3D Printed SKS Chassis from Pearce Armoury

The SKS is seeing a lot of love in Canada lately, as another chassis system rears its head. The Pearce Armoury ILS chassis is 3D printed, and creates a pseudo-AR lower for the SKS. The means AR-15 stocks, pistol grips, magazines, trigger assembly, and bolt release.


The concept looks interesting for sure. Essentially create a lower receiver to mate with the SKS upper. An additional hand-guard creates the front swivel point for the receiver, and a top mounted optics rail fits onto the rear take down pin.


Ryan Pearce, the creator, explains the origin:

“About 2 years ago, I bought my first SKS rifle. Like many new SKS owners, I searched the aftermarket for upgrades to improve it’s accuracy, reliability, cartridge capacity and ease of magazine reloading. I could never find exactly what I wanted, so I began researching the dimensions of the SKS and learned that I could integrate what I wanted to it, if I created an all-new chassis. It was then that I started Pearce Armoury to develop modern technology solutions for the SKS rifle.”


I (and I suspect many of you) am initially skeptical of the durability in a 3D printed polymer system, and I asked Ryan directly about his materials:

“We are using a material called Nylon 12, it has good strength principals in the thicknesses we are using and produces a fairly nice finish, now these could smoothed by hand if the layers are bothersome. We will be offering them only in white at the moment but looking at an option to have them painted.”


Now the kicker: this is a permanent change to the SKS, one way ticket. $800 CAD gets you the printed stock, and all the hardware to install it, but you have to modify the original rifle yourself. The hammer channel must be extended and the magazine well opened up to work with the new mags.

The latest news is that Pearce will be offering their own line of SKS-7 rifles in the Spring, theoretically fitted with an ILS out of the box. They are discussing the potential for a larger run of CNC aluminum versions of the chassis, but right now the 3D one-offs are all that’s available to the public.

Keep in mind that SKS rifles can still be found for under $200 in Canada. There’s lots of them around, with less and less collectors value as the Russians start laser engraving export info on the receivers. There’s quite a few concept and schematic images so far, but just the one functional rifle that I’ve been able to find. What do you think TFB readership? Worthy of a can of Krylon?








Edward O

Edward is a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Crawling over mountains with tactical gear is his idea of fun. He blogs at TV-Presspass and tweets @TV_PressPass.


  • It has a really nice look to it, but no matter how many parts I’ve 3d printed over the years I would never trust that material on something I want to last.

    $800 for the files might not be a bad deal if someone was planning to CNC them instead of 3d print.

    • JustAHologram

      Yeah the material just isn’t quite there yet but in a few years it will be

    • Jason Culligan

      In that regard, waiting for a year or two until the aluminium version is ready might not be a bad choice.

    • Preacher

      Just let it produce by a company of your choice offering direct metal laser sintering, grab some fancy material of your choice – and there you go.
      Airbus parts are made by that – so there are definitly air grad Al and Ti alloys out there to choose from.
      Should be pretty cheap aswell, because you just per for the weight of the product and not the complicated machining.

      • Most companies that do SLS printing will cancel your order if they suspect it is a firearm part, ESPECIALLY if it’s a component that would normally be serialized. An AR-15 lower receiver is 93.25 Cubic centimeters, even at the cheapest available steel sintering price around (~$5USD / Cubic Centimeter) you are looking at $470 before even printing the handguard that is also required which is likely another $400+. So with the files you’re looking at $1,600 worth of printing, Machining is far cheaper in this application.

        Pic for volume reference. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b20d8da848449aac75308434012d5dcb07c35b1abceeba619890e9b08644c903.png

        • Preacher

          Where do you read that just the files charge you 800CAD/USD? As far as I see this post – it´s referring to a “ready to ship” product: So they did the printing already for you.
          But thanks for sharing the cm³ price – haven´t be aware of that. The most parts I know charge more for shipping and fees than for the material. Forgot to consider this, and like you sayed: This is stacking up fast!

