Wilson Combat’s Bullet Proof 1911 Extractors Go S7 Tool Steel

    Wilson Combat, known for their 1911’s and a growing portfolio of high-end products, has announced their 1911 extractors are going even higher end performance wise. Both the Series 70 and Series 80 1911 extractors are now machined from S7 tool steel bar stock.

    S7 has been gaining in popularity within the market over the last few years. Specifically formulated for high tensile strength and shock resistance, the material is ideal for parts taking a beating in the operation of a firearm. AR companies have been using S7 as an upgrade for both extractors and a few use on their bolts like the Sharps’ Reliabolt.


    Outside the firearms industry, S7 is used for a myriad of applications such as punches, chisels, dies, and concrete breakers. It is known to be sensitive to heat-treat, but with a solid service, the steel is ideal for extractors, ejectors, and similar parts.

    The change to the S7 material has not changed the overall form and function of the extractor. Tension is still adjusted by bending the part and its near drop-in ready for most handguns.

    Features (Courtesy of Wilson Combat):


    • Fully Machined from S7 shockproof tool steel with a tensile strength of 275,000 PSI
    • Optimized hook design for maximum strength and case rim contact
    • Hook location tolerances held to +/- .001″
    • Radiused corners for extended life and smooth feeding
    • Heat treated to optimum hardness and cryogenically treated
    • Guaranteed for life against breakage or we will replace at no cost to you

    The updated “Bullet Proof” extractors are available directly from Wilson Combat and through their dealer networks. 


    Nathan S

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