!?) and database errors.

      • RSG

        The site was down for a little while. When it came back, it was the old platform. Now, it appears the new lousy platform is back. Yuck. The larger pictures are enough to keep the old system.

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  • MR

    I have one of these, It’s awesome.

  • Ark

    That literally looks like a stock with some velcro wrapped around it.

    And for $200, you might as well just pay your tax stamp.

    • John

      The tax stamp has an undetermined wait period, and not all states take SBRs.

      This? Well, it’s legal in most places.

      Someone on this blog suspected that these “arm braces” were a way of gradually laying the whole SBR issue to rest, and as I see this more and more (and the ATF starts relaxing more and more) these will become far more common.

      • Colin Michael

        The ATF and its decision on putting it against your cheek is redesigning the weapon made me cancel my order of this brace and file my form 1. Playing with felonies is too scary for my taste

        • HollowTs

          You can put it against your cheek. You can’t put it against your shoulder.

        • M-dasher

          you do realize you can shoulder the weapon, regardless of what the ATF claims……..the laws are the laws….

          and the law clearly states ” any weapoon DESIGNED to be fired from the shoulder”…..

          arm braces are not designed to be fired from the shoulder, they are designed to be held.

          there is no verbage in any law that states how you can USE your property.

          if i place my glock against my shoulder, and fire it, that doesnt all of a sudden make my glock into an SBR… my glock isnt designed to be fired that way.

    • luke white

      I’m not certain on the MP5 stocks, but on the MPX stock from Sig, the MSRP is $238 for the collapsible variety (which I bought). The SB Tactical equivalent is $249 (assuming you are paying retail), doesn’t cost a $200 stamp, and can be readily transported to different states without prior approval.

      If this had existed when I bought my MPX, i’d have gone this route. Then I could have just sold the whole weapon (or at least the stock) if I ever grew tired of it, whereas i’m committed now that i’ve SBR’d my MPX. These are definitely a step in the right direction.

      Because this stuff exists, i’m actually considering picking up a scorpion as well.

  • Bill

    I didn’t realize that I shouldn’t sling a pistol. Oops. 😉

  • diana pierce

    Bill that’s a darn good point…. all this is is another sling… regardless of where it is… its just another sling damnit…. Ok I get it… its’ all about control and the money.

  • Ebby123

    The SBT Brace is available for $148 online. $250 is just the MSRP.
    Mine came in last night and I FREAKING LOVE IT!

    Rigid “frame”, all metal components on the folding adapter, locks up easily and rock-solid. Honestly I think this has a better lockup than my LAW Tactical folder.

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with SB, I’m just STOKED about this product. I’ve been trying to get a folding brace setup on my Scorpion for a while, and most alternatives cost north of $300 bones and looked like crap! (IMHO of course)

  • lowell houser

    Can someone explain to me why as of yet nobody has tried to make a slidefire stock for an MP5? It seems like there’d be a market for that,a t least until the Hughes Amendment is repealed.