          • Just being a typical American and assuming the universe revolves around me, I read CAD and my brain converted it to USD.

  • yodamiles

    $2k ACOG on top of SKS……..lol

    I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight…

    • gusto

      how is an ACOG 4 times the price of an aimpoint?

      • totenglocke

        People will pay huge markups just for a logo. See the idiots who buy Apple products that are several times the cost of superior products from other companies.

        • yodamiles

          I like ACOG alot. I tried it once at the range and it’s a superb product. What annoy me is that there is little or no improvement to their product at all in the past decade. Improvement like reducing weight or fix the eye relief issue on some model.

        • Curious_G


        • Stephen Paraski

          And Apple respects your right when you use their phones. But 800 Canuckistanian Pesos for that? And SKS haters scoffed at SG bull pup, and that was $230 US. I suppose this takes non-working 7.62 x 39 AR mags too? But I enjoy scrolling though interwebs reading about new stuff, and no, do not partake anymore since spinal cord injury. Kind of hard to get around, no wheel chair friendly places around Detroit. But remember beauty is in eye of beholder. When I walked and worked my tool was a Combat Commander and it saved my life twice, but kid has glocks. Eh, as long as you do what you want screw what someone else thinks, remember everyone has a opinion as well as a pooper.

      • Chris22lr

        ‘Cause it’s got 4 times the magnification!

        But seriously: apples to oranges, Aimpoint red dots and Trijicon ACOGs are very different sights for very different purposes.

    • Anonymoose

      Don’t worry. It’s only a $1200 ACOG. 🙂

      • yodamiles

        Well, ACOG with backup sight is about $1900+ (depends on store) So, that plus tax……probably $2k

  • Lou

    I love it! Awesome idea! I remember the days of buying Chinese SKS rifles for $49 wholesale, this would have been great back in the 80s.

  • JustAHologram

    In addition to the question of material durability, I’m not a fan of trying to make everything into an AR platform. Go for a unique look to set your product apart from the crowd.

    • Avery

      It’s for the Canadian market. ARs are Restricted weapons, but parts for them are fairly commonplace, thanks to other guns that share parts like magazines like the Tavor.

  • GD Ajax

    So almost a thousand for a butt ugly SKS. Usually I’d be the last complain about how a gun looks, but this thing hit every branch of the ugly tree on the way down.

  • jumanji

    I think it looks badass, almost like a Dragunov SVD. I like how it looks with no rail.

    If I were producing these, I would use Boris’s FruityGhost method to cast them into a solid polymer piece. I would have also reinforced the area around the front hinge pin and rear takedown pin. Regardless, this design has features that would make it more durable than printed AR-15 lowers:

    -There is nothing hitting the back of the receiver extension, so there is no moment to torque the stock downwards. Also the takedown pin hole is not above the web of the grip. This is what caused early printed AR-15 lowers to fail.

    -There are ribs supporting the receiver extension, further reinforcing this area.

    -There is no charging handle above the receiver extension, so this area can be made very thick. There is much less chance of failure here.

    I don’t know how much I’d trust that picatinny rail to hold zero, but it should be just fine for low power scopes. It has a hinge at the front at least. Now how about a folding stock?

  • AC97

    Oh great, Bubba got some new tools…

    Where’s Ivan Chesnokov when you need him?

  • David W.

    Nyet! Rifle is fine!

    • Even the Soviets didn’t think the rifle was fine, which was why it was relegated to ceremonial use.

  • gusto

    why not just get an AR?

    there are AR that take ak47mags/calibre
    or just get an ak47

    why transform the SKS? what are the benefits?

    • andrey kireev

      Because in Canada, AKs and AR15s are on Restricted weapons list, while SKS’ and VZ-58 are not.

  • Avery

    With this taking STANAG magazines, is it rechambered in 5.56mm/.223 or are the magazines altered to take 7.62x39mm? There’s not a mention and the printed-out receiver doesn’t have a magazine fitted.

