AK Muzzle Flash In The Dark

My friend Calvin asked to see a comparison of muzzle flash on an AK47. He was curious how much a factory Slant Brake could mitigate flash if at all compared to a bare muzzle. I took him up on it and said I could film it. I took my RAS47 out to my local range. The range does not have any real time limit since it is nestled in a cul de sac of mountains and no one lives near by. The results were surprising.

I used cheap Tulammo from Walmart and my Century Arms RAS47. I tried to capture the muzzle flash from different angles. I used my DSLR and iPhone SE.

From my iPhone I was able to screen grab these images. This was from one shot. Not sure why the fireball is split. You can see it illuminates my face at first, then illuminates everything below the rifle. Weird.



Here is a POV shot of the muzzle flash seen through the Trijicon MRO.



Next up was the Slant Brake. I saw some very mild muzzle flashes with an occasional large fire ball. I guess that is just the inconsistencies from the ammo?

14720362_10154714449120337_8209195174455289338_n 14729130_10154714449175337_6748027363640334039_n 14713617_10154714449180337_5091332362795873841_n


POV with Slant Brake.14716097_10154712354880337_8642651450925400535_n


Then I tried my VG6 AK Epsilon Muzzle Brake and it helped diffuse the muzzle blast a great deal.



POV of the VG6 AK Epsilon brake.14708241_10154712354915337_376417901960517269_n


Nicholas C

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  • iksnilol

    How does an A2 flash hider compare?

    And has anyone put a slant brake on an AR?

    • Nicholas C

      Not unless you have a thread adapter. AKs are 14mm LH and ARs are 1/2×28 RH

      • Gary Kirk

        Taco makes a birdcage flash suppressor for the AKs.. Although I believe it is only the a1 style with the open bottom

    • Nicholas C

      Also putting a 7.62 brake on 556 would not be effective and 5.56 on 7.62 would be dangerous.

      • iksnilol

        Well, I imagine there’s bored out or larger versions of the A2 flash hider available for 308 and the like ?

        • JT303

          Ask LWRC where they got theirs for the REPR. I suspect a lot of people have had a similar train of thought to yourself and somewhere, somebody probably makes one.

        • Gary Kirk

          Tapco, tried to post a link… It’s even threaded for the ak

        • Ken

          A good number of A2 flash hiders I’ve come across are about 9mm sized, so that’s how my 7.62 AK has one.

    • Gary Kirk

      The slant muzzle device on the AKs is only a compensator. Not really a brake per se.. Just to keep the muzzle from rising to the right under rapid fire.. Actually it kinda screws with lefties

      • gunsandrockets

        I was surprised how much that flash was changed by the slant comp.

    • Ken

      I put an A2 flash hider on my AK and it works great since it has no more basketball sized fireballs. It’s a Romak 991 that I threaded, so a standard A2 flash hider in 1/2×28 worked just fine (hole is about 9mm).I even had to use two crush washers since there was a bit more muzzle poking past the front sight than other AKs.

      • Uniform223

        I think that looks really awesome though I bet some AK purest out there is screaming “NYET!!! The Avtomat Klashnikov doesn’t need that capitalist monstrosity!”.

        • Ken

          I originally wanted to put a slant brake on it, but with so much muzzle in front of the front sight, it would also have taken two crush washers and would not have looked right. I actually only paid $50 for that Romak 991, and the goal was to evil it up while keeping the whole thing under $100. By selling the single stack mags and furniture off to fund stuff, I managed to achieve that. The A2 flash hider was a free cast-off from a co-worker, haha.

          The bayonet lug was ground off at the factory, so I intend on re-welding it. Now since I have an A2 flash hider on it, the only logical thing to do is to create an M16 lug on there so I can use a bayonet with a large enough muzzle ring. An M7 bayonet will fit without the cleaning rod, but an M9 will fit right over it. I have no idea about the OKC-3S.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    People really need to stop putting highly effective muzzle brakes on their home defense rifles. Eliminating recoil so that you can make quick follow up shots isn’t something that you should be really worrying about for home defense. If you shoot someone in the chest with a rifle they’re probably going to go down (if you use good ammo). And even if they don’t go down after the first shot (I’ve read about and seen videos of people getting shot in the chest multiple times with M4s and still being able to fight, but that was with the M855 round), you’ll still be able to quickly shoot them again since the recoil on AKs and AR-15s isn’t that bad. All that you’ll accomplish with a highly effective muzzle brake is rupturing your own eardrums and dealing with permanent ringing in your ears. Stick to flash hiders. Or if you want reduced recoil at the range (where you should be wearing 2 layers of hearing protection), then go with blast diffuser (like the Surefire Warden). Better yet, get a suppressor. And if you don’t want to go through the hassle of obtaining a suppressor, then get a pistol caliber carbine like the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine.

