Taurus CT40 Goes Full Auto Without Trigger Pull

Brazil is having another issue with a Taurus firearm. This time it is a Taurus CT40. The CT40 is a pistol caliber carbine. This video was posted by Forças Policiais do Brasil.

The shooter demonstrates this malfunction by loading a magazine. While keeping his right hand away from the trigger, he pulls the charging handle and lets it go. The gun immediately starts shooting in full auto without any pull of the trigger.

edit: A reader commented and noticed that it looks like the trigger is somehow kept in the rearward position. In that case the trigger has been pulled but is not resetting forward.

Nicholas C

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  • Guilherme

    This is common with subs and pistols made by Taurus at the brazilian factory. The Brazilian Army proihibited Taurus from fabricate and sell guns in Brazil until further investigation.

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  • BattleshipGrey
  • AD

    Can’t see the video for some reason. Is this gun new from the factory? Is there any chance it could have been modified or improperly serviced or something?

    • Nicholas C

      I edited and fixed it. It should show now.

      • TVOrZ6dw

        Video is working.

      • AD

        Thank you.

    • Hoplopfheil

      I wonder that too. There are two videos of Tauruses firing without trigger pulls made by Brazilian police. In both of them, the guns look broken, like the trigger return mechanism has been removed.

      There is a slow motion video of Millennium Pro pistols being drop tested, which has the same problem. The video has no context, and appears to show a modified gun firing when dropped.

      I don’t want to automatically disbelieve anybody who claims their gun fired accidentally, but for the most part… I do. There needs to be a higher standard of proof.

  • Giolli Joker

    It’s a feature!

    • Badwolf

      It’s so good, it fires itself!

    • Russ Kell

      Heh, beat me to it.

    • iksnilol

      Actually it is.

      Imagine the following scene: a big shootout in a favela, kinda like Elite Squad. Imagining that? Good, after a big shootout a rogue Madsen wielding trooper puts a burst through your chest with one round that clips your hand. You’re lying there, bleeding to death as he approaches with a wicked grin as he pulls the charging handle to ready another mag. Then with the bloody stump that you called a girlfriend you grab your Taurus and just wiggle it in his direction: It fires off a 30 round burst which tears through him and drops him like a dead pony.

  • David B

    I think their taurus problem is that they keep buying taurus’s.

  • Ronaldo Olive

    It’s actually a CTT40C in .40 S&W, identified by the straight magazine. The 9x19mm gun (the SMG) uses a curved mag.

    • Nicholas C

      Thanks. Although that is not always true. Colt SMG and UZIs use straight 9mm magazines.

      • Ronaldo Olive

        But not the proprietary Taurus magazines.

    • Ronaldo Olive

      Or, better, it might as well be the select-fire SMT40 buzzgun. Yes, I noticed the somewhat “pulled” trigger…

  • Joe

    Just an observation, over there they sell a full auto version, watch the video again, it appears that the trigger is in the “pulled” position. If this were the case this is exactly what would happen to pretty much any full auto firearm. I’m not saying that Taurus is a perfect brand, as far as i have experienced there are no perfect manufacturers, however to judge an entire brand as garbage because one gun has a short crappy grainy video of a what appears to be a rigged trigger in action is just ridiculous. There are no other conditions of this video to put it in context. how many rounds had already been fired? was this a torture test or a dirt test? Is there any evidence that this has happened with other weapons or is this a freak accident? food for thought.

    • Nicholas C

      But it is not just this example. There was another instance where a pistol went off from shaking it. And that was a police issued weapon!

      • Drew Coleman

        And the lack of drop safety in their US made handguns…

        • Phillip Cooper

          What is a “drop safety”? I am familiar with a drop safety test, but not an actual mechanism that detects high-g impact and disallows discharge.

          • Drew Coleman

            Firing pin blocks for example.

          • Dougscamo

            AKA transfer bar…..

          • Anything that mechanically stops the hammer/striker/firing pin from moving unless the trigger has been pulled is a drop safety. If a safety merely prevents the trigger from being pulled without impeding the movement of the hammer or blocking the striker/firing pin– which is the case with Taurus safeties– that is not a drop safety.

