New Limited Edition Ed Brown 2nd Amendment 1911

    Ed Brown 1911

    Earlier this year, Ed Brown Products launched a new 2nd Amendment 1911 handgun. The gun is a mix of Ed Brown craftsmanship with a bit of American attitude.

    At the most basic, the gun is a government model 1911 with a 5″ barrel and full frame. It is equipped with a number of nice features and festooned with a number of engravings that set it apart from a normal slabsides.

    Ed Brown 1911

    On the right hand side of the slide, the company engraves the coiled snake logo from the Gadsden flag. On the left side of the slide, the entirety of the Second Amendment is engraved. The word freedom is engraved in all caps on the barrel bushing. A fellow would have to be standing on the wrong end of the gun to read it.

    The company uses its snakeskin treatment on the forestrap and the mainspring housing, which offers better grip purchase and a look that is distinctively different from the typical checkering one might see.

    Ed Brown 1911

    Additional features and specifications on this gun:

    • .45 ACP
    • 41 ounces with an unloaded magazine
    • stainless finish on both slide and frame
    • square cut cocking serrations
    • U-notch rear sight with fiber optic green front sight
    • VZ Operator II G10 grips
    • recessed slide stop
    • base price: $2,995

    The gun is listed as a limited edition, but the company does not currently list information on either a timeframe for production or a total number being made. Also, this model is different – although only slightly – from the gun of the same name that was sold previously.

    Richard Johnson

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