This is a Public Service Announcement. With the onset of New Year’s Celebration this coming weekend, TFB would like to remind everyone to go and watch fireworks. There is no need to join the celebration with guns being fired up into the air. By all means, if you want to ring in the new year safely and fire weapons horizontally into a berm or other safe direction then knock yourselves out with fun. Be safe and have a prosperous New Year.

That muzzle flash from the Walther P99 is pretty spectacular though.


  • Bierstadt54

    Think there is any chance that the people who need to be told this read TFB?

    • Nick Aschenbecker

      See the comments above you?
      …sadly, yes, some of them do. But celebratory gunfire rarely, if ever, kills the person firing the gun. It’s people or animals within a mile radius that die without warning.

      • tiger

        Threat is very real. Kid here in Philly was crippled for life about 25 years ago. For the last 10 he does a psa with the city police to stop the practice. I put a dent in the family car by going out to watch fireworks about 1989. Came back to a dent in the roof of the Oldsmobile from a bullet.

        • valorius

          How do you know it was from a bullet?

          • tiger

            So it was just a lead meteorite from space? Nope, it was gun fire.

          • valorius

            I mean, did you recover a projectile? Or was there just a dent?

      • valorius

        Celebratory gunfire kills a LOT of dirt.

    • Anomanom

      Probably. I doubt i’m the only reader in the south, where that particular habit seems to be most popular.

      • Marc

        It’s pretty popular in nearby Chicago; although it’s hard to tell the new years celebrators from the people shooting at other people.

  • Bucho4Prez

    Hey, some of us aren’t allergic to fun!

  • Dougscamo

    Bummer….a PSA…..

    • tiger

      a needed one. A real threat in my town. Even leads to cop shootouts trying to stop shooters.

      • Dougscamo

        Kinda doubt that the people that would be shooting into the air would be swayed by the obvious….especially if they aren’t bright enough to not shoot at cops….

  • Haunted Puppeteer

    I think the pictured Walther P99 is actually a blank-firing gun. The non-rail, markings, trigger guard – all look wrong. Google both the Walther P99 and Walther P99 blank guns and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    Real Walther P99s are beautiful, ergonomic, god-tier guns. One day I’ll find the perfect first-gen..

    • Nick Aschenbecker

      The nicest ones, ironically, were made by Smith & Wesson. Also, that’s just a threaded barrel. That’s why it looks weird, because of the thread protector ring.

      • Haunted Puppeteer

        S&W never made P99s. They imported P99s, however. They also did a terrible job of marketing and selling them.

        S&W did make a pseudo-P99 clone, the SW99; but those are generally considered to be absolute garbage.

        • Carlos

          I have worked at a gun store for years and it amazes me how low S&W has set the bar over the years.

          When their Sigma came out in the 90s to compete with Glock. When it came out, it was an absolute POS. They virtually copied a Glock but couldn’t even do that and came out with an awful trigger, mediocre build quality, and reliability issues. They even got sued by Glock with Glock winning. Since that didn’t work, they came out with the SW99. Walther’s P99 would beat the SW99 in every way possible (quality, accuracy, reliability, finish). Then they rebranded the Sigma to the SD VE series which are still priced too high ($399) for what you are getting.

          The M&P was their only successful recent pistol that has been commercially successful, even though the trigger is pretty bad and they never made a direct Glock 19-sized competitor.

          Their new Shield seems to have a good trigger, ergonomics, and very controllable recoil but I have had angry customers lately with rust problems, the very stiff slide stop that women and smaller-framed man cannot disengage and jamming problems.

          The only S&W products I can only recommend are their revolvers and their handcuffs. Imagine if H&K or Glock had the amount of failures that S&W had. If they did, I do not think they would be in business, I wonder what keeps S&W afloat for so long. It does help that they were just eliminated from the MHS trials.

          • mig1nc

            Walther made the SW99 frames in Germany on the same production lines as the P99, Smith & Wesson made the slides and barrels here in the USA.

    • Kovacs Jeno

      It is an Umarex tear gas pistol, a blankfirer, with dedicated 15 mm signal/fireworks adapter screwed in.

  • Brett

    What if I am firing upward, but into a specially designed bullet trap?

  • michael

    P99 the perfect handgun. I love mine

  • datimes

    I know a guy who does an annual mag dump directly into the deep end of his pool on New Years eve. Picks the bullets and cases out of the water the next day.

    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      In full-auto?

      • datimes

        No, semi-auto 9mm as fast as he can pull the trigger. His idea of a ‘mag dump’.

        • A bearded being from beyond ti

          That just sounds dumb, filling your pool with lead.

          • Tinkerer

            Three letters:

  • valorius

    Everyone knows you fire guns into the ground on new years!

  • valorius

    On this 4th of July the government would like to remind Los Angelinos not to fire at the alien spacecraft.

  • Gary Kirk

    FN’ Rtards!!! 22:15 and it’s already starting in SOMD. Dammit people..

  • John

    Why the hell would somebody shoot in the air? Do they not understand physics?

    • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

      Common sense is not as common as you expect. Physics is even rarer