          • The Brigadier

            Ruger had several revolvers fire when dropped in the Seventies and they added a pawl that is a small flat of metal that rises up between the hammer and the firing pin when the trigger is pulled to make the contact between the hammer and the firing pin. If the pistol is dropped the pawl is below the firing contact position so the hammer can’t make contact with the pin if dropped on the hammer. Its an ingenious solution to an accident waiting to occur. The pawl is the drop safety mechanism.

      • Joe

        I saw that video also. again, that was a single instance, a grainy video and a weapon at what age in its service life with how many rounds through it and who knows how clean or dirty. Also i don’t know how this could have actually happened. that model of firearm, as it is sold in the us has a firing pin block. Again I am not saying that they are a perfect brand but out of the 15 firearms I own 4 are Taurus made and I have never had any problems with any of them, they have all been very reliable. In fact one of them is the OSS, which appears to be the firearm in the pistol auto fire video, which is one of the best shooting pistols I own.

        Drew Coleman, all of the models, an 809B, OSS, PT709 and my 1911AR all have firing pin block safety’s along with their manual safety’s and I have never had an auto pistol issue.

        Look if you push a gun to really dirty or really abused fired hard you can get any gun to malfunction, I have a cz p-01 that dosn’t like to feed ball ammo when it gets dirty. parts wear out and break, anyone with an direct impingement AR knows about that. As a side note, do you really think that it would be below anyone to make a video intentionally trashing a someone, like say a firearm brand, or a presidential candidate, or a product for sale. negative publicity happens.

        • Hoplopfheil

          The drop issue was supposedly caused by the inertia of dropping the pistol causing the trigger to move backwards. Thus defeating all of the safety mechanisms that are normally disengaged as part of trigger pull.

          There is a video on YouTube that purports to show proof, but it’s highly edited and shows no context.

          From what I’ve seen, it almost looks like the trigger return mechanism has been modified or removed. I would like to see the tests conducted by a reputable channel like MAC or somebody.

    • Phillip Cooper

      For that matter, was this possibly something they pulled out of a favela that had been bubba-butchered to be full auto?

      • Vitor Roma

        It wasn’t pulled out of a favela. .40 is the standard ammo of the brazilian police, and the CT40 is the standard smg. So it’s an officialy issued gun. Also their accent is not from Rio, it definetly sounds northeastern (my region, btw).

    • The Brigadier

      The .45 DSS 24/7 pistol that Taurus made for the 2009 SOCOM pistol trials would shoot if you shook the gun too hard. The Rio police in Brazil had a film of one their officers shaking the gun like a maniac, but it did fire with his finger off the trigger. This appears to be a related problem. Taurus adds a lot of high end features on their firearms for the price of a middlin’ one, but this is the second firearm that goes off on its own. The Remington 700 rifle is another one with sear problems and they have had three or four instances where customers had their rifles go off. Fortunately no users of Taurus or Remingtom pistols or rifles have been injured, but they both need to spend more time on abuse testing to find out what the problems are.

  • Gary Kirk

    “Fires without any pull of the trigger guard”??

    Crap, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years..

    • Nicholas C

      When they say “full auto” they mean it! Not only is it fully automatic, it takes it to the next step! No wasted time or movement to manipulate the trigger. Just insert and away we go!

      • Phillip Cooper

        Read a bit more closely…

        and if you still don’t get the problem, perhaps you shouldn’t be writing here.

        • Ebby123

          Enlighten us, oh enlightened one. That’s all I saw too.

          • Phillip Cooper

            What do you pull to fire the weapon, smart boy?

            Reading comprehension. It’s not that hard.

          • Jake

            youre wound up tighter than a possum that crawled into my round baler

          • JustAHologram

            That phrase needs to catch on

          • iksnilol

            That possum is wound up pretty…

            Oooh, I get it.

          • DIR911911 .

            go look again, either he edited the article or some of you are seeing extra words in the article.

          • Phillip Cooper

            He edited it.

          • Ebby123

            But thanks for insulting us anyways…

      • iksnilol

        Oughta get those split times down.

  • Major Tom

    Ultimate slamfire! HUEHUEHUE!

  • JustAHologram

    But you can totally trust your life to their pistols?

    • Herr Wolf

      I have a Millennium G2 that I have no qualms about using as an EDC.

