New Gun: Ed Brown Compact

Ed Brown

Ed Brown Products announced the new Ed Brown Compact 1911. This new pistol combines the company’s Officer sized frame with the Commander length slide. The end result is a gun that should be easier to conceal on a belt while still offering ample barrel length for velocity development and a generous sight radius.

The frame is a single stack and can be had in .45 ACP, .38 Super and 9mm. With an unloaded magazine, this gun weighs about 37 ounces in standard trim. Customizations can alter the overall weight up or down.

In basic form, the gun has a matte stainless finish on the slide and frame with an optional Gen4 coating for additional protection against corrosion and wear. On top of the slide, you will find a red fiber optic sight and a fixed, black rear sight. With a 4.25″ barrel and Commander slide, there is a good amount of distance between the sights to allow for precise aiming.

Ed Brown uses 25 lpi checkering on the mainspring housing and on the front of the grip. On the slide, the company uses square cut slide serrations. Slide serrations are located on the rear of the slide only. There is no accessory rail on these pistols.

Pricing on these pistols starts at $2,695.

Richard Johnson

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  • VanDiemensLand

    Another crazy expensive 1911…..

    • K-Gunner

      Expensive, yes, but compared to the insanity over at WC it’s a damn bargain. Prices of these “high end” 1911s has become a game of “let’s see who can charge the most”. Ridiculous!

  • Chris

    Grab the popcorn, open a beer and kick back to view the usual comments about
    / price
    / innovation
    / JMB vs Polymer

    and so on and so on…

    Nah, seen all that before.
    Time to switch channels.

    • Innovation complainer, here. It’d be cool to see a bunch of boutique 1911s pitted against each other on TFB. Much like the P210 vs Pardini vs Benelli vs S&W vs CZ target-model face off.

  • Mmmtacos

    37oz (probably close to 35oz w/o mag)? Not that I could afford it, but no thanks. I don’t see the point in a Commander 1911 that isn’t a lightweight frame (it should be ~30oz with one)

    But that’s me. I have two friends that would beg to differ on that. Personally I’ll take a Gov’t 1911 over any other size if we are going with steel frames. It’s just right…

  • Full Name

    “Pricing on these pistols starts at $2,695.”
    Honest question, here: Are there really people who have EDC guns that cost over $2.5k?
    If so, for what possible f#&king reason?

    • SKZ

      I EDC a Wilson Combat Sentinel Compact. Retails $3750.

    • DGR

      Have you ever seen a gun and just the thought of it makes you smile, that is Ed Brown to people like me. Been dreaming of one since I was old enough to read. Ill flip the statement, what possible reason would anyone have to actually want to carry another $400 soulless plastic wonder?

  • lol

    NEW GUN! 100 year old 1911.

  • Madcap_Magician

    See how innovative our innovativeness is with this new gun that combines the short grip of the Officer frame with the longer barrel and sight radius of the Commander slide! No company has ever made such a thing!