Exile Machine AR Shotgun Stock Adapter for CA AR-15s

Remember Exile Machine’s revolver conversion kits for the AR-15? Well they have a new quirky AR-15 part out that allows you to attach a Mossberg 500 compatible stock onto your AR-15. Their new Headbutt Adapter attaches to an AR lower’s pistol grip attachment point and you can then attach a Mossberg 500 shotgun stock to the Headbutt Adapter. Why in the hell would anyone want such a device you ask? California and their logical politicians in Sacramento that’s why. New legislation that will go live in 2017 will force Californian AR-15 owners to either register their ARs as “Assault Rifles” or go featureless. The pistol is grip is one of the evil features and in order to go featureless you’ll have to ditch the pistol grip or find a work around.

There are definitely other ways to make your AR-15 CA compliant, but they’re not as odd looking as Exile Machine’s new adapter.┬áThe new Headbutt Adapter is made from injection molded glass filled nylon and weights in at 50g (1.76oz) without hardware and should work with any mil-spec forged AR-15 lower receivers. The adapter will work with Magpul or Hogue stocks but some extra parts are required. Exile Machine is offering a 90 day no questions asked warranty. Useful in case this doesn’t actually make your AR legal in Commiefornia. The new Headbutt Adapters are expected to ship on December 25th.

Check them out at ExileMachine.net.



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  • Hoplopfheil

    At this point, whatever keeps Californians armed is a good thing.

    • gunsandrockets

      The irony of the new ban, is that all those hundreds of thousands (millions?) of “bullet-button” equipped fixed magazine AR/AK/whatever could be legally modified back into their original detachable magazine condition if the owners register the rifles with the State government.

      Of course the downside of a California registered “assault weapon” are the numerous legal limits placed upon transportation and use. You can’t just drive out to some area of public land to do some plinking, not with a RAW, not anymore.

      • Cymond

        Sounds like a good excuse to build another carbine!

        Register the current one as a RAW, build another featureless, and another rimfire (only centerfires are classified as “assault weapons”).

        Yeah, I have Black Rifle Disease.

        • Anonymoose

          Register nothing. They will come for them soon.

          • Cymond

            Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve heard that plenty of times.
            I’m tired of putting life on hold, waiting for “maybes” and “somedays”. I’m not going to make sacrifices today out of fear of something that might happen someday. If I still lived in CA, I would gladly risk losing a lower to have a full-featured gun for however many months or years until that day. Lowers are cheap. Californians won’t get another chance to own a (legal) full-feature rifle.

            Or to quote Zoe, “I ain’t so afraid of losing something that I ain’t gonna try to have it.”

      • Bob

        And those guns can never be sold to another Californian or passed down to their heirs.

        Plenty of Californians cheered the opening of the registration scheme to allow them to go back to being “RAW”. But at the cost of a new generation of shooters. Horrible.

        California is playing the long game. These laws slowly remove guns form future shooters. Now, any Californian that will not be 18 by the closing date is closed out from every obtaining a AR for the most part except that abomination. Also anyone that moves into the state is reduced to that or a featureless Ruger Mini-14.

        Future generations of shooters will see their parents’ RAWs be confiscated or sold out of state when their parents pass away.

        Yeah, great win alright….. :-

        The goal of California gun grabbers is to generationally remove guns. By the year 2100 legally owned guns will be gone in California for the most part if they continue on their current path.

        • gunsandrockets

          Long term indeed.

          Think of it. The original California ban on so-called “assault weapons” was June of 1989. Now 27 years later, Californians will have hundreds of thousands if not millions more AW than they did back then. So who is really winning the long term fight?

          The way the nation is going, a generation from now California’s stupid and oppressive gun control laws are likely to have been swept away by Federal action. Either new civil rights legislation (from 14th Amendment enforcement powers) or Court rulings will do the trick.

          • jay

            You don’t understand kalifornia legislators. They don’t represent anyone other than themselves and their agenda’s.

        • jay

          You are correct. But this isn’t just for gun control. Most likely gone will also be conservatives, and any one who supports the 2nd Amendment. It is the long game to turn kaliforniastan into the workers utopia. Except for their overlords of course.

    • BryanS

      New York did that, and the gun owners told them to pound salt.

      Which has worked out a lot better. We need to do pistol grip and standard cap magazine drops from airplanes all over California.

  • Joseph Goins

    Makes me thankful to live in a free state.

  • gunsandrockets

    Commiefornia? Hell Yes.

