Hungary to build 197 shooting ranges and clubhouses

According to the Budapest Beacon, Hungary is to invest almost 100 million USD to build shooting ranges with clubhouses.

The plan is to build no less than 197 shooting ranges in the country.

If the total investment becomes real, it means that every major county town will have a 100-meter shooting range within three years from now.

Formally, the Hungarian government has approved a request from the Ministry of Defense.

The average cost per shooting range would become around 465 000 USD, and include 25, 50 and 100-meter long shooting ranges with clubhouses.

Personally I would hope for a few 300 meter, and longer, shooting ranges as well.


There is no background information, at least that I have found, as to why the Ministry of Defense is investing in these amount of shooting ranges.

We can only speculate if it’s to encourage people to enjoy shooting more for recreational purposes, but as the Ministry of Defense is involved I’m leaning towards purposes for defense. The borders of Hungary have been quite exposed lately.

There is also a rumor that privately owned, non-hunting firearms must be stored at these be stored at these new shooting ranges. In this case a Dark cloud floats above the good news, and I hope this has nothing to do with the background.



Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • BattleshipGrey

    In your face EU.

    • Bill

      Or Russia.

      • MrT

        Hungary is EU member country, has nothing to do with Russia. (Except a few International business deals.)

        • Bill

          The Hungarians may be a little miffed about Russia invading them a couple times.

          • MrT

            Only once, and Russians stayed for a very long time. Now the only beef is, their “Hero monument” in the middle of the Hungarian Capital city. People hate that, but the Russians want it there.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    “There is also a rumor that privately owned, non-hunting firearms must be stored at these be stored at these new shooting ranges.”

    Yes this is the current plan. Hopefully it will change. Or they will create excellent gun depots for terrorists.

    • iksnilol

      Or humble criminals such as some folks I know.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    197 shooting ranges in Hungary is totally useless without changing our extremely resrictive gun laws. Building empty ranges, without shooters, what an excellent idea:-(

    Now we have some 3000 (three thousand) legal “sportshooter” firearm owners in the population of 10 million (hunters not allowed to own handguns and semiauto rifles). It means, if there will be 197 ranges, the shooters practically never meet with each other:-).

    Theoretically. As if the mandatory storage on the range will be realised = ZERO legal firearm owners will be.

    • ieueueu

      Maybe they are going to take a stick with them, say pew pew and imagine shooting the people they hate? haha

      • Kovacs Jeno

        It is illegal to bring a stick:-) A stick is a “especially dangerous object for the public safety” and its carry is banned. Seriously.

    • xebat

      The only country in Europe worth living in for a firearms enthusiast is the Czech Republic. I’m sick of sh#t, i will move as soon as possible out of this f#cking hellhole will soon be called Germanistan.

      • iksnilol

        Norway is pretty good too IMO.

      • Pod

        I’ve read that Switzerland isn’t bad, either. Only real black marks are registration and no real regimen for legal concealed carry.

      • Peter (BE)

        BE is quite reasonable.

    • jay

      Man, that’s sad. I grew up in Romania and there too, after 50 years of communism and the bullshit euro left wing crap that followed, the sport is pretty much dead.
      Here in Canada there are still a lot of firearm owners, but the laws and bureaucratic BS that’s going on, makes life hard for all firearms owners. In the last few years the number of legal owners went up quite a bit, but many get tired of the bs and sell their guns.

      • jay

        In Romania now, with the new EU legislation, people are not even allowed to protect their livestock or pets from wolves. There are a lot of wolf attacks now in the country, because they can’t shoot them anymore, regardless of how much damage the wolves do. They protected the wolves and allow only rich foreigners to hunt them for trophy.
        It’s pathetic.

        • codfilet

          The three “S’s” : Shoot, Shovel, and Shut up

          • jay

            Getting a hunting license is very hard. People have to train with a licensed hunter for years, before they can apply themselves. then they have to go through the bs licensing and tests, then later are they allowed to buy registered firearms. The long years of communism killed off the sport and removed the guns from the country.
            Very hard to do the SSS thing if you have no firearm, or ammo and the law will send you to jail for many years for shooting a bloody wolf.

          • codfilet

            I see….

          • iksnilol

            You can own black guns? Not hard to make a decent gun and then make some cartridges outta blank cartridges.

          • gmariuss

            Yeap, it must suck to be a sheep eaten by wolves. One can only imagine.
            Then again, there’s insignificant gun violence against us “sheep”. Romania and Hungary both, I believe. Send your kid to school and chances are he’ll come back robbed, stabbed, raped, beaten up, you name it. But not shot.
            So, there’s also that…

  • 22winmag

    I don’t call 911.

  • kjhkjhk

    Although hard to believe, stats on urban environment sniping is around 100 meters. (ie in Iraq)

    • micmac80

      57m for police snipers

      • Bill

        LE sniping can often be measure in feet, though I’ve surveyed a couple high-risk sites where buildings and structures had corridors or open areas that pressed hundreds of yards. The disparity between the typical and the potential makes LE sniping really challenging.

  • Hinermad

    Hmmm. Ultimately to be used for militia training, maybe?

    • Kovacs Jeno

      Theoretically. But an unarmed militia on a shooting range? WTF?

      • Hinermad

        If they’re going to require members to store their guns there (and provide a secure space for doing it), it won’t take much to turn it into an armory.

