CQB Europe Training Video

This is not as bad as some of the IDF videos we have seen. There are moments that cause one to question the validity of the training regimen. Such as twirling the pistol and then twisting it to present it to another officer.

The video looks old and possibly shot on VHS. There is an over abundant use of a wipe to switch between clips.

However the second half of the video showcases a single officer expertly manipulation his handgun. Yes there is a ninja roll in there just because. Is it me, or does the holster seem to be rather high on his waist? It seems like his torso is short and not in proportion to the rest of his body.

Nicholas C

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  • Anonymoose

    Needs moar tracksuit.

  • Raginzerker

    I can’t view it

  • DanGoodShot

    Hey! The video is gone. What a jip!

    • Ken

      It’s on their facebook page: CQB Group Europe

  • JumpIf NotZero

    The tactical gun handover is sweet af. I mean, if you’re planning on surrendering your gun, might as well do it with a twirl and some pizzazz

  • SlowJoeCrow

    The video has been disappeared, but for what it’s worth the outer pair of motorcycles are BMW K100s which would place this late 80s to early 90s since they have the early style fixed windshield rather than the electrically adjustable one.

  • Blake

    Are Ken and I the only people that see the “view on facebook” text in the embedded video area?

    • Marcus D.

      Nope, can’t see it. It’s just a picture. And I won’t sign up for FacePlant to see it either.

      • Blake

        My apologies, I didn’t realize just how cool you were.

        • Marcus D.

          Oh, I suspect that at my age I am pretty uncool. But I have never ever had a Facebook account and never will. Facebook hates you, me and every other gun owner and all gun sellers and manufacturers. Facebook (used to) claims ownership of anything you post. Facebook will not remove anything when you you ask them to. Facebook invades your privacy at every opportunity. Facebook censors are a bunch of SJWs. Sure, it’s their site, but that doesn’t mean I have to feed them and their ideology. Why on earth would I go there? Anybody who wants to talk to me knows my phone number.

    • Giolli Joker

      Possibly you have a FB account automatically logged in on your device….

    • Preacher

      I do not know your intentions about data protection – but me personaly, using a so called “matrix controller” to prevent what kind of content is requested by the website of my browser. This equals in having a pretty damn effective ad/popup/tracking blocking, because f.e. everything related to facebook is not even loaded by my browser – so it can´t be displayd aswell. I would recommend this to everybody who does not like to see unwanted content, nor supporting companys to generate money out of your user habits, and by this, rewarding them to make the internet a worser place everyday. Just my 2 cents…

      • Blake

        I’ve never understood the fear surrounding things like this. While I take more steps than the vast majority out there to protect my data online, I would much rather have Google track my browsing habits to serve me ads that I might actually care about than just random crap. The web as it is today can not survive without ads, that’s why we are given all of this free content. I’m not going to deprive the sites that I go to every day of revenue just because I would rather not see ads.

        • Preacher

          “The web as it is today can not survive without ads” – where is that argument legit? Of course you will not able to receive the same services, but how you put it into words it sounds we need them so the internet “exists” and is not shuted down by itself. The so called internet will always exist from “now” on – the products that get supported are another story.of that. But, this is a way to complicated story to debate about at TFB.
          Just to let you know: “I’ve never understood the fear surrounding things like this” It is not about some consipiracy of a dominating world order, it is just about the real deal of that generated data can generate money and these generate power – so it is about the policy how to handle this. May you will further have no trouble with it and do want to stand your oppion: There are persons who do not ask for services – and to the same moment do not want to support them.
          For me – it feels like printed flyers which I have to fish out my mail box and only see that the envoirement suffered for nothing in many ways so I receive this one without any positiv effect to me, only to the companies involved into this.

          But: As time will goes by, everything will change, and exp.a medium which can get “manipulated” by the smallest individuals like the internet, will run in no danger of getting worse. It will just get better 😉