    • Orion Quach

      Let me try and find the incident but cops pumped nearly 10-15 rounds of Hornady TAP into a dude before he finally went down.

      • Gary Kirk

        Yes, most go down with a single well placed hit from just about anything.. But your devout “heads/zealouts”.. Don’t know how many of my security force buddies have had to scream “Hit em with the fifty”!!

        As far as breaks vs comps/flash hiders.. Firing a rifle outdoors without hp will irreparably damage your hearing.. Indoors is just plain BAD.. Tinnitus sucks, believe me I know.. The most probable reply you’ll ever hear from me is “huh”?

        • Rooftop Voter

          “Huh?” Same here but this was from Navy jets back when single hearing protection was thought to be adequate. That was 1970 and I still have it. My girlfriend says I have ‘selective hearing’ and I always answer her with ‘huh?’
          I double up on the protection when I shoot the 50 BMG. Seems to be working.

      • Pistolero

        Its possible that some people jacked up on adrenaline won’t go down in sufficient time unless you hit them in the head, spine, heart, or structural leg bones.

      • Jake

        i put a screwed up muzzle brake on the end of my carbine assassin x. just enough to touch the round as it leaves the barrel. keyholes in 10″ groups at 50 yards. perfect for home invaders

    • Uniform223

      Define “multiple”. Yeah the older green tip had its problems but I never hear or read about the poor f-s on the receiving end back up what so many commentators on the interwebs say.
      Also I agree what you say about breaks and compensators. Personally I believe they’re a crutch when comes to actual skill.

      • A Fascist Corgi

        “Prosser shot the man at least four times with his M4 rifle. But the
        American M4 rifles are weak – after Prosser landed three nearly point
        blank shots in the man’s abdomen, splattering a testicle with a fourth,
        the man just staggered back, regrouped and tried to shoot Prosser.”


        • A Fascist Corgi

          I just reread the article for the first time in about 10 years. I forgot about this part.

          “Chris Espindola also shot the man. Amazingly, despite being hit by four M4’s from multiple directions, the man still lived a few minutes.
          Soldiers outran and tackled his two associates when they made a run.”

          I read all of Michael Yon’s work during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and his articles are full of examples of the M4 and the 5.56 round failing to quickly incapacitate people at close range while also having unacceptably poor long-range performance. His writings heavily influenced my support for upgrading to a more powerful round (like the 6.5 Grendel)

          • Uniform223

            OKay that is nice. I will agree that the effects of the older m855 was lacking in a various areas but can you still account for all the other casualties that were caused by the M855?

            Also according to majority of AARs the reason why majority of enemy combatants were unable to be quickly incapacitated/dispatched/killed was primarily due to shot place placement and an effect where the bullet passes clean through the threat without the effect of fragmenting, temporary cavity (a phenomenon not unique to the 5.56x45mm BTW), or the bullet doesn’t yaw. People all over the interwebs often claim that the M855 is completely ineffective. I often ask them this and so I will ask you…

            If the round is so completely ineffective would you want to be on the receiving end?

            If your answer is “No” than all your comments and beliefs about it can jump out the window.
            Case and point…
            A .22 cal pistol round is fun for plinking and great for killing small critters. Yet in Vietnam Special Forces (SEALs in particular if I remember correctly) used it to great effect silently dispatching NVA or VC personnel. 1 or 2 rounds might not kill me immediately but that still doesn’t mean I would want to be shot by one.

  • .45

    Maybe I’m just weird, but I have tried several different Tapco muzzle brakes/flash suppressors on my AK and noticed not a bit of difference in observed recoil. Left it with the bird cage because I think it looks kind of nifty and supposedly hides the flash.

  • John

    I wonder how well the Russian rifle upgrades work for the AKM. They include a flash hider.

  • guest

    since when is the slant compensator (against muzzle rise) a “flash hider” a “brake”?

    Plus, as in most cases, powder/ammo mfg has a LOT to say in such tests.

  • Ryfyle

    Those pics could really use some Spooky critters that bare hostile intent.