        • Kovacs Jeno

          Nope, it is impossible to provide armed security for 197 shooting ranges, even our minuscule army is not enough for that. IF these idiots really requie this stupidity, theses “ranges” will be self-service shops for criminals and terrorists, nothing else.

          • Michel_T

            Doesn’t make sense… But it certainly wouldn’t stop them from trying.

            Then when there’s too many “incidents”, the state will ban private ownership of firearms (to make the world a safer place)

  • HenryV


  • Poresz Poreszovics Poreszov

    Due to the “Firearms not politics” policy, the Hungarian members of the TFB community simply can’t explain most of the real intentions. Sorry.

    In general, interpretation of entrophy in Hungarian gun law: probability of less restrictive Hungarian gun law is negligible, practically impossible.

  • noob

    Government funded shooting ranges for civilian marksmanship? Why don’t they change the law and let the free market take care of it?

    • Poresz Poreszovics Poreszov

      In Hungary, both free market and civil gun ownership are some kind of sci-fi, what hated and feared by people.
      You simply hate and fear, what you don’t know. As far as I know, legal civil gun ownership practically hasn’t exist since 1944-1948. Most of the older men only meet guns during conscription, and because they hate conscription, they hate guns too.

    • pllan

      Law is harder to change than just getting these constructed. Like that kevin costner film field of dreams, “If you build it and they will come”

  • Harry’s Holsters

    A rifle behind every blade of grass.

    • iksnilol

      I feel y’all forget some small things when mentioning that quote (in regards to the US): 300 million guns doesn’t mean 300 million rifles, I mean, shotguns and pistols are a sizeable portion. Then you’ve also got like 100 million kids and about 100 million elderly/infirm outta 300 million folks in the country

      /rant end

      • Harry’s Holsters

        I stated that quote as that is the culture they are trying to build even if they want everyone to run to the gun club to grab the gun before going to fight the invaders.

        I don’t think anyone takes it that literally. My local shop told me 2/3rds of the guns they sell are handguns. ARs are the next most popular segment followed by shotguns. From collections I know about from people who inherited guns handguns still make up 2/3rds of what is out there. I’d say this changed as we moved from an agrarian to industrial nation.

    • MrT

      In Hungary, just a shooting range behind every blade of grass. Guns are heavily restricted for civilians.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Read my comment below my original comment. If you have an invading army there isn’t a huge difference between running to the local range to grab your guns vs coming straight out of your house.

        • MrT

          “to grab your guns” – But there are no guns in houses, and no one says the ranges are going to have a bunch of guns locked up there. Until that, we can’t say these can be used for anything. 🙁

          • Harry’s Holsters

            One of the commenters I thought said military style arms could be stored at the clubs.

          • MrT

            We’ll see, but I doubt that’s ever going to happen. Actually the prime minister promised law changes, rights for self defense firearms, easy licenses, etc, like 6 years ago, the very next day his party said “he didn’t mean it”. 🙁 So, I’m not sure what’s their plan this time, and even if they promise something, maybe they don’t keep their promises. So far they just kept building football stadiums. The PM built a HUGE one in his tiny village too. (Just because he is a football fan.)

          • Harry’s Holsters

            Considering this is at the request of the defense ministry I’m guessing the government is going to a Switzerland style defense of a civilian populous defense network. Whether it’s guns in club, a home or just trying to appear like civilians have quick access to guns. Maybe they are just building the range to create the appearance of what I am thinking to deter potential invaders.

          • MrT

            I don’t know. At this point, getting a self defense firearm license for a random civilian is impossible, even if his life/family in danger. Even air rifles are restricted. Only really weak ones are allowed. ( 7.5 Joules) I hope you are right, but Hungarian sport shooters don’t really believe anything. They don’t want to be disappointed.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            Understood. I’m sorry the situation is like that over there.

  • halen

    Hungary trying to boost tourism no doubt.

  • Tom Currie

    Can we get some Hungarian politicians to move to the US???

    • Kovacs Jeno

      An the 2nd amendment soon will be abolished, and everything will be stolen within a week.

    • MrT

      You don’t want that. In Hungary, even air rifles are really restricted. You have to have a carry license for blank guns too. They saying building 197 gun ranges is the plan, but no one knows who is going to use them, since the people don’t own guns really, only 3k sport shooter, hunters and a few thousands privileged people with “impossible to get” selfdefense gun licenses (politicians, mayors, etc).

    • Poresz Poreszovics Poreszov

      Yes, sure, just take them all to the f***ing hell from here.

  • MrT

    As a Hungarian, here is some info: Maybe they say there’ll be 197 new shooting ranges, BUT, there are no shooters. Only like 3,000 sport shooter, who visits ranges. Maybe a few thousand hunters would visit there sometimes, they don’t really go to ranges though. The “selfdefense” category is only for like attorneys, city majors, politicians. Even the police officers losing their licenses nowadays, they just simply can’t renew their licenses.
    If we do the math, there are like 5000 people who visits shooting ranges, there are existing ranges too, but it means 1 range could serve only about 25 people. That’s an economical disaster for a range-business.
    200 new range would be enough for like 100.000 shooters.
    The government says nothing about changing the laws to less strict.
    Getting 5 or 10 new ranges would make sense, but 200 makes no sense.