New Arm Braces from SB Tactical |SHOT 2017

    SB Tactical, the inventor and manufacturer of the original “Sig Arm Brace” has debuted their latest arm brace for the H&K MP5 platform. The new SBT5K is a side-folding brace for the MP5 platform modeled after the original side-folding real-steel stocks. The new brace is stated to fit all MP5K clones. (For those curious, SB Tactical has had a standard brace for the MP5, the SBT5).


    Per usual the SB Tactical braces follow Henry Ford’s color mantra, “They can get any color they want, so long as it is black.” Construction is of the usual assortment of advanced carbon reinforced polymers and injection molded rubbers for rigidity when using the brace as a real “brace.”


    When not reinforcing the arm, the brace folds to the right-hand side of the receiver. The folding mechanism is a faithful reproduction of the original Brugger & Thomet design, down to the shape and direction of the serrations. It even has the sling swivel hole (just no sling swivel, as why would one sling a handgun, right?)

    My only complaint? The price. SBTactical is advertising the brace at 250 bones. Yowzah. The good news is that the SBT5K Pistol Stabalizing Brace is “ready to install.” directly from SB Tactical.

    Those interested in more information or braces, check out SB Tactical’s website.

    Nathan S

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