Exile Machine AR Shotgun Stock Adapter for CA AR-15s

    Remember Exile Machine’s revolver conversion kits for the AR-15? Well they have a new quirky AR-15 part out that allows you to attach a Mossberg 500 compatible stock onto your AR-15. Their new Headbutt Adapter attaches to an AR lower’s pistol grip attachment point and you can then attach a Mossberg 500 shotgun stock to the Headbutt Adapter. Why in the hell would anyone want such a device you ask? California and their logical politicians in Sacramento that’s why. New legislation that will go live in 2017 will force Californian AR-15 owners to either register their ARs as “Assault Rifles” or go featureless. The pistol is grip is one of the evil features and in order to go featureless you’ll have to ditch the pistol grip or find a work around.

    There are definitely other ways to make your AR-15 CA compliant, but they’re not as odd looking as Exile Machine’s new adapter.┬áThe new Headbutt Adapter is made from injection molded glass filled nylon and weights in at 50g (1.76oz) without hardware and should work with any mil-spec forged AR-15 lower receivers. The adapter will work with Magpul or Hogue stocks but some extra parts are required. Exile Machine is offering a 90 day no questions asked warranty. Useful in case this doesn’t actually make your AR legal in Commiefornia. The new Headbutt Adapters are expected to ship on December 25th.

    Check them out at ExileMachine.net.



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