      • JustAHologram

        Is it also self firing

        • Phillip Cooper

          Which part of “G2” is unclear to you?

          Research before you run your mouth, figuratively. NONE of the G2 has had the problem.

          for that matter, I have 6 versions of the supposedly “problem” pistols and every one of them runs like a clock. I’ve tried to make them fire accidentally and can’t. Never had a FTF, FTE, or any such failure either. I pull the trigger, it goes bang and chambers a new round. No problem.

      • DIR911911 .

        I’m carrying a pt145 daily

  • nbvv

    From FN Fal to Taurus submachinegun in .40 S&W, I’d be pissed too.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Yaknow, maybe I’m just being picky, but I’d expect a *gun blogger* to know that you don’t pull the friggin’ “Trigger guard”…..

    • iksnilol

      Help! My Sauer is broken, I loaded it and everything, but it doesn’t fire when I pull the trigger guard.

  • iksnilol

    Taurus fighting for your 2A rights whether you want it or not.

  • MPWS

    Here is the ultimate “samopal” – meaning “gun which fires by itself”.
    Is it not becoming a hallmark with Taurus; operator’s input optional?

  • Frank Martin

    I own a PT92S Taurus.. I love that pistol and it is reliable.

    But I am starting to question Taurus today..

  • MrBrassporkchop

    Malfunction? Nope, this is a feature!

    • DIR911911 .

      lightest trigger pull on the market , practically shoots the bad guys for you!!

  • Gary Kirk

    T. otally
    A. utomatic
    U. serless
    R. ound
    U. nloading
    S. ystem

  • Gus Butts

    Just like when your M240’s trigger housing stays in your hand while firing and you have to karate chop the ammo sling.

    • SGT Fish

      ammo sling? and just pulling the belt with a twisting motion works well. I had a bunch of 249s running free when the shooters were wearing garden gloves cuz its all they had and it was range SOP. the damn things would pinch under the trigger and keep it firing

  • me ohmy

    TAURUS….another word for junk..

  • Hoplopfheil

    I’m not totally convinced that this, and the video of some of the Millennium Pistols drop firing aren’t caused by somebody removing the trigger return mechanism accidentally/purposefully.

    It just doesn’t add up.

    • msndnd

      alot of anti-catholic propaganda, brazil is really catholic

  • Jeremy Star

    Taurus – When you absolutely, positively have to have full auto without a tax stamp.

  • ozzallos .

    Wait, maybe the CT9 wasn’t overpriced after all!

  • APDT66

    Taurus malfunctions, more breaking news: water is wet.
    The most surprising thing about this video is seeing a Taurus get through that many rounds in a row without something falling off.

    Here i’ll post it for you so you don’t have to:
    “But I carry a Taurus PTWhocares and it is 100% reliable!!!!1! Just as good as an Ed Brown!!!!!!”

  • “Taurus” is just their nickname– the company’s proper name is “Taurum Excretum”.

  • LI02liberty

    They must have mixed up their “Yemen” model shipment with thier regular shipments.

  • Frank Grimes

    They should’ve pointed it at the machines Taurus uses to build guns.

  • Leigh Rich

    Why is the trigger back…seems deliberate.

  • Anon. E Maus

    Cool, they’re making a Sputter Gun!

  • ft

    Hmmmm, That can’t be good.
    Who says guns don’t shoot all by themselves. Doesn’t aim too does it?

  • Military Arms Channel

    While I’m not a fan of Taurus firearms in general, but they have their place. As for this video, it demonstrates that any firearm can malfunction under certain circumstances. All tools, no matter how “high end”, can break or suffer from mechanical failure. With this sample set of (1) we can only conclude that this one firearm malfunctioned.

    As noted above, it looks as though something has caused a malfunction in the trigger mechanism. The weapon isn’t on “safe” either, it appears to be on “fire”, which leads me further to conclude that something became lodged in the tigger, a pin walked out, a pin failed, or something else of the sort is happening.

    About the only value this video has is for entertainment purposes and a as reminder that firearms can be dangerous tools. We should never assume they will function as we expect or as they are designed.

  • jonp

    Perfect for the zombie apocalypse. Wasted movement = time lost = BRAINS

  • Aaron E

    This talk of a Taurus having a malfunction is utter nonsense … nonsense I tell you.