  • Seth Hill

    $800 for a nylon lower? If I was them, I would offer the files for a lot less for people to CNC or print their own, along with instructions on what mods need to be done.

  • Xtorin O’hern

    this is my kind of weird, i wonder if you could rebarrel it to 6.5 Grendel…….

  • JoshCalle

    Disgusting on several levels, the Canadian government shouldn’t force people to do crazy crap like this. Just let them have good, new guns. Bubba’d historical guns trigger the ever loving Christ out of me, even in the name of hardcore Molon Labeing.

    • andrey kireev

      Barely historical in case of SKS….Russians dumped them as primary service weapon within few years of adoption, and relegated it to reserve use…. China used it (in peacetime)… I guess North Vietnam and some Afghanis used them in conflict…. weapon barely remarkable when compared to service history of AKM / AR / FAL / G3 rifles.

      • Scott P

        Except wherever the AK went the SKS was right there with it so your whole “barely remarkable service history” comment is pure bullshit.

        • andrey kireev

          Except it didn’t. Russians dumped their SKS rifles in third world countries, along with their outdated WW2 guns.

  • CharlesH

    I’m not an SKS fan, but I’d buy one…or ten.

  • iksnilol

    At this point they should just convert it to 5.56 and add a 5.56 stripper clip guide to it.

    • Wow!

      Stop. I can only get so hard.

  • Ryfyle

    Nifty. I had a similar Idea but lack the funding and CAD experience to do something about it. I’m glad some actually did it.

  • That… doesn’t look like hot garbage. I think this may actually be a First for SKS conversions– nice work, frostbacks! Hustle on that aluminum version and this looks like a real winner.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    This actually makes me want to look again into getting a license to buy in Canada. I know travelers can get them but I think it takes a month or so, at least the government websites I checked out seem to suggest that. It’s legal to import, too, as far as I know, as long as you’re not trying to make a business out of it. It’s too bad that a rifle like the SKS is $400 here but that’s what the market will support and it’s actually in line when you consider that Mosins are $250 and Yugo Mausers are $350 now. Maybe more.

  • VolkCNC

    While neat, this item is vaporware. A passionate firearms enthusiast with big dreams and very little manufacturing experience. While I do not discourage his ambition, he has unrealistic expectations of the capabilities of 3D printed parts. He had a rapid prototyping company print off his CAD model (which is nonfunctional) and is soliciting pre-order deposits. He’s been banned from numerous Canadian firearms groups for his shady funding solicitation. The whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test.

  • roguetechie

    I most definitely respect what this guy has put together, and especially the careful attention to engineering a quality product.

    I genuinely hope he does well in his venture.

    That said, it’s definitely not my cup of tea.

  • Hamhands

    I like it, but I’d prefer to keep the original magazine. It ain’t broke and works great, and I actually enjoy reloading via clips a lot.

  • John Yossarian

    I can understand Canada’s fascination with the VZ 58. After all, VZ is better than AK. And people here (in the USA) are nuts about their AK’s. But the SKS? Just give it up, man!

    • Alexandru Ianu

      The SKS is genuinely more mud resistant than the VZ though, so a modernized SKS is comparable to a modernized VZ.

      • Gunner4guy

        My VZ is one of the early semi-auto Czech service rifles that were surplused out and imported into Canada and then into the US. While not wasting my time torture-testing it just to prove a point, it and my Yugo 59/66A1 seem more than adequate for field use. Quality of both is great as is operation.

  • Samuel Yahata

    It’s possible to fit a M59/66 in?

  • Stephen Paraski

    Not for $800 Canuckistanian Dollars.

    • Joshua

      you are aware that that is $602 US right now right?

      • Stephen Paraski

        That is still $400 too much.

      • Wow!

        Not even for 602 Freedom dollars.

