New Pistol: Wilson Combat ULC Commander Compact

Wilson Combat ULC

Wilson Combat is widely acknowledged as a high end 1911 builder. Just ahead of the SHOT Show, the company announced a new pistol: the ULC Commander Compact. The new guns have all of the refinements that one might expect from Wilson Combat.

At its core, the pistols are compact frames matched to Commander length slides. The result is a pistol that is relatively easy to conceal while still maintaining a barrel long enough for rounds to develop respectable velocity and a long enough sight radius to get good accuracy.

The ULC Commander Compact uses an aluminum alloy frame for a good balance of strength and weight. The mainspring housing has a rounded off butt to reduce the opportunity for printing under a light cover garment.

The 4.25″ barrel is made of stainless steel and is considered match grade. Wilson Combat puts a flush cut reverse crown on it for a great look to go with its accuracy. On top of the slide, the company uses a fiber optic front sight with wide Battlesight rear.

Wilson Combat uses the Bullet Proof magazine release, thumb safety, grip safety and hammer. On the sides, G10 starburst grips combine with the 30 LPI checkering to give you a solid grip on the gun.

Pricing on these guns starts at $3,825. Versions in both 9mm and .45 ACP are available.

Richard Johnson

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  • Youtube’s Best Channel

    Yet another 1911. But a compact one. For 3825 dollars. I don’t understand this world.

    • datimes

      Some people will buy a nice new Mustang and a few others a neon green Lamborghini. Choice is a good thing.

      • iksnilol

        Neon green Lambo is the superior choice there while the Mustang is a good choice as well (number 1# crowd seeking missile ever made, better hit percentage than the Predator drones).

        So yeah, I fail to see your argument, you list two pretty cool things and say that choice is a good thing.

    • USMC03Vet

      Legend says it was hand carved by Swiss watchmakers out of unobtainium.

      • Hoplopfheil

        Legend says Wilson carved it himself… From a bigger 1911.

  • claymore

    I like it, would get one, but that price keeps me away.

  • Gregory

    Why do you keep showing us weapons that almost no one can afford? That is like having a beautiful naked woman walk around in front of you with your wife standing next to you. You can look but you will never be able to touch.

    • Mike

      So if your wife wasn’t there you would touch?

      • m-dasher

        ….never been to a strip club i take it….

    • Bill

      I’d better not even look…

    • Charles Applegate

      My wife IS beautiful. And sometimes she’s naked!

  • VanDiemensLand

    I get that some people are willing to pay a lot for quality, and that’s their prerogative, however I am just unable to see the value in that price. I can’t see that it is justifiable for what you get that’s all.

  • I really don’t understand the market for boutique 1911 #7,089 when other fascinating pistols exist. But maybe people are more boring than I had hoped?

    • Bill

      I think that the custom 1911 field has been surpassed by the customish AR15 field.

  • Scott Tuttle

    looks like they made those grips from recycled 1950s toasters

  • Bill

    I don’t understand the complaints about the price. Wilson, Nighthawk et al don’t sell to mortals. Their market is users who will scrimp and save until they can afford it, or people with mansions and Audi R8s and private jets.

    Wilson as a company doesn’t care that the price may cost them sales – they don’t have to. They can sell everything they can crank out.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Yeah! Finally a new handgun design that does away with the antiquated swinging link and barrel bushing!

    Oh. Oh wait.

  • Warren Ellis

    Looking at this 1911, and many others, I want to ask something. I’m not a gun owner yet I enjoy reading about them, so I admittedly wouldn’t know the ins-and-outs about the various 1911s and 1911 clones out there but I have to ask: have there been any real advances in 1911s since WW2?

    Like do modern 1911s generally carry more rounds or something? Are they much lighter or easier to use or anything? Maybe it’s just me but it often seems like most 1911s are just the same thing built again and again, and then painted to make them look different.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if I was completely wrong about 1911s appearing to have stood still but it just seems that way to me.