SIG Sauer P226 Mk25 “SEAL” Pistol Discussion, History and Disassembly

The SIG Sauer P226 Mark 25 handgun was adopted by Naval Special Warfare Command after an initial solicitation by NSWC Crane. The handgun was and is still in use by a number of Sailors within this contingent, however the actual SEALs have and still are issued the standard Sig P226, rather than the Mark 25. Note that the other Sig handgun in here is actually a P229, instead of a standard P226. However for comparison’s sake, the P229 served well.

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  • Joseph Goins

    I’m not sure this isn’t the older P226 Navy model that predates the P266 Mk25.

    • That is pretty easy to tell apart.

      Round Rails = P226R Navy

      Pic/Flat Rails = Mk25

  • Allan Segal

    I own the standard P226 nitron, the basic flagship model. It is a high capacity low maintenance workhorse. Never a hiccup with range ammo nor defensive rounds. Only drawback is it’s weight. (not an issue for civilian in a non ccw actvity, but I could see where a polymer framed lighter model would be appreciated by military or LE)

  • andrey kireev

    I have the tac-ops version of 226… It’s by far my most favorite handgun. Never had any issues with it, and it runs smooth as butter, and has one of the most pleasant trigger resets (factory installed short reset trigger)

  • Edeco

    Tempted to try for a police trade in 357 while those are still happening. But I must calm myself, I expect there to be several new shiny objects to covet in the next coupla years.

    • Bill

      Reports are that the .357 SIG round flat stomps people. It would be my round of choice for duty if other people were paying for it, and keeping me appropriately supplied.

      • Edeco

        Hmmm, yeah, bottlenecks in handguns are kind of extravagant, by nature and given the ammo situation. But, I can see letting go of propellant efficiency and going for high ME relative to recoil. The chaotic part of me that likes stuff like screamy OHV engines with foul low end performance (the idea of them anyway) as opposed to the usual puppy-ish 350 with single q-jet.

  • Charles Meredith

    I’ll stay with my Sig P-6. Single stack 9mm. Carry xtra magazines. Simple, always works!

  • LL1684L2

    Reading the video’s intro for the video says the SEALs “are issued” the P226. It should be mentioned the P226 has been or will soon be replaced with the Glock 19 Gen3. This doesn’t mean the SIG P226 is bad or not as good in any way. Read/view onward.

    • NukeItFromOrbit

      So they’re going to replace an excellent pistol with a plastic brick? Who are the idiots making these decisions?

      • TW

        They are replacing an excellent pistol with an even better pistol. Cry all you want but many of the features of the Glock are superior.

        • NukeItFromOrbit

          Like the awful ergonomics? There are three good things to be said about the Glock, it’s reliable, it’s cheap, and it’s lightweight. Yet there are superior handguns out there and we should be buying *those*, not Glocks just because everybody else is doing it.

  • Joel

    The initial P226 which was issued in the 80s was likely stamped W. Germany. That model had a slide formed around a mandrel and welded. It would also have had no accessory rail. This was before the days of front cocking serrations, external extractors, and short reset triggers. In fact, a Glock shooter would find an original P226 reset to be very long. DA in those old pistols was pretty heavy and rough. SA lightened up with use. If memory serves, the US Marshalls reported some problem with frame cracking. But the pistols were extremely reliable and very accurate.

  • Gary Kirk

    Ok, I hate to be the first one to do this.. But.. To all my fellow service members, please raise a couple to our fallen brothers on this “day of infamy”..

    I hope this post is seen, and don’t care about the fallout..

    But I must insist this day be remembered, cause not many know what today is.

    • VanDiemensLand

      I doubt it, I’m in Australia and I know it’s the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbour.

      • .45

        Yes, considering it has been front page news the past few days and Mr. Japanese leader will be coming to not apologize (also in the news), you’d think people would at least know it falls somewhere in this week, but people being people, I’m sure most know more about Kanye West’s breakdown than they do about that WW2 thing…

    • .45

      I was reading a little about that in a local newspaper. Never served in the military or have immediate family who have, much less anyone who was in at the time, but I have been thinking about it.

    • Arjan Blom

      It is still a day which will live in infamy. They wont be forgotten, Holland remembers.

    • Dougscamo

      Goodo for you Gary! It would have been MOST appropriate for TFB to have done something….makes you miss Alex C….who I’m sure would have….

      • James Reeves

        LOL. Doug, which of the Alex C. Pearl Harbor tributes over the years was your favorite so far?

        • Dougscamo

          Dang it…I should have known better than reply on the Disqus notification (25 minutes ago)….it is like a black hole and doesn’t always post in comments….My answer was “hoped that none of you guys were watching…busted”. That being said…it WAS the 75th Anniversary and would have been fitting…BTW…why so strangely quiet from you lately? One post since Count Tacula?…give us more….need ‘muricans….

          • Dougscamo

            Dang it….now it posts 2 COMMENTS!!!!!

          • James Reeves

            hahaha Doug…
            Thanks for asking – I didn’t film one video over November, work was nuts and I went to Costa Rica for a week and a half with my wife over Thanksgiving. I filmed quite a bit in the past week and have a very special review of an American classic running this or next week. I won’t give it away but I should “point” out that you’ll be “highly” satisfied with it. There’s another review of a new release carry gun set for the week after that.

            Anyways, I have some footage now, just need to chop it and upload it… :-/

          • Dougscamo

            Gotcha…wink, wink….
            BTW, Iksilol will be thrilled….

        • Dougscamo

          Dang it…I should have known better than reply on the Disqus notification (15 minutes ago})….it is like a black hole and doesn’t always post in comments….My answer was “hoped that none of you guys were watching…busted”. That being said…it WAS the 75th Anniversary and would have been fitting…BTW…why so strangely quiet from you lately? One post since Count Tacula?

    • iksnilol

      Like, mate, everyone knows because everybody on the interweb mentions it constantly. I mean, they even mention it on Imgur the day after.

  • Cap’n Mike
  • .45

    This feels weird without Alex C…

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking of purchasing a police trade in of a P22-whatever, but my local gun shop that carries these things usually only has them in .40 S&W, a round I don’t stock and don’t plan on getting into.

    • Brick

      I’ve seen that too. Most of the P226s I see being sold used or traded-in are all in .40.

      • some other joe

        Get a .357 SIG barrel from SIG and Bob’s yer uncle?

  • Joe

    German use of the P226 had nothing to do with the adoption of the pistol by NSW. This video is replete with either misinformation or a lack of information. The history of the P226’s adoption by NSW is easily accessible. Need to step up your game. Ian from Forgotten Weapons is kicking your butt.