  • gunsandrockets

    Also, be aware any magazine, belt or other “feeding device” with a capacity of greater than 10 rounds of ammunition is a crime to possess in California beginning on July 1st, 2017. The grandfathering of those items that was included in the 1999 ban is now dead.

    • Steve Hall

      In violation of ex post facto provisions of US Constitution Art. I Sec. 10 and California Constitution Art. I Sec. 9 but they don’t care. I confronted several legislators but its like talking greek to them. I talked to an old friend from the recall days from the original AW ban era who is now a high placed staffer in the NRA and the prevailing opinion is that a lawsuit would fail, that even with a good Scalia replacement we would loose 6-3. I believe the NRA has given up on magazine bans litigation wise and Commiefornia in general. I’m moving my primary residence to Arizona but unfortunately I can’t completely cut out of Commiefornia yet. I am going to be a political refugee in America, unbelievable! I’m becoming very cynical and beginning to believe that the lawyers have made the supreme law of the land a worthless piece of paper. I gave it my best, lost of work in the members council grass roots, 2 runs for the assembly and with other campaigns but the communists who have taken over the democrat party and the ruling elite billionaires have coalized too effectively.

      • gunsandrockets

        Yep, voting with your feet is the last resort, but at least it is a resort still available to us.

        I do believe that in the longer term gun-control in California will get struck down, either from Federal Court action or from Federal legislation. But the best case scenario for such a result is at least five years into the future, and the more likely scenario 10 years from now.

        So I believe the next ten year will be very harsh for gun-owners in California as the State and Local Governments try to impose the extremist gun-control laws of New York City. More confiscations are coming…

  • Audie Bakerson

    Hope Ginsberg bites the dust soon after Jan 20th (she’s already past average life expectancy). Then it will be time to rip and tear the law books of the blue states and render this pointless.

    • tts

      Ginsberg dying won’t change the political reality of California or any other (of the very few) blue states and depending on the legal arguments used even the Conservative Justices on the SCOTUS might uphold state bans of some sort.

      You have to be very very careful when you step into a court room. The only people I’ve seen who get what they want with any consistency are the lawyers.

      • Audie Bakerson

        Failing that Kennedy, a swing vote, is getting pretty old too.

      • Charles Applegate

        Well, half of us, anyway.

  • Gary Kirk

    Finally.. Something to do with all the Mossberg stocks I have lying around from shotguns I put AR stocks on..

  • AD

    That is hideous. I can see a use for it though: if you want to keep your rifles but don’t want to spend money on a more expensive alternate “compliant” stock (assuming these are relatively cheap), then this would at least allow you to keep your rifles in a semi-functional state… until you can find a new job and relocated somewhere else.

  • Cymond

    The lower grip on the Magpul stock might be ok, but the standard Mossberg stock looks horribly uncomfortable.
    I had an Exile Machine Hammerhead adapter when I was in CA and hated it, but at least I could have drop free magazines.

  • Bradley

    Actually, as stupid as it looks, this seems like it would be more practical to me than some of the other solutions. At least you could use the buffer tube for a cheek weld and have proper height for sights.

  • 22winmag

    Slavish attempts at compliance with grossly unconstitutional gun laws is the problem here, not the grossly unconstitutional gun laws themselves.

  • William Nelson

    Lordy, that thing is approaching British firearms regulations in terms of ugly.

    Final feature is going to be a flashing light on top and a alarm going, “Warning! This is a rifle! Warning! This is a rifle!” in alternating english and spanish.

  • Joseph White

    It’s still a.223, it just doesn’t look like an ar. I think I’d rather have a.308.

  • Anonymoose

    But can it be used to mount a Cruiser stock?

  • Garmanarnar

    And if you hold it up to your ear and listen closely you can hear the sound of the rifle “kill…….m..me……k…k….kill….meee”

  • Edeco

    To quote Cokeman “Hey, hey. Hey what are you doing in there? Uhhh… What!? No, holy…”

  • Bob


  • RICH

    Our entire would have ended up like Kalifornia if Klinton would have won the election…. ! IMHO.

  • Leigh Rich

    Sorry California again.

  • BeoBear

    Sure they look goofy but think of the children and other innocent folks who are safe from being shot with them by bad guys now. Finally a gun that can be safely used by law abiding citizens without any danger of bad guys using them to do bad things. The state of California and their kind will sleep much better now and I for one will sleep better knowing they can sleep better.

  • jay

    Well it may fit the letter of the law in kalifornistan, but it sure is ugly. Besides, won’t the shoulder mount, and cheek weld be way off? Just from looking at the picture, it looks like you would have to do an unnatural viewing position for any optics. Specially if they have high mounts, or are tall. Good luck with the product though.