CCW and Flared Magwell? Suarez International Says Their Compatible – The One Piece CCW Magazine Guide


Coming from the competition world, the concept of flared magazine wells and concealed carry has generally been viewed as incompatible ideas. What is good for every day carry and a street fight tends to be a bit slow for go-fast guns. And likewise, what makes magazine changes lightning-quick would typically not be concealable.

Suarez International thinks they have found that middle ground for those “…who wants that extra 3% edge necessary to win the fight.” Their new release, the Suarez One Piece CCW Magazine Guide purports to break the difference between the two worlds and provide some advantages to the shooter while doing it:

The beveled insertion-edges extend minimally off of the weapon’s frame and do not “print”, yet drive the shooting hand higher up onto the frame for a proper and consistent grip. Moreover, a stuck magazine can still be manually “ripped out” during an “under duress” malfunction clearing maneuver. The design also supports one-handed clearing manipulations.

According to Suarez, the single-piece system is just as good as two-piece systems but “low profile enough to be carried concealed everyday by the gunfight-focused end user.” It is compatible with both Generation 3 and Generation 4 handguns (a mean feat of engineering though does not state what Generation 4 backstraps it fits) and is compatible all standard 9mm / .40 / .357 Sig frames such as the G17, 19, 34, 26, etc. The magwell works with all standard Glock magazines including standard magazine base plates.

Construction is from aircraft-grade aluminum and the One Piece CCW Magazine Guide is then type 3 hard-coat anodized. Pricing is pegged at $59.99, which includes the magwell and mounting screw.

Nathan S.

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • wetcorps


    • ExMachina1

      That’s the tactical spelling of “they’re”

      • Evil_Bonsai

        I’m pretty sure the tactical spelling is DUrrrr.

        • Edeco


          • Phillip Cooper

            Nope, “Dem’s”.

          • Gary Kirk

            “Gunfight-oriented end user” definitely sounds like a Dem’s slogan…

          • Phillip Cooper

            I was referring to abhorrent English usage, not a failing political ideology.

          • Gary Kirk

            I got it..

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    • SWRancher

      Wrong as well. The grammar police need to review the rules.

    • Juice

      Jesus Christ TFB, this one’s just emberrassing…

    • Rick Kirkpatrick

      Yes, please. Let’s try not to look like uneducated dopes to the anti’s.

  • DGR

    “gunfight-focused end user”
    What is this crap? A gunfight-focused end user? At what point do we just say “buy this if you want to look cool?”

    • Peter (BE)

      +2. What the heck happened with just being focused to go home at the end of your shift preferrably without any fight whatsoever, much less a gunfight. Sigh.

      • iksnilol

        I just want to pass my exams, make some money and possibly get laid.

        I think most folks can agree with me there to some extent.

        • Peter (BE)

          That’s the spirit man, I had similar priorities except in a slightly different order 😉

          • iksnilol

            Oh yeah, trust me, the order is different but focusing on the other things is at least realistic. :/ That and it gives of a “mature” image on sites like these.

        • Don Ward

          Their. Not there…

          • SWRancher

            Wrong. The way iksnilol used the word “there” was correct in the given context. Quoting: “…agree with me there” meaning “at that location” or “on this subject.”

    • noob

      The Martian Congressional Republic Navy procurement seems to have a gunfight-focused end user, or maybe some body who likes low-bid airsoft parts.

  • Edeco

    That release is cringe inspiring. Do these cause cracking? Seems like it could direct force into the relatively thin plastic below the lanyard hole.

  • stephen

    Suarez is so late to the game with this its not even funny.

    Why is this even considered newsworthy?

    • 360_AD

      It isn’t that Suarez is late, it’s author and you being late in taking notice. The product has been out for a while. And it’s newsworthy because TFB has to do something everyday to get eyeballs… which translates into ad revenue.

      • stephen

        Flared magwells have been out for a LONG time before Suarez brought these to market. Same goes with his match barrels = nothing new or exciting except his pandering to mall ninjas.

        • 360_AD

          Thanks, Cpt. Obvious.

          • stephen

            My pleasure Mr. Potato



    • SomeRandomGuy

      At least at $59.99 it’s not like it’s unreasonable. A lot of the others that have been out (the original gangstas) for awhile want well over $100 for them. Gabe is a savvy businessman, if not abrasive, egotistical and unduly confrontational. He can spot a niche in the market and fill it. I don’t like the man at all, but some of the products/services his company provides are a resource to be considered and at least I respect that much. It’s not like he’s going to marry my daughter or anything.

  • T

    Their compatible what?

  • Wolfgar

    It is obvious most of the commenters do not compete or spend much time putting rounds down range. It is equally important to spend time shooting as critiquing grammar. Flared magwells do enhance reloads and help to stabilize the grip with rapid shooting. I use them on all of my Glocks and this is another choice to choose from.