  • jerry young

    A very interesting concept but I’m not a big fan of 3d printed firearms at least not yet, I just don’t believe the plastic will hold up as well as metal, maybe it will but this is just my opinion, as far as the combining an SKS with an AR style lower I kind of like the idea but it does seem to be a little bit too costly, I’ll leave my SKS as is and keep my AR’s as they are, I shoot my SKS because I like the feel and nostalgia of the gun, I keep it stock as it came all battle scared, it’s not a new version or aftermarket, if I want a AR style SKS then I’ll buy one already done when they become available.

  • Jim Coloma

    I don’t even have an SKS and I want to buy this where can I buy this

  • VolkCNC

    AR15’s are readily available at every gun shop in Canada from all the major manufacturers, plus some that you guys can’t get. They are classes restricted so can only be shot at an approved range. AK variants are all completely verboten.

  • schizuki

    I have an SKS. Here’s how to trick it out to make it optimal:

    1) Williams aperture rear sight. $20.99.

    2) Lots of stripper clips. Six dollars per 20.

    3) Trigger job. I didn’t, though. Maybe someday.

    You’re welcome.

  • Ryfyle

    Real quick. Why hasn’t TAPCO caught on to this? We could Bubba our SKS’s so much better now.

  • m-dasher

    $800 for a 3D printed stock…….yeah how about no……

    i can get a full milled aluminum chassis system for $800……hell, i can get an AR lower ( which is essentially what this is) for $50.

    the only reason they are 3D printing it, is because they dont know how to go about having it produced properly

    injection mold it out of glass reinforced Nylon and sell it for around $350……or mill it out of aluminum……..but dont halfass it with the 3d printing.

    • Alexandru Ianu

      They do intend to sell a milled chassis later on as well. 3D printing is a good way to prototype and develop the product.

      ARs are on the restricted in Canada, so this essentially gives you an unrestricted 7.62×39 AR.

      • Billy Jack

        What about that weird 5 shot magazine thing?

        • Porty1119

          They can use ten-shot “pistol” magazines in rifles.

          • Billy Jack

            Scared to even ask.
            Maple syrup infecting those Canuk brains.

  • William Taylor

    Too expensive by a factor of at least four. $175-200, maybe, $800? No way……..

  • John

    Looks neat, I’d be interested in the aluminum version for sure. Send it in the white, I’ll paint it myself.

  • I just have to ask. WHY? If you want all of those goodies on a rifle, why spend over $1000 building an SKS when you can buy any of a number of better rifles in the same or better calibers for less? If I wanted a rifle with easy to change magazines in 7.62 x 39, I’d buy a Ruger Mini 30. If you want AR ergonomics, buy an AR. They do make them in 7.62 x 39 last I checked. I personally wouldn’t want one because it would be hell to keep clean, but some people like scraping carbon off of the bolt. I think if I were going to drop that kind of coin, I’d opt for an FAL and have a rifle with a bit more usefulness than a fancy plastic SKS. That’s just me. My 7.62 x 39 rifle of choice is an AK. A VZ would be an option if they could be accessorized more readily. An SKS is a fine rifle, but not worth dumping a fortune into when you can just buy an AK or VZ for less than the cost of the accessories.

    • Stephen Paraski

      My son has a early G1 kit for sale.

      • Until I find a full time job, I’m trying avoid falling more than 30 days behind on my bills. I need to contact my credit card companies and ask them to put my payments on hold for a couple of months. I was laid off at the end of October and the company has given no ideas as to when they will be hiring us back.

  • Daniel W

    The Canadians did it again!!! – It makes me feel like the American gunsmith industry is going down the tubes, thank God the Canadians a leading the way.

  • Truth Speaker

    Not excited about the permanent changes to the SKS. But I like where this is headed.

  • CountryBoy

    I like this Ryan guy already.

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    WOW! What an ugly duckling. I think I’ll stick with easy to build AR 15’s in 300 Blackout. That are ALL metal.

  • Shawn Fahy

    Do they make .223 SKSs? These things look like they have .223 AR15 magazines…