FightLite Industries New Pistol Caliber Carbines

FightLite Industries have been posting sneak peak videos on their Instagram page of a new pistol caliber carbine that they’re working on. FightLite Industries used to be known as ARES Defense but they changed their name last year to reflect their product line-up, they’re best known for theirย SCR rifles and their belt fed system the MCR. posted some details of the new FightLite Industries pistol caliber carbine that’s in the works. What we know so far is that their new carbine will be highly modular, users will be able to convert the carbine from .22LR, 9mm, .40 S&W, 10mm and .45ACP. It will be able to use Glock, Beretta, CZ, Smith and Wesson, Springfield or Sig Sauer mags. Other than that not much else is known such as an MSRP, weight or release date. If the tidbits about it being that modular turn out to be true it’s going to be a bad ass little carbine. Check out the videos below of it in action.

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  • rjackparis

    I’m assuming another AR based Glock mag pcc


    • Joe

      Assumption, good call on that.
      Multi caliber from 9mm/.40 to .45/10mm, takes mags from multiple types of handguns. I expect the price point to be pretty elevated for all those features.

  • thedonn007

    If it is really that modular, I will have to get one, especially if it will use my CZ 75 mags. Also, I need a ware house like that. How great would it be to have your own shooting range in your storage facility.

  • Cymond

    I’ll remain skeptical. Ares Defense didn’t have a great reputation. Their original beltfed upper was a preorder boondoggle that seemed like vaporware for years. The RCU was released to a fair bit of hype, but discontinued with a year.

    For it to use that many different magazines, it must have a modular magwell, similar to the Hydra. Like the Hydra, I expect it to be expensive. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Joe

      I feel you on the mid-2000’s Shrike, extremely disappointing/frustrating for the early adopters (or refundees, as the case may have been).
      I can’t speak from experience, but they finally seem to have their stuff together.
      Does anyone know if the MCR belt-fed upper will work with the featureless SCR lower?

      • Jake

        Nah, different bolt setup. MCR is piston driven, SCR bolt is DI and cut in half with a pivoting tail

      • Gregory Markle

        I automatically read the line “changed their name last year to reflect their product line-up” as “changed their name to distance themselves from Geoffrey Herring’s past business practices.”

  • Nicks87

    Is this just another Aero Survival pistol? I did not hear good things about them.

    • ??

      What were some of the problems with the Aero?

      • BeoBear

        I’m curious too, I’ve not heard anything bad about the Aero’s survival line. I’ve been very interested in them, especially after they announced 10mm was coming.

        • Nicks87

          Reliability and price, mainly. Also heard that the barrel can work loose after extensive use. This is just what I read on the internet I haven’t shot one for myself. I wanted one but changed my mind after doing some research.

          • ??

            It’s a screw on, removable take down barrel that can work loose. Got it.

  • Ghostdog

    Interesting. It’s worth a look for sure.

    • Ghostdog

      Had a look, they sell belt fed ARs…uhhh. Ridiculous.

  • iksnilol

    Why not make the magazine in the grip if it is going to use pistol mags? Something like the Beretta CX-4 just with different mags.

  • iksnilol

    Why not make the magazine in the grip if it is going to use pistol mags? Something like the CX-4 just with different mags.

    • Southpaw89

      Probably to simplify manufacturing, ten to one this uses a standard AR trigger assembly and it appears to use a standard AR stock, these could also reduce the cost of manufacture and be used as a selling point. Also its probably far easier to achieve the variety of mag options they have using a small insert in the forward magwell than attempting it with an inside the grip option.

  • therealgreenplease

    Gas operated 9mm that takes glock mags please. Thx.

  • Ryan L

    If they can come in at a decent price they’ll do well. I think there is definitely room in the AR9 market for sure – look at how fast the PSA lowers and uppers sell out. Problem is by the time you spec out most of the AR-9’s your near the price of a Sig MPX let alone a scorpion. Get close in price to a Scorpion and you can probably move units as fast as you can make them.

  • Full Name

    I kept reading the company name as “FlightLine Industries” and wondering what that had to do with guns

  • FredxDerf

    Too bad this company can’t deliver on what they promise. I put down a 50% deposit on their suppressed pistol in JUNE- after calling them constantly for 6 months and hearing “2 more weeks” I finally got my money back.

    • Gregory Markle

      Eeek. I’m kind of interested in buying just the upper for one of those but having a number of friends who got burned by Geoffrey in the ARES Shrike debacle I was hesitant to order one, maybe I’ll just look into other options.

  • Exsanguinator

    Only thing I care about is reliability and reasonable prices. Too many overpriced firearms on the market today.