    • DGR

      Sure they help you reload faster, but at what point do we just stop caring, and start making fun of these ludicrous new terms like “gunfight-focused end user?” Seriously, there is now a zero percent chance I would put that on any of my firearms. What happens if I use it to defend myself? What happens if some lawyer starts reading product descriptions for add-ons to my CCW piece and reads that little gem and brings it up in a court case?
      I’m all for adding things onto your gun that help you add speed or accuracy, but when you label something as “for the gunfight-focused end user” you now have just invited extreme levels of scrutiny to a place it should not belong. I have no problem with the product, flared wells are a big help, my problem is with yet another dime-a-dozen accessories company trying to market their product in a light that makes me look like I go around looking for a gunfight. I may be blowing this out of proportion a little, but there is absolutely no good that can come out of that description. Maybe it wont be a huge negative factor but it will definitely not help anyone’s case if they actually have to use said device.

      • Wolfgar

        This is called marketing and it is basically a myth that having altered a firearm proves intent . It would just as easily be used as a defense since you were carrying a competition gun intended for competition not fighting. There is a lot of crap which is more bling than practical but a flared mag well is not one of them. The truth is every person who carry’s concealed is a gun fight focused end user or they would not be carrying a firearm. There are more important aspects to focus on if one is involved in a shooting than a flared mag well.

        • stephen

          I have to agree with Wolgar. I cannot find any court cases where a modification to the trigger, installed magwell or barrel changed the end result of a case.

          I just don’t like GS making up phrases and getting all ‘tacticool’. Most would be better served by just practicing dry fire a few times every week, which is FREE, than purchasing stuff.

          • DGR

            But none of those products are marketed as for the “Gunfight-focused end user.” Its not the part, my beef is how its marketed. That phrase has no business being used on any weapon or weapon part. At least with triggers and sights the marketing (from most semi-normal companies) usually just focuses on weapon performance, not the actual mindset of the user/shooter.

          • Wolfgar

            Once again it is called marketing. They sell Zombie Ammo which I thought was stupid but they did sell a lot of it. I never took it personally or got up set over it. Can we say overly sensitive!

    • Nicks87

      “It is obvious most of the commenters do not compete or spend much time putting rounds down range”. Really? It’s that obvious? I guess I need to work on my bulls**ting skills.

      • Wolfgar

        You have skills ???? The remarks stating a flared magwell has no purpose other than being tac cool for mall ninjas and has no place on a self defense handgun said a lot! You definitely do not need to work on your bulls**ting skills, you are obvious in the master class.

    • stephen

      Well I do put a lot of rounds down range, did some competing till I moved and I actively teach CCW and firearms classes. I also dry fire a few times every week but that is just me. I’m no pro but I can hold my own.

      With that said, the majority of people who own firearms are proficient enough with the basics to warrant a beveled magwell. Those who truly benefit from such items are professional shooters that are looking to drop a 1/4 of a second or less off their times. IOW they have mastered the firearm and the only way to decrease reload times is with such items. This pales in comparison to the majority of CCW holders, most of which only shoot a couple times a year. The majority would better benefit by just practicing reloads on a regular basis (but as stated, most don’t).

      So forgive me if I find it funny that GS panders to mall ninjas with equipment that they don’t really need and calls them “gunfight-focused end user” rather than telling the truth.

      Its sad that the majority are the “People-who-need-to-practice-the-basics-but-won’t-and-hope-to-overcome-their-failures-by-purchasing-stuff-thus-building-up-a-false-sense-of-security-end-users”


      • Wolfgar

        All I saw was a flared mag well for sale by a company who was trying to find a market for it but some how people are equating it with by passing the need for shooting skills and mall ninjas? I must have missed that part.

        • stephen

          Yea you did miss it. If you watched his DVDs, which I have unfortunately (I bought 6 of them at a garage sale for $4), you see GS is about being ninja-fied and tacticool (granted he does have some good info but the made up tactical stuff makes ’em worthless).

          Case in point – in one video he demonstrates that when you’re in a gunfight, you fire a few rounds with one hand, transfer the pistol to your support hand and fire some more rounds. Apparently when you change hands it put the threat/s into a reactionary mode that allows you to get the upper hand in a gunfight… yea right.

          I guess when you shoot and switch hands the threat is dumbfounded at the stupidity of changing hands and being combat ineffective. Or something like that.

          Anyway I posted a video clip of this from one of his DVDs on youtube and GS filed a copyright claim despite my posting a fair use statement before and after the video clip.

          Like I said, GS a bit too much on ninja-fied and tacticool stuff for me.

          • Wolfgar

            There is a lot of garbage a newbie has to swim through to get quality shooting and self defense information. I understand the dislike of all the BS being shoveled to sell a worthless product. Shooting is just the basics repeated correctly thousands of times over. False advertising is what makes stupid people poorer who think there is an easy way to achieve success in any endeavor.. Remember what Barnum Baily said? Marketing is marketing and BS is in most advertisements, just more in some than others. I didn’t agree with people stating a flared magwell has no purpose, It can and does. This is also a misrepresentation of a truth.

      • Bill

        Preach it. And it isn’t like magazines themselves aren’t already “beveled.”

    • Don Ward

      How many times has their been a self defense shooting by a civilian in the past year when they needed to tactically reload theyre weapon under duress? Heck! How many times has a law enforcement officer needed to tactically reload?

      • Wolfgar

        I dont know, maybe you should call the FBI crime report division and find out. The flared magwell also helps while shooting rapidly for many shooters by method of a better grip purchase but hey with your logic who needs a semi auto when a good wheel gun will work or better yet why not only allow civilians a single shot dueling pistol. You only need one good shot if your a real shooter.

        • Don Ward

          I’ll give you a hint. The number ain’t that high. So go ahead, dress up like Rambo and put down people who aren’t “real” door kickers like yourself while you go to Applebee’s and Home Depot in your full battle rattle. In the meanwhile, average joes will continue to get the job done with whatever firearm is to hand.

          • Wolfgar

            So you don’t know the number either, I didn’t think so. Who the hell said I was a door kicker jack wagon. By the way we train door kickers how to shoot not the other way around. If putting a flared magwell on a firearm equates to dressing up as Rambo your Halloween costume must really suck.. I see self professed average Joes like your self every weekend who wont compete because their fragile egos would be shattered when a C class female shooter would embarrass the hell out of you. Shoveling your BS to your family and drunk friends is one thing but don’t bother trying it with me.

          • Don Ward

            Uh huh.

            No. It has been firmly established what sort of individual you are when you came here bad-mouthing gun owners for not being as hardcore as you when – gasp – you have really no idea how most real life home defense shooting scenarios take place. But hey. Keep practicing your tactical backflips into cover. Your Velcro clad fantasies might come to fruition one day.

          • Wolfgar

            Yes, the type of individual I have established is one whose opinion is based on experience not emotional tripe such as what you like to spew. People who actually know how to shoot may seem hard core to you but there is no need to get upset. I’ll try to be more sensitive to your fragile emotional frailties next time. XOXO

          • Don Ward

            Well off you go then. Make sure to tip your waitress when you’re open carrying your Norinco’d up SKS at Applebee’s!

          • Wolfgar

            No I’ll carry something else, I wouldn’t want to clash with your cammo face and cross bow.

            Have a Happy Thanksgiving !

  • Cynic

    Suarez making anything gunfight focus should worry his old coworkers

  • Bill

    “…who wants that extra 3% edge necessary to win the fight.”

    Suppose I really suck and need like 7%?

    I’ll start using beveled magwells as soon as I start needing beveled vaginas.

    • 360_AD

      Then you must use three of them, stacked. That’ll net you 7% + 2% for margin of error.

    • Cory C

      Hahaha. Ba-zing.

  • gunsandrockets

    Uh, doesn’t a pistol which uses a double-column/single-feed magazine by its very nature already have a “flared magazine well”?

    • Bill

      Yeah, this.

  • Dickie

    I like the new Taran Tactical magwell

    • Dave Kravetz

      Taran stuff is awesome as is their people!!!!

  • D

    I stopped dealing with Suarez after he starting changing his techniques in order to sell product and when he advocated holding someone at gun point by pointing the gun at their chest with finger on the tigger. Suarez lost all credibility years ago

  • JoshCalle

    If you’re going to stick extra crap off the end of a Glock 19, why not just carry a Glock 17?

  • Cory C

    I hate to dog on new products, I really do. But I really don’t get products like this. I mean, I understand it in an academic sense, but I was trained to grab my replacement mag such that my weak hand’s pointer finger was positioned just beneath the top-most bullet / on the forward face of the magazine. So I reach down, grab my mag, and then instinctively bring my pointer finger toward the mag well. I have literally never missed no matter how fast I’m going, because my mind knows where my pointer finger is at all times. If you hold your pistol mags the way you hold a hammer, then I can see why you may need a funnel like this to bring it home. But then I’d simply ask you why you’re holding your mags that way.

    • Cory C

      And, yes, I’m fully aware of what I’be done to myself with all the “know where my finger’s at” talk. So does your mom (sorry, I took a page out of the Bush playbook. Preemptive strike).

  • cageordie

    “their compatible”? Did they require basic grammar for your career path? The homophone you want is they’re, it’s a contraction of “they are”. Their is a possessive determiner, it indicates ownership.

  • Y K

    1. Magwells are for little girls and Nancy boys
    2. Glocks are for Communists and Nancy boys
    3. The only real pistol is The 1911

  • Craig Nordgren

    If you think you need a magwell on your CCW, what you really need is more practice reloading or a better CCW.